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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2 D. President's Report on Activities Before presenting his monthly report on University activities, Dr. Oswald welcomed Mr. Black to membership on the Board of Trustees and expressed gratification that Dr. Denham and Professor Oberst would continue on the Board for additional terms. He commented briefly on the items in the report, prefacing his remarks with the statement that the report was illustrative of the diversity of activities being carried on throughout the University. The President's Report on Activities, copies of which are mailed to the facul- ty and alumni following each meeting, was accepted with thanks and ordered filed. E. Recommendations of the President (PR 2) and Supplemental Recommen- dations of the President (PR 3) Approved Since the items contained in PR 2, Recommendations of the President, and PR 3, Supplemental Recommendations of the President, were routine in nature and both were brief, the Board elected to act upon the two at the same time. Dr. Oswald called attention to the increase in the late registration fee from $5 to $20 effective with the Fall Semester 1966-67 (PR2) and to the recommendation that a Department of Accounting, with Dr. W. W. Ecton as Chairman, be es- tablished in the College of Business and Economics, effective July 1, 1966. He commented that this was a further step in the departmentalization of the college and the strengthening of the total program. Mr. Kerley called attention to reported changes in the investment portfolio and indicated that the overall rate of interest for recent investments is 5. 3%o or better. On motion duly made, seconded, and carried, PR 2, Recommendations of the President, and PR 3, Supplemental Recommendations of the President, were ap- proved as a whole and ordered made a part of the official Minutes of the April 5, 1966 meeting of the Board of Trustees. (See PR 2 and PR 3 at the end of the Minutes. ) F. Honorary Degrees Approved for Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain, Dr. Philip E. Blackerby, Jr., Dr. Carl Hill, Mr. John Mason Brown, and Dr. Louis Gordon President Oswald expressed his pleasure in passing on to the Board of Trustees the recommendations of the Honorary Degree Committee, duly approved by the Graduate Faculty and the University Senate, for recipients of honorary degrees at the commencement exercises on May 9, 1966. The following five indi- viduals were recommended for the degree shown: