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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. FIFTY COUNTY AGENTS HERE ON SPECIAL WORK Experts Talk on All Lines Of Home Demonstra-tio- n Work McVEY SPEAKS TODAY Fifty homo demonstration agents of tlio State mot Monday for a week's convention under tho auspices of the Extension Division of tho College of Agriculture, to receive special technl cal instruction to bo carried back to the counties wherein they are em ployed. These women are all trained In this work and are well qualified to disseminate this knowledge among the different clubs thruout tho State. Among tho speakers for the week are members of the staff at the Ex periment Station and experts sent here from the Department of Agricultural at Washington. All parts of the program afford an opportunity for open discussion and the expression of personal experience and individual views. This is a closed meeting to the public, but) the demonstration agents will, in the end, give to the pub lic the valuable points of instruction which they receive. From Washington comes Miss Mary E. Oresswell, assistant In charge of the girls club work; Miss Madge Reese, specialist in cottage cheese and the making of butter; Miss Ola Powell, specialist in fancy preserves; O. B. Martin, assistant in charge of the home demonstration work and Dr Franz Lund, specialist in canning of poultry meats, iflsh and in drying. Dr. Mutchler, head of the Extension Division of the Experiment Station; Mrs. Helen B. Wolcott, State Agent Home Demonstration Work; Dean Thomas Coper, Director of the Experiment Station; and Pres. Frank L. McVey will also be on the program. Each day of the meeting is devoted to a special subject or phase of the work that can be accomplished during the ensuing year. Monday was devoted to organization, both state and county and reports brought in by the different agents from the state. The many processes of gardening, canning and drying were discussed. Wed nesday's program was a continuation of the program begun on Tuesday, and in addition some very valuable instruction in regard to poultry, its breeding, care and the prevention of poultry diseases was given. Today the discussions will bo devoted to the care of the dairy, and the making of butter and cheese. This afternoon President McVey will de liver an address. The discussion of honey, sorghum and other sugar substitutes will make up the instruction and program oil Friday. Saturday morning will be devoted to the formulating of plans for county and and the meeting will close In the afternoon, after a Round Table discussion. school fairs, MORE INFORMATION SENIOR ENGINEERS ON CONCERNING PIPER Captain Royden has Just received a letter from Frnnk E. Harrigs, Adjutant General, concerning the stalUH of Wal tor C. Piper, n student of tho Unlver slty enrolled in the Signal Service Corps of tho Military Department of tho University, and who was drafted by tho local board of Fayotto county. Piper was granted tho privilege to con tinuo his training at tho University until tho prescribed courso was fin ished, and tho following concerns his commutation: "Pursuant to the authority from tho War Department dated March 16, ver bal authority directing Privato Walter C. Plpor, Signal Corps, to report for duty to Captain H. N. Royden, U. S. A. retired, at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, is confirmed. Commutation of quarters at the rate of $15 per month wil lbe paid this soldier and as it being impracticable to assign him to any organization for rations, the Quartermaster Corps will com mute hi srations at the prescribed rate of ?1 per day from date of reporting." JUNIORS ON INSPECTING TRIP TWENTY-FIV- E Juniors of the College of Engineering spent Ave days of last week inspecting shops and machine tool works in and around Cincinnati. The juniors are of the opinion that they benefitted greatly in practical experience by the trip. The party consisted of F. Paul Anderson, R. S. Arnold, J. H. Bailey, C. N. Batsel, W. S. Baugh, T. M. Bell, W. R. David, C. F. DeMey, D. R. Dudley, J. M. Eyl, G. Frankel, A. D. Hall, A. L. Kohn, J. J. Leman, E. A. Lillard, J. H. Marking, H. M. Milton, J. E. R. S. Park, H. G. Proctor, N. T. Puckett, J. F. Shouse, C. L. Temp- lin, C. A. Timmer, J. S. Walllngford. Twenty-fiv- e STUDENT IN FRANCE LIKES U. K. LETTER ANNUAL MUSIC FEATURES TWO "Y" EASTER SERVICES McVey Will Be Honor Guest At Alumni Banquet 24 MAKING THE TRIP Tho Benlors in tho three engineering colleges of tho University left Sunday night on their annual inspection trip to Chicago and vicinity. Twenty-fou- r are making tho trip, returning to Lexington next Sunday. Tho party is in charge of Dean F. Paul Anderson, Dean D. V. Terrell and Prof. W. E. Freeman. Manufacturing and power plants in Chicago are being inspected by the embryo engineers and other places of Interest visited. The itinerary includes visits to the following places: Indiana Steel Company, Fourteenth Street Pumping Station, Lake View Pumping Station, Northwest Station of the Common wealth Edison Company, Division Street Works of the People's Gas, Light and Coke Company, Union Stock Yards, Armour & Company, Pullman Palace Car Works, Sears, Roebuck & Company, Municipal Pier and other places of Interest. Saturday night the Alumni Club of the University of Kentucky, will the students at the Great Northern hotel with a banquet, at which President McVey will be the guest of honor. ir. Early Sunday morning following its usual Easter custom the Y. W. C. A. held a song service. Miss Eliza led this service. AMERICAN ARTISTS "'Somewhere in France,' "March 8, 1S18. Tigert, McVey, EASTER PARTY AT THE HALL I i Fifty children of Lexington made merry Saturday afternoon, at the annual Easter party given for them by PROFESSOR REID IN CHAPEL of Art. 139 EAST MAIN STKEET Hanrment Opp. Phoenix Hotel PLAIN. SHOWER AND TURKISH BATHS CHAIRS Best of Service FOUR DENTIST For any kind of dental service call on DR. J. T. SLATON 127 CHEAP8IDE this was converted into a peanut hunt. The party was a decided success, de- Oflc spite the absence of the usual Easter Patronize Our Advertisers boon, 8 . m. to 6 p. m. Phone Kentucky Kernel $1,00 Per Year 5c Per Copy Patronize Our Advertisers CHIROPODIST W. B. Martin's Barber Office Phoenix Hotel Barber Shop. Hours by appointment. Phone 1988-- x SHOP The Closest Shop to University HAIR CUT .25 .15 Shave Shampoo .2i .6V Glover's Shampoo. 153 S. Limestone St., Lexington, Ky. FRATERNITY Vends iO'PENCIIi CLUB PINS MEDALS We Cater to rr the University and College Patrons. HEINTZ Jeweler 123 E. Main Opp. H E oerfec tion of pencil' quality un equalled for eiBootnneee, uni- formity of grading sad durability. Dr. Tigert predicted 17 black degrees from 6B softest to to 9H hardest, aad hard and aaediuaa (indelible) copy leg. Look for th tksttnf (fee VENUS Jiniahl Street, FREE! the Phoenix, TMs trial box wk& five VENUS Lexington, Ky. Dnwia PcBcila. Holder aad VENUS fraMT fork. Loomis went over Dec. 12, as First Lloutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, and now as captain, has charge of a bat Asfterica tery of heavy artillery on the ern front. Tru ih, VENUS In 92.00 west- 864-- Dr. J.C.Day the Louisville Dean P. P. Boyd addressed the Y. M. C. A. Sunday night on the subject, of the University, has been elected "Food Will Win the War.' Dean to take Miss Smith's place In the high Cooper will speak next Sunday at tho regular meeting at 6:45 p. m. school. Hair Cut 25c 6(0. T.Martin Barber Shop er egg hunt, but for patriotic reasons Pic- a great future for art In America and a right of way for the coming painters of the land, whether it be in landscape or portrait work. r TO YOU Com- mittee of the Y. W. C. A. The usual custom is to have an East- Ital- The American artists were of especial interest. The fact was emphasized that foreign schools give these men more credit than they are given even in their native country. Most of the Americans studied abroad, but something distinctly American in its freshness and color remains to make the men of this country differ from their masters. BUY A THRIFT STAMP the girls of Patterson Hall under the auspices of the Social Service ian, Scottish and American schools were hung about the room and as Doctor Tigert spoke these were used in illustration. Dear Sir: "Please let me express my hearty appreciation of the Christmas greetings which reached me only a few days ago, from the University to 'her sons in the service.' "I was In Kentucky only in 1914-1and went back to the University of Tennee where I finished in 1917. "But your greetings were like 'a letter from home,' indeed. It shows that the school is also doing its best to help whip the Kaiser. "Yours appreciatively, "ED. L. LITTLETON." on the subject tures from the French, German, Nitrate Pig-go- Those who are making the trip are: tokens. P. M. Andres, W. K. Adkins, J. A. Brittain, E. B. Cavallo, H. B. Clarke, J. D. PURCELL CO. J. W. Cooper, R. M Davis, E R. DearLEXINGTON, KY. born, D. R. Ellis, E. B. Fleming, J. J. NEWEST FALL MODES IN Flocken, K. W. Goosman, J. M. Hedges, Jr., Hall M. Henry, S. Hud SUITS, DRESSES, COATS, son, G. L. Jackson, H. J. Kolbe, C. E. SKIRTS and WAISTS. McCormick, W. D. McDougle, J. D. Pleasingly Priced. Maddox, H. L. Milward, C Nlcholoff, H. Parks and B. B. Russell. Prof. O. L. Reld, superintendent of public schools, will speak in chapel, Tuesday, November 9. LOOMIS NOW CAPTAIN HART IN THE SERVICE This Is of special Interest to the stuJohn Frederick Loomis, instructor dents, as so many have been assoprincipal of HarriIn the Department of Physics, 1916-1Derrlll W. Hart, ciated with Professor Reld In school Uninow in regular service in the Amerison School, a graduate of the work. can army In France, has recently been versity, has been given indefinite DOCTOR 10YD AT Y. M. C. A. promoted to the rank of captain. leave of absence to enter the service. Miss Isabel Smith is his successor. Miss L. E. Edmonds, also a graduate Data as to increased crop yields due to the use of Nitrate are available. Why not make your beautiful solections. Miss Margaret business of crop fertilizing Yarbro, the chairman of tho choir led profitable by the use of Nitrate the meeting. Miss Mary Beall, chair- of Soda whose efficiency is man of tho Social Service Committed, known? will have charge of tho meeting next A bushel of corn or wheat Sunday, the prgoram will he "The or a bale of cotton today will Eight Week Club." buy more Nitrate and more Tho girls who had charge of clubs Acid Phosphate than ever belast summer will descrlbo their work fore. in the attempt to Interest others along Send for "Increased Crop Yields that line of endeavor. Classes will be from the use of Nitrate of Soda" started next week for the training of WM. S.MYERS, lirector the prospective leaders, and It is hoped that every girl who can have Chilean Committee a club this year will attend the Sf Maellsoa Avcbhc, New York classes. Saturday President McVey received this week GET CREDIT ABROAD a letter of appreciation for the University Christmas letter from a former A very entertaining and interesting student now in active service in lecture was given Thursday evening France. The letter follows: in the Education Building by Dr. J. J. "President An Easter musical sorvico was held Sunday night at the Y. W. C. A., and the now appointed choir Bang several CHICAGO TRIP Nitrate of Soda Lead Peecll Co. Fifth Are., N.Y. Dept. I2b. Era,, im pr fcu. 1