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2 > Image 2 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-03-29

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- to the NCAA womens tournament. The last team to receive his congratulations was the mens basketball team, which advanced to the 20ll Final Four ofthe mens NCAA teams. Dr. Brockman asked that the record reflect how proud everyone is of these three athletic squads. Dr. Brockman discussed the current opportunity for a self-examination ofthe govemance and oversight of UK Athletics, which has just finished an entire decade without a serious athletic violation. He announced the fonnation of a special committee which will examine, with recommendations, UK Athletics practices as compared to both the practices of benchmark institutions and the current best practice methodologies as suggested by the Association of Goveming Boards of Universities and Colleges. Board member Teny Mobley will chair the committee, which will also be composed of Keith Gannon, Bill Gatton, Billy Joe Miles, and Frank Shoop from the Board of Trustees, Dean Scott Smith from the College of Agriculture, Joe Fink, UKs current faculty NCAA representative, Lionel Williamson, a current Athletic Board member, and Myra Ball and Jim Hardymon from the community. President Todd and Dr. Brockman will be ex officio members. The committee is expected to report to Dr. Brockman in a timely manner after comprehensive data collection and careful deliberation. Dr. Brockman asked Mr. Stuckert for a briefing on the activities ofthe Presidential Search Committee. E. Presidential Search Committee Report Mr. Stuckert, chair ofthe Presidential Search Committee, began his report by asking for an update from Ms. Curris and Ms. May on the UK Tour program. Ms. Curris reminded board members ofthe purpose ofthe recent UK Tour of the Commonwealth to make contact with diverse citizens in order to collect their thought and ideas with respect to what the board should consider in selecting the next president ofthe University of Kentucky. The tour went to 16 sites across Kentucky, and she and Ms. May are in the process of organizing the data and preparing a report for the board by April l5. Ms. May thanked all tour participants and described the tremendous response from the Trustees, UK staff and faculty, and others across the state. She also shared that President and Mrs. Todd received glowing compliments at all ofthe stops on the tour. Next to come will be the analysis of the data as she and Ms. Curris compile and summarize what they leamed. Recognizing the efforts of Ms. Curris and Ms. May in organizing and implementing the tour, Mr. Stuckert suggested that the board give them a round of applause and thanked them again. He then reported on other activities ofthe search committee since the last board meeting. On February 23, the day after the board meeting, the Presidential Search Committee met with the consultants to review the prospects for consideration and selected a number of them for further contact and discussed interview strategies. March 22 through 24, the committee met in Northern Kentucky for interviews of leading candidates. Monday, April ll, the committee meets again to select a number of candidates to refer to the Board of Trustees.