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78 > Image 78 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-03-29

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Governing Regulations all/2Q/ll _ l / / Deleted: 06 Page H-11 ?j Deleted: iv \ Deleted: 08 Call to Order Roll Call Reading and Approval of l\/linutes with Necessary Modifications Report of the President Consideration of Presidents Recommendations for Action Consideration of Presidents Discussion ltems Reports of Committees Other Business Adjournment The most recent version of Roberts Rules of Order shall be observed in conducting the business of the Board of Trustees except as these may be modified by regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees. B. Petitions to Address the Board of Trustees __________________________________ , / Formatted: Not Highlight L ____________________________________________________________________ ` ` Formatted: Font: Tims New - - gsagi ties s@@ti<1.iS.t<>. rqvige aetaizgarg rggess fg; membge ,f}l*9,Ui3iY9E$lt - "i"" "* *"'i"'i* communig; and the general public to address the Board of Trustees on matters relevant to the \\\ Formatted: Not Highlight Universigg. This process provides for reasonable access to the Board of Trustees while also ` F0,-marred, i=,,,,r;rimS New preserving the Boards orderly business operations. Rghighi N* Highiighf The procedures established by this regulation do not supersede Governing Regulations or Administrative Regulations that specifically permit appeal to or appearances before the Board or a Board Committee. l. Petitions a An individual desiring to address the Board of Trustees shall submit a written petition to the Chair of the Board of Trustees through the Office of the President at least two 2 full business days prior to a scheduled meeting of the full Board. The petition shall describe the subject matter and the rationale for addressing the Board and shall be submitted on the form Petition to Address the Board of Trustees attached as Appendixl to this regulation. Petltlons_ a1;e_ available ln the Oflnze lof_ tne_ Ptesldent _ l0l_ l\llain_ g ( Formatted: Font: Tims New Roman Building Lexington KY 40506-0032 or on-line at www. . . xxxx and may be submitted in hardcopy or electronically. n plder_telbeleonsldeled any petition to address tne_Beard_ , / Formatted: Font: Tims New of Trustees shall be submitted in accordance with this regulation and shall contain all R'a"*N*High"9i reguired information. The Office of the President is responsible for forwarding to the Bpatd Clnailr all petitiens submitted ln aecplrdanee witntlilslnegnlation. l_ll_llllllllll / e For-me tted: Font; Tama New Roman ` ` Formatted: Font: Tims New .C.C I i1-<2bair - sgizsgit with ti1.1ErLd@i2t .ShgH-1tem1ii2@ if the sgbqn "h=" 'i* *"'i'*'i* matter of the petition is relevant to a pending or future agenda item or deemed essential ` ` Formatted: Font: Tims New information necessary for the Board to fulfill its statutog responsibilities. lf the Chair ?'T1?"|g:2 PL F"'" A" N* determines that the subject is relevant or the information is essential the Chair shall: ig ig