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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 4, No. 3, Fall 1950

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

b]0oms late. Planting lloirie l.:iuty nearby to pollinaw Paducah, has great- ly increased the Paducah yields. Paducah is also :i regular, heavy bearer and could bz- used fresh until Grirnes and Jonathans are ready. , Yes, Lodi, Polly Eades, and Paducah can assure one of excellent cook- mg apples all summer. The first two are reasonably good eating apples, and Paducah is an excellent eating apple. >=<=====** THE PURCHASE DISTRICT FAIR FRUIT SHOW. 1950 Mayfield was the scene this sum mer of one of the most outstanding dis- trict fair fruit exhibits ever held in Kentucky. The fair was held August 15-19 and the exceptional number of high class apple entries was a real testi- monial to the fine support given to the fair by the Graves county orchard men. The county agent and assistant county agents were responsible for contacting the growers and rallying support for the fruit exhibits as well as for many of the other agricultural exhibits. Graves county has for a long time rated as one of the very best apple producing counties in Kentucky and Graves county apple growers also boast a long record of wins at the State Fair in previous years. Apple growers in other counties of the purchase district are invited to join in the exhibit in future years. 9 In the Single tray class the following number of entries competed by varieties; Black Ben Davis, l; Red Delicious, ll; Grimes Golden, 5; Paducah, 6; Stayman, 6; Golden Delicious, 15; any other variety, 7. In the plate competition there were the following number of entries by varieties; V Red Delicious, IZ; Paducah, 10; Grimes Golden, 6; Stayman, 6; Golden `l Delicious, 12; Black Ben Davis, 1; any other variety, 10. This heavy com- petition in the single tray and single plate classes was greater than is often { seen at the State Fair fruit exhibits. This is further evidence that this Western Kentucky Purchase District Fair Fruit Show was really an outstand- ing exhibit and that the Graves county section is truly an apple producing region. Some of the orchardists who competed and helped make the fruit show were Leonard Overby & Son, Sid Holloway & Sons, Herbert Holloway & Sons, Tom Hamilton, Dr. D. W. Doran, G. W. Story, C. B. Mathis, T. A. Hamil- ton Jr., and Mrs. Rollie Oglesby. l The fruit exhibit was judged by W. D. Armstrong and the winnings were les Well scattered among the contestants, butwith this keen competition in both plates and trays, an entry had to be of finest quality to win. The sweepstake V tray was of Golden Delicious exhibited by C. B. Mathis, a new grower. rie- .y. har- we tc ucah 9