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8 > Image 8 of Lexington City Directory 1904-1905

Part of Lexington City Directories

l I T0 Those Who Have Never Dealt With Us This Page is Res- pectfully Dedicated We ask for a trial order only. lsnt that fair? \Ve will please you.\\/hy? I Because we carry- an im- mense stock of lumber and I you will not have to cio g with substitutes. ` B ec a u se we have the F newest, biggest and best wood - working factory in Z Lexington. , Because our prices are the lowest. E Because we will serve g . you promptly. Because allhuiltlingserec- . ted by us are clone under our personal supervision T and carry our guarantee. I L E X l N G T O N LUMBER AND M F G . COMPANY Eiikbisigiirieioihi EAST MAIN ST. AND C. &O. R.R. CROSSING K