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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. (STRAND bit more experienced and will Open from 10:00 A. M. to 11:00 P. M. prob- ably bo flret nmn out for the game Saturday. At the keystone sack Joe Cambron, last year "K" man and second sacker, will Btart dust clouds. Cambron hit weii last year and is expected to do oven ueucr mis season, ucorgo zer- foss will probably cover the shortfleld, in which territory ho was at home with the Wildcats two years ago. Propps, a new man, has been playing on the hot corner of the diamond, where two base sluggers are sometimes burnt when they try to stretch a double into a triple. Riddle or Hall, Muth and Pullcn or Kohn, will most like garden for the Wildcats in the Tiger game. Rlddlo and Pullen are fast getting into the pplendld physical shape they encased in moleskins last fall. Muth is showing up to good advantage, in the cen ter plot of the diamond. Infielders' Reserve Corps. uicK nuguu, Aiex nan ana wuimce enlisted men in the infielders' re- serve corps. Guthrie and Knight have been playing second fiddle ln the green grass. The game will start at 3:30 o'clock and will be umpired by Pat Dever-eauThe nine men who will start the game will be chosen from the follow- SPECIAL Home of Paramount Artcraft Goidwyn Picturea. Hig that's why they cost more. Prices 5 Centt and'10 Centt. Afternoon and Evenlnf. FEATURE FOR UNIV. SUMMER SESSION Entire Plant of University Available Fnr Siv Weeks Session COMMUNITY SINGING ration in some courses. Credit In the Summer Session "Students who have full entrance credits to tho University will bo given credit toward degrees for college work, in the summer school. "Four semester credits will bo glv- en for one double course consisting of hours a day for the session. Two scmeuter credits will be given for a single course (one hour a day for the session.) I The University in its annual summer school bulletin announces the of the summer term June 17, to close July 2S. The bulletin Just Issued, contains the courses of study, schedule and information necessary for the matriculates and calender for the year "No student will bo allowed to make more than six semester credits in the summer school. Agricultural and Vocational Education xcepuonai aavantages will DO OIfered in the summer school to students who are qualifying to teach Agricultural and Vocational Education under the provisions of the Smith- Hughes Bill. Professor McNeal C. James will offer courses in Agricultur al Education and In Educational Psycholoev which will nsnfiHniiv flf ntn. , oents ior tne organization and presen-ar- e tation of vocational work in the high -, 1918-191- Six Weeks' Session. rue summer school of the h-cl- Unlver-- ( slty will be in session June 17 to July 28, a period of six weeks. The work of the summer session is designed for , , , .i i leuuuma, bluuuius ana persons seen- Ing Informatlon and traInIng Besides ' the usua, courseg number features will be given during the six Graduate Work weeks of the session. From the pro"Graduate work will be offered by gram of studies it will be possible to (special arrangements with the heads make up plans of work suitable for of departments and the Chairman of teachers and workers ln many fields. the Graduate Committee. The entire plant of the University Dormitories and Boardlnn. will be available for use, including "Patterson Hall will open for womlaboratories, libraries and buildings. The bulletin, which has been sent en. The rates are $3.00 a week. Rooms may be had in the men's dormitories to all schools of the State says: TlM5re are several "The University of Kentucky has at a sma11 fee entered upon a new era under the good boarding houses convenient to leadershIp of president Frank L. Mc-- the University where board may be Vey K ,s Wg ambltlon to pIace thls had at from $4:00 to $5.00 a week.' Tne work In the summer school is instItutIon ln the front rank of state given in double and single courses. A universities. "His record of achievements as Pres- - double course means that the subject ident of the University of North Dako-- j ,s taken two hours a day thruout the ta and the work which he has already sesslon- A single course is taken one accomplished here warrant the belief hour a day foT the ful1 session. The that Kentucky will not long lag behind ,es ,or a sInSle course are $5.00, for her sister states in the work of her' a do"ble course $7.00, for three single courses $10.00, and for one double and State University. ne 8lngle course "The University cannot accomplish i ! .. spector and Supervisor of Secondary Education, will bo with tho faculty for the entiro week and will conduct tho round table. Other members of tho faculty will bo present and tako part in the discussion. out this country for his fine interpretations of Shakespearean characters. The teachers and Btudents of the summer Bchool, as well as tho citizens of Lexington and the surrounding Dlue Grass country, will have tho rare opThe Elsie Herndon Kearns Players portunity of seeing this fine company of Shakespearean actors. Admittance ln a Berle8 of Shakespeare and )ero plays wlI1 feature the last week. will be reasonable." Mo-tw- Aionaay evening, JUiy no, at nuiueu hhu tiuiiei win ue given, rues-day matinee at 3 p. m. the Learned LadIea wm bo presented and the Tern- pe8t will be given that evening at 8:15 o'clock. ..Tnj8 great dramatic company is headed bv Elsie Herndon Knams. who played several years with the Ben Greet Players and has an international reputation as a Shakespearean actress. George Somnes, who takes the leadlng male roles, is well known thru Pitcher, McClelland, Lasley and C. Downing; catcher, Dempsey, Thomas, D. Downing; first base, Bastin, Mis- rack, Gregg; second base, Cambron, Hall; short stop, Zerfoss, Wallace; third base, Propps, Miller; left field, Riddle, Kahn; center field, Muth, Pul-- f len; right field, Guthrie, Hall The next game will be played with Hanover College on Stoll Field Friday afternoon, April 12. 1 j A map of tho University buildings and grounds, with a "key" to each of tho places on the campus represented, has Just been completed and a copy of It will bo put in tho University catalog which will soon go to press. The original map has been hung in the ofTho map shows fice of the President. the improvements about the campus that are being contemplated. MRS. J. TANDY HUGHES Member of A. N. A, M. of D. Will give at the Phoenix Hotel, for school girls and boys an informal EASTER DANCE i ing: UNIV. MAP IS MADE 1 FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 5TH She cordially invites the students of the University MISS SPURR'S SPECIAL BENIFIT DANCE FOR DR. BARROWS UNIT Wednesday Night, April 10th, 1918 - REUBEN HUTCHORAFT PROBABLY IN BATTLE K. C HALL Smith & William Music Special University Classes. Regular Dances Wednesday and Saturday Night. Private Lessons by Appointment. I That a former professor in the Uni- versity, Reuben Hutchcraft, Jr., is now on the Western front helping to stem the advance of the Germans, is the inference in a letter received Tuesday from him by Judge W .T. Lafferty, dean of the College of Law. Features of the Session The summer school of 1918 Is espe- of an efficient public school system. The public schools cannot do their clally noteworthy in that it offers to most efficient work without profes- - the students many features "attempted by the University, e trained teachers. The tiplication and standardization of the There wlu be special features each Lieutenant Hutchcraft states he is high schools, together with the condi-- j week features that are as good as working hard. "Of course," he says, tions resulting from the war, has pro- - found In tne lare Eastern universl-ducean unprecedented demand for tIe8, The lflrst week WM be music "I can't tell you exactly what we are weekThe seven days will be a doing, but you must have a general professionally trained teachers. of the business of a line officer additjon to the regular work for Voted to community singing and lee-IIn an infantry regiment. Perhaps the "teachers in the courses outlined in tures on muslc' condted by M. L. give you some news as to thls bulletin, a number of popular and fe8sor Peter W Dykema cnigan, proressors of music, Univer- what this Rainbow division is now en- - aMpntiflp win ho rivsn fr sIty Wisconsin. gaged in." of charge during the summes session. President McVey will deliver four The Rainbow division mentioned in President Frank L. McVey will deliver - lectures on the World War, beginning the letter was one of the first branches lectures of special interest to teachof the American army to engage in ers. Members of the faculty will give Monday afternoon, June 24, at 4 p. m. popular lectures in their special fields.1 These alone will be of great value, actual fighting. Dean Lafferty also received a card Professor Peter C. Dykema of the Uni-- J as Presideat McVey is an eminent Tuesday from William Perry Drake, of, versity of Wisconsin will conduct Com- - authority on the war, having been in Bowling Green, who was graduated munlty Singing and lecture on Music, touch wlth national figures in Wash- from the law college three years ago and the Dramatic Instinct. Judce E.!,nBin Ior several jnonths. The feature of the third week will and is now with the American expedi- M. Rucker of tho University of South tionary forces in France. Carolina will lecture on Domestic Re- be a series of lectures given by E. "I am writing you," Drake says, "to lations. The Red path Chautauqua will Marion Rucker, United States assistlet you know that your old boys are be held during the summer session ant attorney, Washington, D. C, on doing their bit. Am making good, but and the entertainments so arranged the "Law of Domestic Relations." It's nothing like going to school." He that the teachers can take advantage Round table discussions on educastates there are many former students of the lectures at reduced rates. Tho tional subjects will be held during of the University who are now in city library as well as the University the fourth week, beginning Monday ' France. library will be open and free to stu afternoon, July 8, for the purpose of a better understanding of the Kentucky dents. problems in secondary education, with PROHIBITION CLU1 TODAY Admission "No entrance examination is re- the hope that a solution may be found The Prohibition Club will meet ln quired for admission to any of the tliru the experience and counsel of the Y. M. C. A. rooms this afternoon courses, but instructors must be con- workers in the field. Professor at 3:30 o'clock. Rhoads, Stato High School In- sulted concerning prerequisite prepa- - INFORMATION CALL 742-- y its purpose without the hereto-sionall- y mul-jfor- High Clan Tailoring Moderate Prices White Carnation I - We Fit You j ltn j ' Devotion Rose Love Pansy n ad Disdain. Heliotrope d Thoughts White Lily Justright Tailor ing Co. 145 W. Main St. Sweetness Yellow Lily Gayety Hyacinth Friendship Get them From MICHLER BROS. UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVE H. L. MILWARD MRS. J.TANDY HUGHES Member of A. N. A, M. of D. 106 N. UPPER ST. Classes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. It is the aim of this school to teach dancing as it should be, advocating at all times proper positions and decorous actions Music Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Trap Drum