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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1966-04-apr5.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3 Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain Doctor of Laws Dr. Philip E. Blackerby, Jr. Doctor of Laws Dr. Carl Hill Doctor of Laws Mr. John Mason Brown Doctor of Literature Dr. Louis Gordon Doctor of Science Biographical sketches for each person were included as a part of PR 4, a copy of which is included at the end of the Minutes. On motion by Mr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, and passed unanimous- ly, approval was granted to award the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws to Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain; Dr. Philip E. Blackerby, Jr. , and Dr. Carl M. Hill; the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature to Mr. John Mason Brown; and the honor- ary degree of Doctor of Science to Professor Louis Gordon, at the commencement exercises on May 9; 1966. and the President was authorized to notify each person of his selection to receive the degree approved. (See PR 4 at the end of the Minutes. ) G. Operating Budget for 1966-67 Approved Dr. Oswald indicated that he wished Dr. Albright and Mr. Kerley to make the formal presentation of the budget but would like to make a few cpmments first. He said the budget document represents the internal breakdown of (a) state funds that were appropriated by the 1966-67 Legislature, and lb) estimated income from fees, sales and services; hospital; and other activities of the University. The budget, he emphasized, is the financial expression of the University's educational programs. He then read the following points from his letter of transmittal which highlighted several features embraced in the budget document: 1. Salary increments for faculty based upon merit and aimed to keep the University in as competitive a position as possible 2. Salary increments for faculty for promotion in rank 3. Continuance of the summer faculty research fellow- ships and the faculty fellowships for the improvement of teaching 4. Provision for 100 new faculty positions in instruction and research to serve increased enrollments, esti- mated at 12 per cent on the Lexington campus, and to strengthen existing programs; these positions barely provide for the maintenance of the present student - faculty ratios