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64 > Image 64 of The Kentuckian 1951

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

r" I i i, r It Student Publications Shinnick, Peterson, Anderson Dr. Plummer, standing The Board of Student Publications was established at the University of Kentucky in 1930. The board is composed of five members: the faculty adviser of the student publications, the University comptroller, the editors of the Ken-tuckian and the Kernel, and a representative of the Student Government Association. The purpose of the board is to advise on policies regarding operation of the printing plant and the Kentuckian and the Kernel publications, and to provide for the rules and regulations governing the selection and election of major members of those staffs. Members: Janet Anderson, editor of the Kernel; Jerry Jones, Student Government representative; Frank D. Peterson, Comptroller of the University; Niel Plummer, Head of the Journalism Department; Mary Shinnick, editor of the Kentuckian. 80