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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1918

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. The Kentucky Kernel AG. GRADUATE TAKES UP NAVAL TRAINING A Published every Thursday throughout the College year by the Btiidciit body of the University of Kentucky, for the benefit of the students, J. THE KENTUCKY KERNEL is the official newspaper of the University. It is issued with a view of furnishing to its subscribers all the collcgo news of Kentucky, together with a digest of Items of interest concerning the Entered at Lexington Postofflce as FIVE CENTS PER COPY second-clas- mall matter. s EDITORIAL STAFF THORNTON CONNELL MlM Eliza M. Plggott Mlas Bllsa Spurrier MlM Mildred Graham CJmutIm Planck Frederick Jackson Bam Morton Lee McLean Miss Austin Lilly John J. Leman Virgil Chapman Miss Virginia Helm Mllner Miss Elizabeth Murphey Miss Louise Will EDITOR-IN-CHIE- Managing Editor "Squirrel Food" "Co-ed"it- Sporting Editor Feature Editor Agriculture .Home Economics Engineering Literary Societies Patterson Hall Exchange Editor Philosophian : REPORTERS. R. J. Raible, Miss Bessie Conkright, W. S. Sherwood BUSINESS STAFF. Edwin T. Tapscott J. P. Barnes 4 Economics Prof. "Doflno the Pooled mate consumer." Did you over fall for a Btago beauty? Bright Light "The man that gets Did you really quite lose your head 7 the hash." Did you forget all your marital duty, And wish that to her you were wed? She's mad with Hubby, Did you think that no one else matNo joking, tered? The light of her life For all others you'd ne'er givo a fig! Is smoking. And then were your hopes all shattered The Woes of Women. When the impersonator pulled off his First Girl "What's the matter?" wig? Second Girl (Sobbing) "My eyebrows have gone out of style." Speaking of tragedies what about the man who forgot to set his watch More Camouflaie. up Saturday night. This camouflage is awful There are metres iambic and metres 'Twould aggravate a saint trochais, Why girls even spread the powder on There are metres of musical tone, up the paint. To cover But the metre that's sweeter, completer and neater, Don't waste your time reading this Is to meet her in the moonlight stuff If you want to laugh. Come to alone. "Mice and Men" and see Fred Augs- The little girl had attended her first berg try to play the gallant. Easter service In the Episcopal P. S. Sure, we get paid for this. church. When they reached home her mother asked her if she understood "Look pleasant please," said everything. to the more or less fair senior. ulti- SUBSCRIPTION, ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. ' Business Manager Assistant Business Manager -- -- 1NCONGRUVIALITIES Hooper, head of tho department of animal husbandry, from E, H. Ram- alumni and faculty of the institution. Universities of other States and Canada. letter hns been received by Prof. .1. Click. Before the curtain is raised on the stage of the "It is all over ma'am. You can now Opera House Friday night for "Mice and Men," the resume your natural expression." 1917-1- 8 Stroller play, the Kernel, in behalf of the dramatic organization and the entire student body, again ROOKIES SHOULD HAVE urges each faculty member to attend the show. The enCOURSE IN HOME EC terprising business managers of the Strollers have mailed tickets to the professors. Is it asking too much One week's confinement to the bar to urge that our own instructors attend our own play racks for failure" to make up his bunk and thus not only help to swell the receipts but also enin the latest approved style is the sen courage its players? In the last few years Stroller plays have incidental- tence that was meted out to a member of Base Hospital Unit No. 4o and said ly meant occasions when all the vigor, vim and enthusmember is this week serving the sen iasm stored up during the hibernating period, has found outlet. This year will supply no exception to the rule. tence. The man referred to graduated from Tickets have been selling fast. A University night, a the University in 1916, was a fellow big University night, with joy unrestrained, is forecast in English at the institution the next for "Mice and Men." year, and up to the time the unit was called into service he was engaged in newspaper work in Lexington. A mem ber of the unit who was in Lexington this week, said the Maysville lad is confident he will know all about housekeeping before the war is over. "Yes," she replied, "but I would like to know more about the Pompous Pirate they were all talking about." EXPERT MAKES PLANS FOR IMPROVED CAMPUS President McVey at the last meeting of the Executive Committee, was au thorized to communicate with some landscape gardening concern with the idoa of beautifying the campus. The firm of OlmBted Brothers, Brookline, Mass., among the foremost landscape gardeners in the country, sent a rep resentative to the University last week, to get data from which plans will be made for campus improvement. These will be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval be fore any active steps are taken. Olmsted Brother's laid out the World's Fair grounds at the San Fran cisco Exposition. This firm also made the plans for Woodland Park in this city. sey, Stato Director of Dairying for' Tennessee, who is a graduato of the College of Agriculture here, stating that ho had resigned his position to enlist in tho marino corps, and will leave this week for Paris Island, N. C, to enter training. After his graduation at tho University, Mr. Ramsey entered work In Tennessee and after the creation of the post of dairy director wns created by tho Tennessee Legislature, ho was appointed to the office by the governor of the state. His letter follows: "March 28, 1918. "Prof. J. J. Hoopor, "Lexington, Kentucky, "My Dear Prof. Hooper: "I have been intending writing you for some time, but pressing duties, have not permitted my doing so soon-- , er. "I have felt it the call of duty to resign my position as Dairy Commissioner of this state in order to serve with the colors, with the other descendants of a liberty loving, patriotic ancestry, for a cause which is no less than the liberty, of not only those we love, but humanity. "I feel well pleased with the results we have been able to accomplish in the short time we have been in this state, and I fully appreciate the fact that the credit for these results is due yourself and the other members of the Agricultural faculty at Kentucky, in a large measure. "I have enlisted in the Marine Corps and will leave Nashville next week for Paris Island. "Assuring you that I appreciate very greatly past favors and hoping that I may be able to meet you after the cause of Humanity is won, I am, with fond regards, "Very sincerely, "E. H. RAMSEY, State Dairy Commissioner of Tenn." cow-testin- IN ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT Miss Esther Rider, graduated from Fountains, fountains everywhere and not a drop the College of Arts and Science In of water. Hot weather and dusty days are just apace. 1916, has accepted a position as Filing The class of 1918 won the Golden Jubilee parade prize of and Index Clerk In the office of the $100 last fall a year ago, and with the money, erected a Chief of Ordnance. Miss Rider was fountain at the northern end of the Administration formerly a teacher in Cynthiana High Building. It is, of course, understood that the Kernel School. considers their gift to the University beneficent, but like a prominent member of the class, the fountain is COP ENJOYS COMEDY INSPECTOR SELECTED as useless without water as that man is miserable withBY STROLLER STARS NEW RUSSIA SUBJECT out speech. It is the desire of the Kernel, therefore to AT LITERARY SOCIETY A. O. Whipple, Grand. Fork, N. D., "Almost Jugged," or "All for the see that both wants are speedily supplied. Pipe the founselected as Inspector of Buildings and Strollers," was the name of the little tain for water and let the senior make a speech. The Horace Mann Literary Society Grounds for the University by the' It is here and here it is spring fever. It produces a sluggish, tired feling that is at once ambitionless, and a check to good work. When it becomes prevalent upon the campus there is a let-u- p in all things but one, and that thing is loafing. None ever become hardened enough to be entirely free from infection. It is, as the logician would say, casually connected with green grass, with the smell of the earth as its surface drvs after a gentle rain. These few lines are in the nature of a warning. Classwork is at a critical stage. No one should loosen his grip. The new inspector of buildings and grounds will ar8, and take up his work at the University of Kentucky. No institution ever needed intelligent attention in this field more than this instituion. Buildings are in bad repair; ground's are allowed in many instances to become unsightly. Class rooms need reappointment and refurnishings and the entire campus needs general overhauling. With the new era of activity into which the University is entering, the work of no man in the clerical forces is more imperative than that of the Buildings and Grounds Inspector. rive April drama staged by Lee McClain, stage discussed the new Russia Thursday manager, Milton Revill, Grover Creech evening, March 21, at its regular meetand Gus Gay. The place was the cor- ing, in the Education Building. Miss ner of Main and Broadway, the time Frances Graham gave a short talk on was 12:03 a. m., Tuesday, and the the life of Kerensky, and Miss Marie Collins told about the "Battalion of critic was a Lexington cop. Death," Russia's legion of heroic It was the consensus of opinion women. among trie amateurs that their act deAfter the program Professor James served praise rather than censure, but made a few remarks on what the sothe cop had evidently had much thea- ciety could mean, and Professor Baker trical experience and also knew some- gave a short talk on the importance thing of college boys At any rate, he of affairs of the day to college stu dents. forbade the nailing of posters on telephone posts. PROF. DONAVAN IN WAR WORK. The denouement was developed in the conversation that occurred on the Prof. H. L. Donavan, who is con nected with the Louisville public way to the "cooler." Complications in the play were completely resolved schools, a graduate of tho College of Arts and Science in 10114, has enlisted when the Strollers agreed to buy the in the United States army, and has guardian of the laws a nice round been sent to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., for drink of "Bock on Tap," at 13:03 a. in. two months' training as a pyschologl- Wednesday. cal examiner, Executive Committee, will arrive April 8, to take up his duties here. Mr. Whipple was formerly superintendent of buildings and grounds at the Uni- versit of North Dakota. INTER-MURA- L GAMES BEGIN baseball practice will be held every Monday and Thursday afternoons beglnnig next week. All students are eligible and Daddy Boles wants a team from every college. The bats and balls will be furnished by the athletic committee and the accoutre ment of a catcher will also be pro vided. Inter-mura- l WILSON HERE ON FURLOUGH Eugene Wilson, former businessmanager of the Kernel and tho 1918 Kentuckian, u member of Good Samaritan Base Hospital Unit No. 40, left last night for Camp Zachary Taylor after a short furlough spent with .f '. friends here.