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The Kentucky Kernel, February 17, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. FEB. 17 1916, VOL. VIII. KENTUCKY CAPTAIN ZERFOSS or SWAMPS No. 20 r " UNIVERSITY PLANS ' ' i CENHRIORS Consistent Team Work Is the Feature of State's Play TURLEY SCORES FIVE Endorse Work ON BARKER'S i Dean Kastle's as Very of Condolence in Memory of President's Brother of tho bill introduced CELEBRATION side at Chapel Exercises MILITARY in the upper houses of tho Legislature soveral weeks ago by Senator Charles A veritable runaway will beat de- D. Arnett at the instance of Commisscribe the basketball game at Dan- sioner of Agriculture, Mat S. Cohen, ville Tuesday night in which State's providing for tho appointment of a against committee of Ave to investigate the quintet piled up a Experiment Station for "alleged fricCentre College. tion existing between the director of Masters of the situation from the the Station and the representatives outset, every member of the team, of tho Federal Department of Agriculwith the exception of George Zerfoss, ture," was voiced in resolutions adoptwho had been given instructions to ed by the grain dealers' group of the protect State's goal at all times, suc- Lexington Board of Commerce last WILDCATS HANDED ceeded in throwing three or more field week. goals. They assert in the resolutions that Turley, for Danville, made all of the work of the Experiment Station ANOTHER DEFEAT their' five points. He threw .two field under the .administration of Dr. Kas-tlgoals and one foul goal in six athas been very satisfactory and that tempts. Hart located the basket for "it would be extremely hazardous to Louisville Five State Throughout the five field goals and two foul goals in place the administration and enforce Entire Game three attempts. ment of this act under the control of The summary: the State Department of Agriculture 26-22 IS THE State Hart (12), and K. Zerfoss with the risks and uncertainties at ViIdcal-Q4v.''The championship (6), forwards; Server (10), center; tendant upon frequent changes offcd' Gumbert (8) and G. Zerfoss, guards. ministration of the State government aspirations were handed a serious Centre Turley (5), and Puryear, and the numerous readjustments un blow Saturday night at the Auditorium, when the University of Louisforward; Tate, center; Montgomery avoidably incident thereto." ville basket tossers were returned the and Biddle, guards. SENIORS ELECT. victors 26 to 22. Substitutes, Kentucky-LongworThe story of the melefe can be brieffor K. Zerfoss, Ireland for George ZerAt a recent meeting of the Senior State's team was either foss, and Schwant forHart. Centre class Mr. Mayo was elected. Class ly stated. or At Bryant for Puryear.yLeach for Mont- Treasurer, Miss Rebecca Smith! Class least the men, with the exception of gomery and Johson for Diddle. Prophet, and. Miss Ina Darnall, Class Hart, were off form. Historian. Louisville took a big lead in the These officials were elected to fill HENRY CLAY LAW first half, and at its close had given the vacancies left by the resignation SOCIETY HAS TRIAL oj M. D. Amburgy, Miss Marie State's team the Small end of a Louise Michot and Miss Josle Hayes. score.. However, after a few minutes' J. J. McBrayer was "arrested" and play In the second period, State, showMr. Amburgy and Miss Michot have sentenced to, from two to twenty-onHayes ing a return to regular form, managed accepted positions and Miss years in the "pen" last week on a will be unable to be present on Class to tie the score. Louisville not to be charge of mansalughter, which, it is denied the fruits of victory which usDay. alleged, took place in the library ually accompanies tho better team here. On the jury composed of six work, braced, and field goals by Korn- STATE HALL HAS students were four girls. McBrayer, NEW MANAGEMENT feld and Rectenwald, cinched the who was defended by J. T. Gooch and game for tho Falls City aggregation. Under thei efficient direction of J. V. Chamberlain, pleaded Daniels was the shining light of the attorneys Mrs. J. G. Judy, State Hall dining-roo- Louisville team. Ho was apparently The prosecuting is gradually being converted in- able to toss were P. A. Harrison and J. P. Gregory. a goal from any difficult to an institution of real worth for tho angle. D. L. McNeill presided. He is one of the cleverest The court scene was staged by the students of the University. Mrs. Judy baskoteers seen hero this season. t has been in charge for two weeks now Henry Clay Law Society for the Tho customary consistent playing of of Dean Hamilton's Freshman and besides showing a decided im- Derrol Hart and tho playing of Ireprovement in tho quality of food and English class. land, who was sent in at forward, waiting sorvico, she has made a slight Hart replacing Server at center, durprofit. Tho number of boarders has ing the second half wore tho only feaalready increased noticeably anil tho NOTICE! tures of State's play. dally addition of now ones is indicat-- ' Hart, of State, throw six out of nino All pictures of Seniors, clubs and ivo of succcbs. trinls, while McCaleb, of tho visitors, societies must bo in tho hands of tho wns successful in all of four trials. Spongier, by FORMER STUDENTS official photographer, The summary: RETURN TO COLLEGE State K. Zerfoss (Captain) (2). Saturday, February 19. Louis Ware and Carrol Shirmer, Hart (10), and Ireland (4), forwards; who for tho past six months have Sorvor (4) and Hart, center; G. ZerNOTICE! beon engaged in practical mining work foss and Gumbort (2), guards. Tho Kentuckiau staff will hold an in tho Miami Copper district of AriLouisvlllo Kornfeld (Captain) (4), important meeting Thursday after- zona, for the Old Dominion Copper Struvo (4) and Hoctonwald (4), fornoon at 3:30 o'clock. Company, have resumed their studies wards; Daniel (10), contor; Terry (2) in the College of Mines and Metal- and McCaleb (4), guards. Reforeo, HERBERT. GRAHAM, lurgy at tho University. ilinton, Georgetown. i e Outplay SCORE .3 th, over-traine- d t. 16-- 6 e ben-ofi- I Editor-in-Chie- FOR Faculty Drafts Expression Prominent Speaker To Pre- Satisfactory Disapproval DEATH BALL The University faculty held a meeting in tho faculty room Monday noon Preliminary steps for tho observing and adopted resolutions of condolence of Washington's Birthday wero taken in memory of Richard Henry Barker, at a faculty meeting Monday. Hitherbrother of President Henry S. Barker, to, for some years there have been who died last Saturday noon in Louisno special exercises at the University ville. February 22, but this year a promiA copy of the resolutions was sent nent speaker will be procured and to President Barker and to the press special exercises will be held in the of Louisville and Lexington. The reschapel at 10 o'clock. An invitation has olutions follow: been sent to a prominent speaker, but "Month after month, the world is at the time The Kernel went to press being stripped of its choicest manhis acceptance had not arrived. The hood, and yet the loss of one may af battalion of cadets will be present and fect us more profoundly than that of all other students and friends of the a million. Sprung from the same University are urged to attend. proud English progenitors, born of the Following the meeting in the chapel same American parents, cherished on the faculty of the University will at the bosom of the same fond mother, tend a luncheon at the Phoenix Hoknit all through the changing years tel. It is planned to make the faculty by invisible yet immutable bonds of luncheon an annual event of Washingmemory and affection, natural it is ton's Birthday. The students will be that a brother's decease should given a holiday, but it is expected that of the main strings must of ther v. Ill pttuiul thtriTiiblJc--exercisin life's mystic lute. Two brothers rethat day. main to play their part manfully in The annual military ball will be performance of the daily task, the held in Buell Armory on the evening third, whom reverently we bid fare- nf Fflhrmtrv 22. iinilnr thn rHrpoMnn nf well, has joined the myriad fore-- i TJfint. A. R. TTnnprwnnil Tlio fnrirt hparpra nf Tits nwti npnnln will wear dress uniform and the young "Whereas, on Saturday the twelfth women will appear in colonial cosinstant, the day of Lincoln's nativity, tume. Richard H. Barker, of Louisville, was suddenly summoned to that bourne SNAP-SHO- T EDITOR whence no traveller returns; OFFERS KENTUCKIAN "Therefore, Be is Resolved, That we, the Faculty of the State UniverLawrence J. Heyman, "snap-shotsity of Kentucky, herewith express editor of the Kentuckian, has anour sincere sympathy with President to encourage the work Henry S. Barker, with Mrs. Barker nounced that of amateur photographers on the camsorrowing friends of him aud with all pus, an annual will be presented to who is gone; the person submitting the three best "Resolved, That we learn to num"snaps" from to post-carber our days, so that we may apply size. To be acceptable, however, they our hearts unto wisdom. must be printed on gloss paper. "Resolved, That we send a copy of Views of tho campus, especially these resolutions to President Barker those taken In the summer or autumn, and to the press of Louisville and Lex-- . snapshots of Commencement Week, Ington." football, baseball or track events, and The committee that drew up the general life about the campus will bo reti i lions consisted of C. W. Mathacceptable. ews. C. J. Norwood, R. M. Allen, A. Thoro is much latitude in this and M Miller and A. S. Mackenzie. every man or young woman who owns Henry Barkor dropped Richard i kodak or camera should get busy. dead shortly boforo noon last SaturMr. Heyman will discuss details with day in tho offico of tho Louisvlllo "yono who desires to submit snapTrust Company. At tho timo ho wns shots. talking to Rev. E. L. Warren, and had given no signs of illness When tho LOST Delta Rho Kappa bar pin. Reattack camo ho foil to tho floor and turn to Business Office. expired boforo anything qouUI bo dono for him. Judgo Barkor and daughters, Carolyn and Mary Neal. Ills brothors, Maxwell Barker, wero In tho neigh- .Miss Carolyn Barkor was in Lexingborhood and wero summoned at once. ton to attoud a banquet of Kappa President Barker had Just delivered Kappa Gamma sorority when the an address nt tho servicos in memory news of her father's death reached of Aaron Kohn. her. Mr. Barker's son, Richard H. Mr. Barker is survived by his wife, Barkor, Jr , was formerly a student in u sou, Richard II. Barkor, mid two the University. " vest-pock- d es