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10 > Image 10 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-03-29

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-10- The committee also heard an update on the Endowments private equity allocation, which is currently 4 percent ofthe total endowment pool. UK will be making significant commitments to the private equity asset class over the next few years in order to reach and maintain the 7 percent target allocation. Investment staff will soon issue a Request for Proposals for a new private equity manager. All investment managers must be hired through an RFP process under the supervision ofthe universitys Purchasing Division. Dr. Brockrnan thanked Mr. Roberts for his report and asked for the Student Affairs Committee Report from Ms. Patterson. S. Student Affairs Committee Report Ms. Patterson, chair ofthe Student Affairs Committee, reported a successful moming meeting. It was decided that future committee meetings will showcase a student as a speaker at each meeting beginning in June. DanceBlue Overall Chair Matt Dempsey gave the history of how the fundraiser was started. Jared Mynear was diagnosed with cancer at an early age and died at the age of 13. His mother wanted to create a legacy to honor him and the Pediatric Oncology Clinic. With the help ofthe Office of Development, they raised funds to renovate a clinic. To maintain the legacy, UK modeled a fundraising program after a successful one at Penn State called THON that has been active for 35 years and has raised $78 million. Thus far, DanceBlue funding has provided social work personnel, a clinic, salary support for neurocognitive testing of patients, and a laboratory for research in pediatric oncology in the Markey Cancer Center. The students have raised $2.9 million in six years. DanceBlue is now reaching out to high schools in the area and eventually across the state, encouraging them to provide their own marathon, a program which has been successful at Indiana University. Money from high school events will be added to the UK total. There were 82 DanceBlue teams this year. It is planned that alumni will take on some high school initiatives later. Ms Patterson also mentioned that Student Govemment Association elections are Wednesday and Thursday, and another route is expected to be added to the recently initiated Cats Cruiser service. T. University Health Care Committee Report Ms. Young, chair of the University Health Care Committee, gave its report . At the momings meeting, Mr. Murray Clark and Ms. Ann Smith presented the building projects update. Pavilion A patient floors and public spaces will open Thursday, May 19, 2011. These spaces will include the 305-seat auditorium, the coffee shop, the chapel, conference rooms, and public and surgical waiting rooms. On Sunday, May 22, 2011, two patient care floors will open for patients in neuroscience, ICU, pulmonology, stroke, trauma, general surgery,