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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1918

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THE KENTUCKY KCRNSL. Be,t Ben Ali Theatre APRIL CO-E- D Best 5S?S and lO Cents Music FOOL PARTY IS Fayette Drug Company WEDDINGS GIVEN CORNER PATT HALL PERSONALS Those who returned to their homes for Easter were: Misses Adele Slade and Ada Hardesty, Cincinnati; Misses Gertrude Walllngford, Thelma Wright, Louise Smiser and Minnie Jameson, Cynthiana; Misses Mildred and Marie Collins, North Mlddletown: Misses Mayme Storms Dunn, Florence John son and Edna Berkele, Lawrenceburg; Misses Margaret Downing and Bess Parry, Maysville; Miss Birdie Peak, La Grange; Miss Katie Henry, Carlisle; Miss Austin Lilly, Richmond; Miss Frances Hart, Berry; Miss Amelia Voters, Butler; Miss Nancy Buck- ner, Shelbyville; Miss Elsie Potter, Somerset; Miss Eliza Clay Mason, Paris; Miss Norma Rachal, Union; Miss Isabelle Dickey, Walton; Miss Lena Clem, Bedford. Miss Katherine Megibben has been AT PATT HALL Incorporated Main HOTTES GILEERT Mr and Mrs. Charles Hottes announce the marriage of their daughter, Mary Magdalen Hottes, to Professor A. H. Gilbert, at 6:30 this after noon at the Second. Presbyterian Church. Professor Gilbert has been at the head of the Department of Botany of the University for several years. He is on leave of absence this year to do government work as a member of the Horticultural Board ot the Department of Agriculture at Washington. Miss Hottes is a member of the corps of Extension Division workers at the Experiment Station. They will leave immediately after the wedding for the East, where they will spend their honeymoon. Later they will go to housekeeping in Washington, D. C. Professor J. J. Hooper, head of the Department of Animal Husbandry, will be best man at the wedding this. afternoon. at her home in Cynthiana for some Second "Manleft" Dance of Seieon i Huge Succefi FOR UNIV. RED CROSS The second "manless" dance of the season was enjoyed by the girls of Patterson Hall, Monday night. This dance was in the nature of an April Fool party, planned for the benefit of the University Red Cross Unit, by Misses Mildred Collins, Fan Ratliff and Cella Cregor. Admittance to the party was twenty cents, and each guest was asked to wear a dunce cap. Prizes were announced for the "tackiest" costume and the person "acting the biggest fool." The noble efforts to win these prizes created much amusement, especially when it was learned that the prizes were an April Fool Joke, and did not exist. were served thruout The delightful punch consisted of one lemon, one orange, several "whiskey killers," and three gallons of water. The confections had a delicious outside coating of choco late with onion, red pepper, or cotton middles. Real chocolate ice cream cones which were served at intermission were suspected of having some hidden fault, but further re search proved their excellence. The party Monday night filled two needs it gave the girls of Patterson Hall another "memory," and added another "bit" to the treasury of the University Red Cross. Refreshments the evening. time She is now boarding on Max well street. GINN JOHNSON Miss Eloise Ginn, a former student Misses Mary Heron, Sarah Harbi- in the University, was married in Los son and Eliza Piggott spent Sunday Angeles, Cal., recently, to Mr. Shelthe guests of Mrs. Shelby Harbison. don Kaig Johnson, of Los Angeles. Mrs. G. W. Oglesby spent the weekend the guest of her daughter, Miss "K" DANCE SATURDAY Kathleen Oglesby. The "K" dance given last Saturday night in the Armory was a decided suc cess. The Armory was decorated wltn plants, flags, and the University col ors. An orchestra rurnlshed the music and the hours from eight to Miss Bernice Young was the guest twelve were enjoyed by several hun of Mrs. Mary E. Alexander, Ellsmere dred guests. Receiving were the staff of the Kentuckian and Dr. and Mrs. Park, Monday. Misses Mildred Graham, Kathleen McVey, Dean Hamilton and a number faculty. Brandi and Zerelda Noland were of members of the guests of Miss Ruth Mathews, SunMORTON HIGH DANCE SATURDAY day. Mrs. Wm. J. Figg was the guest of her daughter, Miss Logan Figg, last The Morton High School Club will entertain with its annual dance in the week-end- . Armory Saturday afternoon. Miss Sue Thornton, Oxford College, Miss Elsie Speck, Paducah, is attending the Food Administration Con vention this week. Mrs. Owen Ratliffe was the guest of her daughter, Miss Fan Ratliffe, Friday. at Limestone. Headquarters for Ice Cream and Sodas BOYS: Get a pair of these nifty English last hoes In mahogany calf or black calf and be happy. They are genuine good The price Is $8.00 the pair shoes. The Special Shoe Co. 20 WEST MAIN STREET LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY MURRAY PRINTING CO. WELSH JUNIORS ENTERTAINS BY STAFF AND CROWN College Stationery, Engraving The active chapter) of the Staff and Crown, the senior girls' honor fraternity, entertained Friday evening at Patterson Hall with a delightful party in honor of the girls of the junior class eligible for membership. visited her sister, Miss Roberta ThornThe hostesses, were: Misses Frieda ton, last week-end- . ORPHAN COSTUMES TO Lemon, Leila Gait, Aileen Kavanaugh guests of hon Miss Elizabeth Card was the guest GO TO THE BELGIANS and Cella Gregory. The or were Misses Mildred Graham, Aus of Miss Myrtle Bailey on Maxwell street, Saturday. The costumes that will be used by tin Lilly, Eliza Clay Mason, Marion Virginia Graham, Mary Miss Jackie Hall, Cynthiana, was the ten orphans in "Mice and Men,"i Sprague, the guest of Miss Elizabeth Pickett will be sent to the Belgian orphans asBeall. Elizabeth McGowan. Julia Bur last week-end- . soon as the show is over. The Droflts bank, Marie Collins, Eliza Piggott, Miss Roberta Blackburn was the from the show will be invested in Lib- - Ruth Duckwall, Dorothy Walker, Lou guest of Miss Elizabeth Murphey last erty Bonds, as was done last year.ise Stevenson, Ila See, Frances Mc week-end- . Each member of the cast is owner of Connell. Miss Sal Henri Coleman spent last a Baby Bond or a Thrift Stamp. The party was given in the recrea week-envisiting her sister, Mrs. E. tlon hall which was decorated in yel B. Taylor, in Cincinnati. Miss Madeline Feigel is confined low and white with jonquils and hya Mr. T. B. Pannell, Frankfort, was to the annex with mumps. cinths. A game of five hundred was the guest of his daughter, Miss Eva-lyMiss Florence Brown spent the enjoyed and the prize for highest Pannell last week-end- . week-enthe guest of Miss Florence score- a bunch of red rose8' fel1 to tno The Mr. Stephens, Williamsburg, wasjJohn80n at her home in Lawrence- - lot of Miss Marion Sprague. prize for lowest score, an Easter favor, the guest of his daughter, Miss May burg Stephens Monday. was presented Miss Julia Burbank. Miss Mary Helen Whitworth spent Supper was served at the close ot Miss Doris Jennings spent the first week-enin Cynthiana, the guest part of the week in Louisville visit- the the evening. of Miss Minnie Jameson. ing. The other guests were Miss Crane, Miss Emma Feigel, Rockport, Ind- Miss Pickett, Miss Linda Purnell and Miss Irene Smith and Mrs. S. Owens, Cynthiana, were guests of Misses iana, was the guest of her niece, Miss Miss Mable Pollltt. week-end- . Thelma Wright and Gertrude Wal- Madeline Feigel last Miss Elizabeth Murphey went to llngford Saturday. IDS FOR THE PROM MONDAY D. R. Dudley, treasurer of the JunMiss Virginia Shanklin spent the Winchester, Wednesday, to visit her week end in Richmond the guest of(ucle. th Rev. John R. Peoples, who ior class, will be In Dean Melcber's is very 111. Miss Kathleen Sullivan. room in the Main Building every day Miss Anna Katherine Told spent Miss Lois Powell spent the week next week at noon, beginning April in Nlcholasvllle, the end at Lawrenceburg the guest ot 8, to issue bids for the Junior Proa. last week-en.guest of Miss Mary Stuart Berryman. Miss Edna Berkele. Dues may be paid to him thea. Let us show you. and well worth It. and Die Stamping, Frat and Dance Programs 124-1- 0HA3. N. Limestone 28 OOHBN- - Lexington, Ky. JAOK KUTSELL-- ED. SMITH -- -- Boot Shop Walk-Ove- r Incorporated) , d n SHOES HIGH-GRAD- E PHOENIX HOTEL BLOCK LEXINGTON, KY. CHAS. COHEN, Manager W. C. HEACOX, Jr., Shoe Fitter FIT FIRST - d d d MEN'S AND WOMEN'S MR. AND MRS. M. C. QUINN DANCE STUDIO FAYETTE DRUG COMPANY. Hour t:S0 te 12 p. m. Atfmleeleji 7, Cento. MtntafuVa Saxaphene Quartette. vealag. Leweai te BMiera Daacei given every Tuesday and Friday Oae-steTkuntejw. Waltz and Fox Trot on Mondays, We4a4ays Arrangements can be made fer private leieewi Terme reaiewable. OVER a4 p, C. D. Calloway & Co. FOOTBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS. KODAKS 146 WEST MAIN STREET v