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Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-1958, 1947

Part of Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-1958

wetherbyGuide to the Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-1958Processed by Suzy Ireland and Glen A. McAninch; machine-readable finding aid created by Hilary WrittSpecial CollectionsUniversity of Kentucky Public Policy ArchivesUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=464&llib_id=13 Copyright 1998University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from typescript by rekeying. Date of source: 1982Description is in English.Guide to the Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-1958Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity of Kentucky Public Policy ArchivesUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8634Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=464&llib_id=13Processed by Suzy Ireland and Glen A. McAninchDate Completed 1982Encoded by Cassie Domek Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-195882M8Wetherby, Lawrence W. 1908-19.8 cubic ft.The materials are in English.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections,Lexington, KY 40506-0039Collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.[Identification of item], The Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-1958, 82M8, Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington.Born in the small town of Middletown near Louisville, Kentucky, on January 2, 1908, Lawerence Winchester Wetherby developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for agricultural matters. Wetherby was the fourth child of Samuel David and Fanny (Yenowine) Wetherby. As a youth he joined the Boy Scouts and began a lengthy affiliation with the Middletown Methodist Church. In public school the young Wetherby was active in Junior Agriculture Club (the forerunner of 4-H), exhibiting hogs and corn at the State Fair and completing a short agricultural course at the University of Kentucky. Both the State Fair and the University were life-longs interests of Wetherby. At Anchorage High School he participated in football, basketball, and baseball before graduating in 1925. In preparation for his career in politics, Wetherby entered the University of Louisville to study law. While in college he continued his participation in football and basketball. In 1929 Wetherby earned an LL.B. from the University of Louisville School of Law. On April 24, 1930, he married Helen Dwyer of Louisville; they had three children, Lawerence Jr. born in 1931, Suzanne born in 1932, and Barbara Juel born in 1935. From 1933 to 1937 and again in 1942 he was part-time attorney for the Jefferson County Juvenile Court. In March of 1943 he was appointed the first trial commissioner of Jefferson County Juvenile Court. During the 1930s and 1940s, Wetherby served on the Anchorage District School Board, the Health and Welfare Council Children's Agency, and the Board of Maryhurst School for Girls. In 1947 Wetherby decided to run for Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky. He was elected over Republican Orville M. Howard (367,836 to 271,893). As Lieutenant Governor Wetherby presided over the Kentucky Senate and served on the Committee of Committees which handles the assignment of bills and makes committee appointments. He also planned and participated in the Legislative Research Commission and state budget. In 1950 Governor Earle C. Clements left his post to Wetherby after having run successfully for the United States Senate. Wetherby was sworn in as the 48th Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by Chief Justice Porter Sims on November 27th. In 1951 Wetherby was elected to a full term as Governor, defeating Republican Eugene Siler (346,345 to 288,014). Wetherby called a special session of the General Assembly in 1951 to increase both teachers' salaries and benefits to the needy and to government employees. Later, he created a separate Department of Mental Health, supported enactment of the first state law to regulate strip mining, and began construction of toll roads and a new state fairgrounds. Improvements in education came with a constitutional amendment known as the Minimum Foundation Program, permitting the allocation of education funds to school districts on the basis of need rather than the number of pupils. In 1954 and 1955, as chairman of the Southern Governors' Conference, Wetherby supported the Supreme Court's school desegregation order and urged its peaceful implementation. After leaving office on December 13, 1955, Wetherby went into private law practice. In 1956 he ran for the U.S. Senate but was defeated by Republican John Sherman Cooper, 538,505 to 473,140. In 1964-1966 he was a member of a state assembly to revise the 1890 Kentucky Constitution. He served in the state senate in 1966 and 1968 and was its president pro-tem during the first term. In retirement, Wetherby served as a consultant to Brighton Engineering. Biographical information supplied by Lowell H. Harrison, Suzy Ireland and Glen A. McAninch.The Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection largely consists of the records of Wetherby while Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (1950-1955). The Collection also contains the Executive Orders of Wetherby's predecessor, Earle C. Clements, as well as some Wetherby records prior to and following his term as Governor. Unfortunately, many of Wetherby's papers were lost in the transition from office, and the Wetherby Collection represents only part of the records generated by Wetherby while in office. The primary series with letters addressed to Wetherby is the Subject File Series. However, it is evident from file categories used in the Correspondence Series (copies of outgoing letters) that there were at one time many more headings than those found in the existing Subject File Series. The collection is arranged in series by type of materials (clippings, photos, press releases, etc.) Within most series the arrangement is chronological. However, the Correspondence, Subject File, and Appointment Books/Published Materials Series are alphabetized. See the series descriptions for further details on arrangement. In addition to the types of materials mentioned in the series titles, the Wetherby Collection also contains campaign literature, political cartoons, and election returns (Subject File Series, Campaign). For further access to the Wetherby Collection see the manuscript catalog located in the reference area of the University of Kentucky Special Collections Division located at King Library North. Wetherby letters found in other collections may be found under "Wetherby, Lawrence Winchester" in the catalog. Letters to Wetherby by prominent individuals may be found by name of sender in the catalog. The existing papers indicate the following politicians regularly communicated with Wetherby: Carl D. Perkins, U.S. Congress Brent Spence, U.S. Congress John C. Watts, U.S. Congress Earle C. Clements, U.S. Senator Alben W. Barkley, U.S. Senator and Vice-President Thomas R. Underwood, U.S. Senator State Governors: Herman E. Talmadge, GA George N. Craig, IN Adlai E. Stevenson, IL Leroy Collins, FL Frank G. Clement, TN Frank J. Lausche, OH Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. President Carl J. Ruh, KY Legislator Walter R. Moorman, KY Legislator Louis W. Arnett, KY Legislator Emerson Beauchamp, Lt. Governor of KY Alvarado E. Funk, KY Attorney General J.D. Buckman, KY Attorney General Bruce Underwood, KY Commissioner of Health Henry E. Ward, KY Commissioner of Conservation In Governor Wetherby's absence many of his letters and much of his day to day routine was handled by his executive secretary, Edward A. Farris, administrative assistant George H. Kerler, or office secretary Rosalind Niemeier. In the case of official matters the Lt. Governor filled in for the Governor. The Wetherby papers demonstrate both practices by the signatures on outgoing correspondence. Though the typist's initials do not appear on correspondence, sources indicate that secretaries Cattie Lou Miller and Addie Dean (Stokley) were responsible for typing, filing, occasionally writing, and maintaining the orderly office procedures evident in the papers. Others who worked in the office include Bobby Crosswhite, Catherine Major and Lidwyna Thompson. Additional Wetherby records may be found in the Governor's Record Group (mostly bills signed) and other executive branch record groups at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, located in Frankfort, Kentucky. Most of the speeches and many of the letters of Wetherby have been published with appropriate annotation in The Public Papers of Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby, 1950-1955 edited by John E. Kleber (Lexington, KY, 1983).Container ListClippings SeriesThe Clippings Series contain newspaper clippings such as editorials, news articles and campaign ads as well as come correspondence during the administration of Governor Wetherby and in a few instances Governor Clements. The correspondence includes pink carbon copies of letters from Governor Clements to the press. These letters are also found in the Earle C. Clements Collection. The clippings, taken from a variety of newspapers, are marked as to origin and date. They are filed chronologically. Frequently parts of the clippings are highlighted in red pencil. For a more complete and well indexed group of articles on the Wetherby administration from two Louisville newspapers see the Scrapbook Series. There are also clippings in the Oversized Materials Series as well as scattered clippings appearing in other series. The clippings have been separated by sheets of acid-free paper for preservation purposes.11March to November 195012January to December 195113January to December 195214January to December 195315January to December 195416January to December 1955Correspondence SeriesThe Correspondence Series contains green carbon copies of outgoing correspondence from Wetherby's office. The series is arranged chronologically and thereunder alphabetically by name of correspondent. The subject of the letters are handwritten in the corner of most of the copies. Because much of the Subject File is missing, the Correspondence File is in many cases the only record of certain letters. For example, legislative and political headings are noted in the Correspondence Series, but the first carbon copy and the incoming letter (usually filed by subject) for these headings do not exist. For those headings that do exist in the Subject File Series, the Correspondence File serves as a name index by year. Only the January 1956 folder contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence.November 1950 to December 195121A to Al22Am to Ay23Ba to Ban24Bar to Bay25Be to Bi26Bl to Bo27Bra to Brou28Brow to By29Ca210Ce to Ci211Cl31Co32Cr to Cy33Da to Di34Do to Dy35E36Fa to Fl37Fo to Fy38Ga to Gh39Gi to Go41Gr to Gw42Ha to Han43Har to Haz44He to Hi45Ho to Hor46Hos to Hy47I48Ja to Je49Jo to Ju410K51La52Le to Ly53Ma54Mc55Me to Mi56Mo to My57N58O59Pa to Pf510Ph to Py61Q62Ra to Ree63Ref to Ri64Ro to Ry65Sa to Sc66Se to Sh67Si to Sm68Sn to Sta69Ste to Sw610Ta to Th71Ti to Ty72U73V74Wa to War75Was to We76Wh77Wi78Wo to War79X,Y,Z710Miscellaneous Cross ReferenceJanuary to December 1952711A to Am712Ba81Be to Bi82Bl to Bri83Bro to By84Ca85Ce to Cl86Co to Cop87Cor to Cu88Da to Del89Dem to Dy810E91F92Ga to Gol93Goo to Gu94Ha to Har95Has to Hi96Ho to Hov97How to Hy98I99J910Ka to Ke911Ki to Ky912La to Len101Leo to Ly102Ma103Mc104Me to Mi105Mo to My106N107O108Pa to Pe109Pf to Py1010Q1011Ra to Rh1012Ri to Ry111Sa to Sc112Se to Sh113Si to Sm114Sn to Ste115Sti to Sy116Ta to Th117To to Ty118U119V1110Wa1111We to Wh1112Wi to Wil1113Wim to Wy1114X,Y,Z1115Miscellaneous Cross ReferenceJanuary to December 1953121A122Ba123Be to Bo124Br to By125Ca to Ce126Ch to Col127Com to Cu128Da to De129Di to Dy1210E1211F131GA TO GO132Gr to Gy133Ha to Har134Has to Hi135Ho to Hy136I137J138Ka to Ke139Ki to Ky1310La1311Le to Ly1312Ma1313Mc1314Me to Mi141Mo to My142N143O144Pa to Pe145Pf to Py146Q147Ra to Ri148Ro to Ry149Sa to Se1410Sh to Sl1411Sm to Sq1412St to Sy1413Ta to Th1414Ti to Ty151U152V153Wa154We to Wh155Wi to Wy156X,Y,ZJanuary to December 1954157A158Ba159Be to Bl1510Bo to Bri1511Bro to By1512Ca to Ce1513Ch to Cl1514Co to Cz161Da to Di162Di to Dy163E164F165Ga to Gi166Gl to Gu167Ha168He to Hi169Ho to Hov1610How to Hy1611I1612Ja to Joh1613Jon to Ju1614K1615La to Le1616Li to Ly171Ma172Mc173Me to Mi174Mo to My175N176O177Pa to Pf178Ph to Py179Q1710Ra to Re1711Re to Ri1712Ro to Ry1713Sa to Se1714Sh to Sl1715Sm to Sp1716St to Sw1717Ta to Th181Ti to Ty182U183V184Wa185We to Wh186Wi to Willk187Willo to Wy188X,Y,Z1955189January to June-A1810July to December-A1811January to June-Ba to Bl1812January to June-Bo to By1813July to December-B1814January to June-Ca to Cl1815January to June-Co to Cu1816July to December-C1817January to June-D191July to December-D192January to June-E193July to December-E194January to June-F195July to December-F196January to June-G197July to December-G198January to June-Ha to Hy199January to June-Ho to Hy1910July to December-H1911January to June-I1912July to December-I1913January to June-J1914July to December-J1915January to June-K1916July to December-K1917January to June-L1918July to December-L1919January to June-Mc1920July to December-Mc1921January to July-Ma to Mi1922January to July-Mo to My1923July to December-M201January to June-N202July to December-N203January to June-O204July to December-O205January to June-P206July to December-P207January to June-Q208July to December-Q209January to June-Ra to Ri2010January to June-Ro to Ry2011July to December-R2012January to June-Sa to Sl2013January to June-Sm to Sw2014July to December-S2015Janurary to June-T2016July to December-T2017January to June-U2018July to December-U2019January to June-V2020July to December-V2021January to June-Wa to Wh2022January to June-Wi to Wy2023July to December-W2024January to June-X,Y,Z2025July to December-X,Y,Z19562026JanuaryExecutive Orders SeriesThe Executive Orders Series contains signed carbon copies of the executive orders of both Governor Wetherby and Governor Earle C. Clements under whom Wetherby served as Lt. Governor. The executive orders are arranged chronologically. The Governor's treatment of bills may be found in the following locations: For veto messages see the Subject File Series, Legislative File. Issues of Legislative Digest from 1952 are found in the Oversized Materials. Legislative messages are scattered through the Speech Series. Signed bills are located in the Governors Record Group at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives in Frankfort Kentucky.211December 1947212January 1948213February to March 1948214April to May 1948215June 2 to June 12, 1948216June 12 to June 30, 1948217July 1 to July 12, 1948218July 16 to July 31, 1948219August 1948221September 1948222October to December 1948223January 1949224February 1949225March to April 1949226May to June 1949227July to August 1949228September 1949229October 1949231November 1949232December 1949233January 1950234February to April 1950235May to June 15, 1950236June 20 to June 30, 1950237July 1950238August to October 1950239November 13 to November 15, 19502310November 16 to December 1950241January to February 1951242March to April 1951243May to June 1951244July to August 1951245September to October 1951246December 1951251January to April 1952252May 1952253June 5 to June 11, 1952254June 13 to June 26, 1952255July 1952256August to September 1952257October to December 1952258January to March 1953261April to June 1953262July to August 1953263September to October 1953264November to December 1953265January to March 1954266April to May 1954267June 1954268July 1954271August 1954272September to December 1954273January to April 1955274May to June 1955275July to August 1955276September to October277November to December 1955Photograph SeriesThis series contains the photos used by Governor Wetherby's office for publicity purposes. Most of the photos are eight by ten inches, black and white. Some of the photos are captioned and some have information such as names of persons in the photo, place taken, and photographer on the back. Some prominent persons in the photos include Alben Barkley, Earle C. Clements, Mrs. Helen Wetherby, and "Doc" Beauchamp. One group of photos reveals that Wetherby socialized with A.B. "Happy" Chandler early in his administration. In some of the photos subject's faces have been removed. There is one newspaper clipping from 1953. The photos have been separated by sheets of paper for preservation purposes. To facilitate research the photographs have been arranged chronologically and thereunder alphabetically by subject.2811926 Football Team2821949-1950 General2831951 Campaign2841951 Chandler fishing trip2851951 Derby2861951 Eastern Airlines2871951 General2881951 General2891951 Highway Department28101951 Highway Department28111951 Inaguration28121951 Portraits of Governor, Highway Deptment28131951 Renfro Valley28141951 State Fair28151951 State Police28161952 Conservation Department28171952 Eddyville Clothing Factory28181952 Family28A11952 General28A21952 General28A31952 Highway Department28A41952 Kerr, Bob28A51952 Lexington Gathering28A61952 Mammoth Cave28A71952 Portrait of Governor28A81952 Prison Labor28A91952 State Police28A101953 Air National Guard28A111953 Ashland salutes Governor28A121953 Beauchamp Portrait28A131953 Bourbon Distillery28A141953 Christmas28A151953 Courier-Journal28A161953 Derby28A171953 Family28A181953 General28A191953 General2911953 General2921953 General2931953 General2941953 General2951953 Governor's Tour2961953 Governor's Tour2971953 Governor's Tour2981953 Kentucky Colonels2991953 Portraits of Governor29101953 Seattle Sea Fair29111953 State Fair29121953 State Police29131953 Tobacco fo March of Dimes29141953 Turnpike Meeting29151953 Turnpike Meeting29161953 Turnpike Meeting29A11954 Air National Guard29A21954 Army29A31954 Barkley Campaign29A41954 Bill Signing29A51954 Capitol29A61954 Courier-Journal29A71954 Derby29A81954 Family29A91954 General29A101954 General29A111954 General29A121954 General29A131954 General29A141954 Governor's Conference29A151954 Governor's Mansion29A161954 Highway Department29A171954 Information Center, Ft. Knox29A181954 Legislature29A191954 Politicians29A201954 Toll Road Groundbreaking29A211954 Ward, Henry3011955 Campaign for Combs3021955 Commissioners3031955 Clements Bridge3041955 Derby3051955 Ford Plant, Louisville3061955 General3071955 General3081955 General3091955 Governor Office30101955 Highways30111955 Mt. Laurel Festival30121955 Mt. Laurel Festival30131955 State Fair30141956-1958 General3015Undated - Air National Guard3016Undated - Bill Signing3017Undated - Boating3018Undated - Conservation Department3019Undated - Courier-Journal3020Undated - Dance King and Queen3021Undated - Derby3022Undated - Family3023Undated - Fishing and Personal311Undated - General312Undated - General313Undated - General314Undated - General315Undated - General316Undated - General317Undated - General318Undated - General319Undated - Governor's Conference3110Undated - Highway Department3111Undated - Hospital3112Undated - Negatives3113Undated - Politicians3114Undated - Portrait of Governor3115Undated - Portraits of Governor3116Undated - Presents3117Undated - Press Tour3118Undated - Red Cross3119Undated - State Police3120Undated - Trip3121Undated - University of KentuckyPress Release SeriesThis series contains typed copies of press or news releases from the Governor's office or from other executive branch offices during the term of Governor Lawrence W. Wetherby. The releases cover a wide range of subjects from state revenue receipts to campaign statements. Accompanying the releases are a few clippings, correspondence, and other appended materials. The series is arranged chronologically. In some cases the press releases show editor's markings.3211951322195232319533241954325January to May 1955326June to December 1955Speech SeriesThe Speech Series contains typed and occasionally printed copies of Governor Wetherby's legislative messages, addresses to civic and governmental organizations, campaign speeches, introductions, and media presentations on topics such as sports, the state budget, education, mental health, labor, and administrative accomplishments. The speeches, which are all dated, are arranged chronologically. In addition to the speeches the series contains related news releases, clippings, correspondence, and speeches by others. Most of the materials used in the preparation of speeches are found at the end of the series. The Governor received assistance in speech writing from his executive secretary, Edward A. Farris, and his administrative assistant, George Kerler. Unfortunately, there are no early drafts of speeches and only a few handwritten modifications of the texts to indicate how the speeches developed. For additional public statements by Wetherby see the Press Release Series, Subject File (Campaign), and the Executive Orders Series. Also included in the Speech Series are a few addresses from Wetherby's 1956 campaign for the Senate.331November 27, 1950 Inaguration332December 15, 1950 Homecoming Day, Louisville333January 7, 1951 Renfro Valley - CBS334January 18, 1951 Scott County Farm Bureau, Oxford High School335January 26, 1951 Kentucky Press Association, Louisville336February 5, 1951 Christian County Farm Bureau, Hopkinsville337February 21, 1951 Dedication of Gen. Buckner's plaque338February 21, 1951 Call for Special Session339March 6, 1951 General Assembly Address3310March 17, 1951 Kentucky Green Pastures Program3311March 18, 1951 Television Program, Cincinnati3312March 31, 1951 Somerset Chamber of Commerce Banquet3313March 31, 1951 Bridge Dedication, Burnside3314April 16, 1951 Louisville Auto Association3315April 21, 1951 Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Louisville3316May 7, 1951 Lonesome Pine Council Boy Scouts3317May 12, 1951 Kentucky Dam Bridge Dedication3318May 14, 1951 Caldwell County War Memorial Hospital3319May 16, 1951 Burkesville Bridge Dedication3320May 18, 1951 Kentucky Highway Safety Conference3321May 21, 1951 Mary Inglis Highway Assn.3322May 22, 1951 Eastern H.S. Commencement, Louisville3323May 25, 1951 Mountain Laurel Festival3324May 30, 1951 Owen County Memorial Hospital3325June 10, 1951 Highway 80 Breaks Celebration3326July 11, 1951 Fred Vinson Day3327July 1951 Alben Barkley Nomination for President3328July 24, 1951 Radio Station WHAS, Louisville3329September 1, 1951 Wolf Creek Dam Dedication3330October 4, 1951 Fall Campaign Opening3331October 22, 1951 Kentucky League of Women Voters3332December 11, 1951 Inauguration3332December 20, 1951 Cotton Bowl game recording, NBC3333January 11, 1952 Budget3334January 15, 1952 General Assembly Joint Session3335May 16, 1952 Clements on Phillip Morris Program3336September 26, 1952 Dedication of Science Building KSU3337November 20, 1952 Eastern Kentucky Town Hall Meeting3338December 10, 1952 County Officials 1952 Convention3339January 1953 Tears for the Jeffersonian Democrats3340January 1953 Should KY Governors Suceed Themselves3341June 23, 1953 Remarks on Barrell Celebration3342September 29, 1953 National Tax Asssociation Convention3343January 12, 1954 General Assembly Joint Session3344April 23, 1954 Introduction of French Ambassador3345April 1954 State Fair Plans Announcement3346May 11, 1954 Division of Soil and Water Resources Recording3347May 27, 1954 Lindsey Wilson College Golden Anniversary3348June 1, 1954 Task Force on Water Resources and Power3349September 1954 What Legislature has done for Medicine3350September 6, 1954 United Mine Workers, Pikeville3351November 1, 1954 WHAS Radio and Television3352November 1, 1954 State-wide Radio Hookup3353November 11, 1954 Southern Regional Education Board341February 8, 1955 Speech by O.W.B.342June 1, 1955 Accomplishments343June 2, 1955 Bert Comb Campaign344July 1, 1955 Princeton, KY (unspoken)345August 3, 1955 Wetherby for Combs Campaign346September 18, 1955 Democratic Campaign Opening347October 26, 1955 Middletown Campaign for Van Arsdale348December 7, 1955 Station WHAS-TV349December 13, 1955 Inauguration3410December 13, 1955 Farewell Remarks3411October?, 1956 Radio Address, Rural Area Camapign3412October?, 1956 Radio Address-The Record3413October 29, 1956 Stevenson-Kefauver Dinner Recording3414November 5, 1956 Closing Radio Speech34151950-1955 Speech MaterialSubject File SeriesBecause so many of Weatherby's gubernatorial records were lost, the Subject File Series contains correspondence and printed material on only a fraction of the total number of subjects handled by the Governor's office. However, the series does contain personal and political topics such as: Campaign (extensive materials)Democratic Women's Journal of KentuckyLegislative (veto reasoning)PoliticsSenatorial VacancyChristmas CardsCongratulatory LettersAttorney GeneralBudgetCourt of AppealsFinance DepartmentInsuranceResignationsState PoliceLouisville-New Albany BridgeState FairToll Roads The Subject File Series is arranged alphabetically by subject and thereunder chronologically.351Attorney General-November 1950 to March 1951352Attorney General-April to December 1952353Attorney General-January 1952 to May 1953354Attorney General-June 1953 to November 1955355Budget-Executive Budget-1950 to 1952356Budget-Executive Budget-1952 to 1954357Budget-Executive Budget-1954 to 1956358Budget-Executive Budget-1956 to 1958359Budget-Financial Report-1954 to 1955361Campaign-Campaign Contributions-June to December 1951362Campaign-Campaign Contributions-1955363Campaign-Campaign Manager-April to September 1951364Camapign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-A to B365Camapign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-C366Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-D to E367Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-F to G368Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-H to I369Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-J to L3610Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-M to N371Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-O to R372Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-S373Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1950-T to W374Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-A to Bo375Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-Br to C376Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-D to E377Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-F to G378Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-H to I379Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-J to L3710Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-M to O381Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-P to R382Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-S to U383Campaign-Election Congratulations-November 1951-V to Z384Campaign-Election Returns-1946 and 1951 (see Oversize)385Campaign-Endorsements-January to March 1951386Campaign-Endorsements-April to May 1951387Campaign-Endorsements-June to July 1951388Campaign-Endorsements-August to November 1951391Campaign-General Correspondence-November 12 to December 6, 1954392Campaign-General Correspondence-December 8 to 30, 1954393Campaign-General Correspondence-January 1955394Campaign-General Correspondence-February 1955395Campaign-General Correspondence-March 1955396Campaign-General Correspondence-April 1955397Campaign-General Correspondence-May 1955398Campaign-General Correspondence-June 1955401Campaign-General Correspondence-July 1955402Campaign-General Correspondence-August 1955403Campaign-General Correspondence-September 1955404Campaign-General Correspondence-October to November 1955405Campaign-Kilgore, Ben (opponent)-1951406Campaign-Miscellaneous-April to July 16, 1951407Campaign-Miscellaneous-July 17 to 31, 1951411Campaign-Miscellaneous-August 1951412Campaign-Miscellaneous-September 1951413Campaign-Miscellaneous-October 1951414Campaign-Miscellaneous-November 1951415Campaign-Primary Congratulations-August 1951-A to B416Campaign-Primary Congratulations-August 1951-C to D417Campaign-Primary Congratulations-August 1951-E to H418Campaign-Primary Congratulations-August 1951-J to L419Campaign-Primary Congratulations-August 1951-M to P421Campaign-Primary Congratulations-August 1951-R to S422Campaign-Primary Congratulations-August 1951-T to Z423Campaign-Publicity-November 1950 to September 1951424Campaign-Robertson, Harrison-1955425Campaign-Siler, Eugene-1951426Campaign-Vincent, Howell-1951427Christmas Cards from the Wetherby's428Committee on Highway Problems (Gov. Conf.)-1954429Committee on Highway Problems (Gov. Conf.)-19554210Congrats. on a Successful Administration-Nov. 19554211Congrats. on a Successful Administration-Dec. 2-9, 19554212Congrats. on a Successful Administration-Dec. 12, 1955431Court of Appeals-January 1952 to December 1955432Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-March 1949 (2 copies)433Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-June 1949 (4 copies)434Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-September 1949 (3 copies)435Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-December 1949(3 copies)436Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-March to May 1950 (2 copies)437Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-June to August 1950 (2 copies)438Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-September to November 1950 (2 copies)439Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-19504310Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-January to June 19514311Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-Fall 19514312Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-February 19524313Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-May 19524314Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-Midsummer 19524315Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-1954 (3 copies)4316Democratic Women's Journal of Kentucky-1954 (4 copies)4317Economic Security4318Election Commission-1950 to 19554319Finance Department-19554320Honorary Memberships-1950 to 19514321Honorary Memberships-19524322Honorary Memberships-19534323Inauguration-19514324Insurance-General Business-October to December 1951441Insurance-General Business-1952442Insurance-General Business-1953443Insurance-General Business-1954444Insurance-General Business-1955445Insurance-List of Agencies-1954 and 1955446Kentucky Wesleyan College447Legislature-House and Senate-1952448Legislature-1954449Louisville-New Albany Bridge-1955451Mammoth Cave National Park-1952 to 1955452Miscellaneous-Correspondence-April to November 1956453Miscellaneous-General-1951-1956454Miscellaneous-General-Undated455Personal-1951 to 1952456Personal-January to June 1954457Personal-July to December 1954458Personal-1955461Politics-1948 to 1953 and Undated462Publicity-1950 to 1952463Resignations-1950 to 1951464Resignations-1952 to 1953465Senatorial Vacancy-March 12-14, 1951466Senatorial Vacancy-March 15-16, 1951467Senatorial Vacancy-March 19-23, 1951468Senatorial Vacancy-March 23 to April 6, 1951471State Fair-1955472State Police-July to December 1955473Toll Roads-January to August 1953474Toll Roads-September to December 1953475Toll Roads-1954476Toll Roads-1955477Toll Roads-Booklets-July 1954-2 copies478Toll Roads-Booklets-November 1954479Toll Roads-Booklets-January 1955-2 copies4710Toll Roads-Booklets-April 1955-2 copies4711Toll Roads-Booklets-May 19554712Toll Roads-Booklets-October 1955Oversized and Rolled MaterialsThis series contains materials too large to fit in standard archival boxes. Most of the items are printed material including reports, maps, digests, clippings, and election results.481Clippings-1949 to 1955482Rolled Copy of Courier-Journal Magazine-August 6, 1950491Kentucky General Election Results-November 1943492Kentucky General Election Results-November 1945493Kentucky General Election Results-August 1947494Kentucky General Election Results-November 1947495Kentucky General Election Results-November 1948496Kentucky General Election Results-November 1951497Kentucky Highway Road Expenditures by Counties-1954498Kentucky General Election Results-1944499Preliminary Land Map for Mammoth Cave Park-December 19494910Kentucky House of Representatives seating arrangement (4 copies)4911The Legislative Digest-February 19524912The Legislative Digest-March 19524913North Carolina naming Wetherby an honorary Tarheel-June 19524914Map of Kentucky-19524915Map of Kentucky-19524916Certificate of Merit from Nash Motors-19534917Outline of Master Turnpike in Eastern U.S.-August 19544918Kidder, Peabody and Co. summary of turnpike and toll revenue bonds-October 19544919Kentucky Turnpike report-June 19554920Kentucky Turnpike report-August 19554921Kentucky Turnpike report-November 19554922Kentucky New industries-poster of 1946 to 1955Appointment and Published BooksThis series contains handwritten appointment books and published materials that Wetherby used as Governor. The appointment books refer to speeches, conferences, sports events, presentations, and cabinet meetings as well as scheduled meetings with individuals such as President Dwight D. Eisenhower (May 3rd and 4th, 1953). Though a few of the books have Wetherby's name in them, the Governor did not write in them. The Autograph Book is signed by friends and employees of the executive branch. The series is arranged alphabetically by title.501Appointment Book-1951502Appointment Book-1952503Appointment Book-1953504Appointment Book-1954505Appointment Book-1955511Autograph Book512The Book of the Presidents (1948)513Governor's Conference (September 30, October 1-3, 1951)514Governors of the American States, Commonwealths, and Territories(1954)515Governors of the American States, Commonwealths, and Territories(1955)516Kentucky Historic Highways (1951)517Kentucky Court Directory (1954-1955)518Kentucky Directory (1950 and 1952)519Pictoral Roster and Seating Arrangement, General Assembly of Kentucky (1954)5110Roberts Rules of Order Revised (1915)5111Rules and Committees of the Kentucky House (1950)5112Rules and Committees of the Kentucky House (1952) 2 copiesScrapbook SeriesThe scrapbooks in the Scrapbook Series contain clippings from the Courier-Journal and Louisville Times that cover political events during the administration of Governor Wetherby. The clippings are arranged chronologically and in most cases dated either by hand or in newsprint. At the beginning of each volume is a subject index. The first three volumes are dedicated to the first lady by Frank G. Drewry, the compiler. 521November 28, 1950 through March 17, 1951 (Political News)522March 18, 1951 through August 21, 1951 (Political News)523August 22, 1951 through December 31, 1951 (Political News)524January 1, 1952 through February 14, 1952 (Political News)525February 15, 1952 through March 26, 1952 (Political News)526March 29, 1952 through August 3, 1952 (Political News)527August 5, 1952 through December 31, 1952 (Presidential Number)528January 1, 1953 through April 30, 1953 (Political News)529May 1, 1953 through September 17, 1953 (Political Number)5210September 17, 1953 through December 31, 1953 (Political News)5211January 1, 1954 through April 18, 1954 (Political News)5212April 19, 1954 through November 27, 1954 (Political News)5213November 30, 1954 through December 12, 1955 (Political News)Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection, 1947-1958