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10 > Image 10 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 4, No. 3, Fall 1950

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

HINTS Ei OBSERVATIONS W. W. Magill and ] ` WADDLING WEEDERS . Thanks to a Maryland strawberry nurseryman for the new and very . appropriate name for geese in a first-year strawberry field. Maryland {th growers find three geese per acre satisfactory, but in Kentucky where (E , crabgrass grows So well, we prefer Seven gee5e per acre. You would be Or C surprised how many Kentucky berry growers are now using the "Waddling Weeders" to a great advantage. _ STRAWBERRY VARIETIES tree The Tennessee Beauty variety of strawberries is rapidly gaining popu- issu larity - both for commercial sales and for the home garden. In 1950, it outyielded both Blakemore and Premier. So, again, we thank the Tennessee Agricultural Experirnent Station for their contribution to our Kentucky straw. berry industry. spri A PROMISING NEW PEACH VARIETY The Redhaven variety of peaches scored a "home run" this year on ' every fruit farm where it was under trial. Its market and consumer ac- ceptance were excellent. It proved to be very hardy, ripening with Golden ` Jubilee. It deserves a place in all new peach plantings. COLD STORAGE BERRY PLANTS BEST All demonstration tests of the past two years comparing strawberry plants which had been dug in December, January, or early February, and held in cold storage at a temperature of 33-34 degrees until planted in late March or April as compared to freshly dug plants, have favored the cold storage plants. The storage plants grow off better and` start runner forma- tion earlier in the season. Using such storage plants will also prevent crown borer because the plants are dug before the borer eggs have been deposited on the berry plant. PREPARE STRAWBERRY LAND IN DECEMBER The strawberry grower who prepares his land in December for his spring planting of berries can take advantage of the weather and set his plants in March. Early planting generally gives better stands and starts earlier growth. This may increase your yield Z0 to 40 crates per acre. PARATHION POPULAR AS A SPRAY CHEMICAL EVe1'Y0ne that I know of who used Parathion in Kentuoky in 1950 w3S TUNE AH than pleased with the results. No ill effect to the spray crew has been F Tv' P01ld However, dont get careless! Parathion is a killer, if used imp<>Pl" AOC . ly.