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Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Bell County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

E rg- ? BOY SCOUTS OF AIEHICA (hcticnnl Boy S©euts of·Aneric&), Box 505, Hiddlesbore. Q President, J. I, Bailey, Pineville, Telephone 57é. Term expires Jonunry, 5 1943. Secretary, Helen Walker, Petersborough Avenue, Middleshoro. Telephone g 312, -Executive Secretary, R.`W. Parker, Englewood Hood, liddlesboro, Tele- ? ehone 5l2. Terms indefinite, A g Rembership: 235. Open to boys over l2 years of nge and eeeeytmble to Scout Q Committee. · , " r' n ` ' _ ” _ ‘ Q Committees; QQ7, Jack Lvent;¤#2S, Lester A. foods; #31, Prank Lee; QS2, {Q L. L. Drake; ,54, Y; T; Croswell; ,35, U. H, Iedins; JB7, Prank *ollon; E See Seoutship, UQ W, Cobb, (Skipp r), all of Iiddlesboro. E Purpose; Character building ond training in eitizenship.‘ To heln others g in_time of neco, _ { Normal Civic Activities: Emergency Service, work with civic groups and · ? oid in serop motel-drives. _ , E Defense Activities: Bn need in Collection of Soren Motels ond Other hotels, , ....l-..n.--- ..., .. ....Ja..... · » * Training for First Lid, Interested in Signal Services, . V [ Local Publications; None. 2 BOY SCOUTS OF AYERICA TROOP °l7 PIFEVILLE Fl Sw CE2lSTlAN`CLURCH PINEVILLE. J 3 /1 J o (National Council, Boy Scouts of Armriee), First Christian Church, Pincvilkz. F Founded 1959. President, Billy Durham, Pineville, Telephone lO4R. Secretary, js Bobby Keyes, Pineville, Telephone SOB. Terms expire'July, 1925. Executive Q Secretary, Scout lester, Rev. Ierryweod Grey, Pineville, Telcyhone SSBJM, E Term indefinite, $3 Kembership;_2S. ’@uelificntions, must be twelve years of age, poss tender- §_ foot test, pay entrance fee end dues, ' _ _ _ _§ Committees; Troop, Robert Asher, Pineville, Q Purpose; Character building ond citizenship training in Americanism, 1 [Q "`é""“ ’ gt Nornnl Civic Activities; Cooperating with .»—. civic enterprises. _ Q Defense Activities; Engaged in Collection of jcrep hotels and Other , Q Ictels,`>Troining for First iid, Interested in_Librory Service, iOll©CtlHg Q? Books, ° . " ” V lj. Local Publicotions: None, $r BUSINESS AED E;O§ZSSlON&L UOKAN'S CLUB (State and National Tederrtion of § Business and Professional Uoncn's Clubs), c/e Irene Rosenbeum, hiddl