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10 > Image 10 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 31, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THF, KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TF.N Enjoy Your Sunday Breakfast at The Most Popular Rendc7.voua of College Folks In the South" this year there has been no need. Only In the Washington and Lee game with the score tied 14 to 14 ft in the third quarter did the Wild(Continued from Page One) cats find thcmscvlcs in a close place. 37 to 0, and Alabama pulled through quarterback Carey Splcer callahead, 25 to 0 which means exact- Then ed for a long pass and it worked, ly nothing. Kentucky has not resorted to but was called back when Kentucky strategy to win any football game was off side. The same play worked Kentucky to Face Alabama Saturday n xrmn i v .mmmMt miliums i i 139 W Main r m.w ai n in SATIN mm mm -1m ,. li r" ; HM 1 m 'n "mmmmmMmW BECAUSE satin is lustrous it is as lovely in strap or sandal as in an opera last. . .because black is popular, and white can be dyed any color you wish, we endorse., our satin . dance slippers as being., worthy of your formal outfits. Dance Slippers of Black Or White (Dyed Free to Match Moire Satin, any Frock) Bound with Gold or Silver Kid. THE TAVERN a few seconds later, however, nnd Gamma Delta were the winners last year. Kentucky ran wild. It would not be surprising to rco The houses must be fully decor Kentucky fill the air with passes to morrow afternoon and spend n great deal of time skirting the ends, euis Johnson Is an excellent chef when It comes to mixing plays. And it would not be surprising to see Kentuckv ride over the touted wall of the Crimson rush line; that Is, not to Kentucky fans. Alabama's line, already advertised as one of tnc best In the country, will find its poundage matched by the Big Blue forwards and to say that the Crim son line is smarter will start a nice war in Lexington any time. 'Cain Him Advantacr Kentucky has the psychological advantage. Alabama Is favored by the gods of football prophecy to continue its march to the top of the Conference heap yea, the odds have even reached as high as 2 to 1 (but we haven't been able to find them). Old Knute Rocknc's boys were supposed to be licked by a good Carnegie Tech team, but what happened to Carnegie is a long sad tale. A victory for Kentucky could hardly be called an upset, inasmuch as the Wildcats are undefeated, but the brothers and sisters "way down South" find it extremely uncomfortable to concede Kentucky the best chance before the game starts. The Gods of Gripe scoff at Ken tucky's four victories. We have not seen the boys from the "dark and bloody ground" face any real com petition, they say. And they offer the information that Kentucky will crumble, crack and fade into the background when Alabama begins bonlng-crushlmovements. its And if Kentucky wins, said little boys will say that Alabama was having a "let down" following games with Tennesse and Vanderbllt The "confidence week'' sponsored by the Rotary Clubs had no effect on them. If Alabama wins, Kentucky will have no alibi. If Kentucky wins, Alabama will have no ablll may the best team win. "On to Georgia" Is Slogan of Wademen Brown's Booterie Beautiful Shoes Street Baynhams (Continued from Page One) field captain, as he is alternate captain when Clement is in the game. Cain is kicking and running at top speed, while McWrlght is prov ing a very durable and excellent blocking back. The backs, as a rule, are showing much more stam ina than anyone had thought pos- siDie, wun meir iunaameniai injuries of last year. Slngton, weighing 215 pounds and fast as a halfback, is setting a fast pace for Southern Conference linemen this season against some of the toughest opposition in the country. He was nominated to last year by a unanimous vote. Alabama lines, notoriously powerful, have included many great forwards, but Coach Wade said recently that he judged Slngton fully as good as any he has ever coached. "About 1,000 of the faithful will follow the Tide to Kentcuky, and Alabama's crack band will parade on the field and use their music to spur 'Bama to another victory over the Wildcats. Homecoming to Be Day of Gay Color ou get More (Continued from Page One) eluding hotels and theaters, through the cooperation of the Lexington Board of Commerce with William Young, president of SuKy, will be properly decorated. Today and Saturday SuKy will maintain an information booth at each hotel for the benefit of the alumni and the Alabama guests. To insure proper decoration of the fraternity houses SuKy is again sponsoring a house decoration contest. To the fraternity and the sorority whose houses are adjudged most properly decorated will go one of the two silver loving cups offered as prizes. Sigma Chi and Alpha for What you Pay ated by 10 o'clock Saturday morning and the Judging will take place between 10 and 12 o'clock. Accord ing to Blllle HubMe, chairman of the SuKy Homecoming Committee, awards will be made on the following points: Amount of work required, appearance, effectiveness, and originality. Judges are: Ted Cassidy, Eunice Jane Denton, and Blllle Hubble. Players Produce Dramatic Satire (Continued from Page Five) ton Webb, Jo Ferguson, Frances Mohler, C. Perry Kraatz, Ray Delroy Root. One of the most notable characteristics of the play is Its able casting by Frank Fowler. , An Improvement in the presentation of the Oulgnol is the addition of an excellent pit orchestra which Is conducted by Elmer G. Sulzcr. With this feature the final professional touch Is lent to the theater's offerings. The stage manager and his asls-tan- ts created a beautiful set for "The Royal Family" and the lighting by Julian Lefler is Impressive. "The Royal Family" is a laudation to the entire staff of the Guig-n- ol and It is hoped that the season will be as auspicious as the Kernel to Entertain K. I. P. A. Meeting (Continued from Page Five) Transylvania; Robert Harvey, Georgetown. Commlttee on national affiliation, Charles Patterson, Western, chairman; Miss Frances Holll'Iay, University of Kentucky; Mtw Mildred ueaaing, Georgetown; wmiam tai-fert- y, Western. Officers of the association are Richard W. Waters, Georgetown, president; Kenneth Marshall, Eastern, Miss Corinne Lowry. Murray, secretary: and James R. Salyers, University of Kentucky treasurer. The ennffirenf adjourned at noon Saturday. Call of Wildcats Challenges Stars Welcome, Alabama and Old Grads (Continued from Page Five) surely beginning to ebb." Gloomy and Dismal Papa Gamage "I was under the impression that Is why the game is being played." "Daddy" Boles, director of athletics; "The odds are with "Bama." Niel Plummer, director of sport publicity; "Plummer says, "Quote me, no quotes." Elmer Sulzer, director of the "Best Band in Dixie"; "If the breaks are equally distributed and Kentucky plays the best game that Is In them, we will win." "Shipwreck" Kclley, who will dam the Tide; "If we play football to the best of our ability we won't lose by a large score." Enoch Grehan, head of the department of journalism; "I favor Kentucky by 20 points unless some "unforseen catastrophe" befalls us." C. R. Melcher, dean of men; "I'm hoping for "dry" weather and a I Kentucky victory." Eleanor Smith, sassiety writer; "I hope it snows, too, I have a fur coat." (these women) Dr. W. D. Funkhouser, secretary of the Southern Conference Athletic Executive Council; "Alabama by two touchdowns." L. G. Forquer, captain; "We are going to win because all the boys will be fighting and giving their best." Petee Moore; "Breaks will win that game, boy. They ain't got a thing on us." Pierre Whitening, for 50 years a janitor here; he saw our first game. Long may he live; "Kentucky." Adolph Rupp, new basketball coach; "I wouldn't dare guess; 111 bet Kansas wins the Big Six title." Edna Smith, just a good co-e"This is our last chance to undo Wade's threat. Here's to em." James Shropshire, business manager of all student publications: "This Is our best chance in late years,, but not good enough." Sue Dickerson, just sweet Sue: (White) "I sho do hope Kentucky wins." Elbert McDonald: Kernel Sports Department; "Alabama looks best on cold dope, but the Cats will rise to greater height than they did last Thanksgiving They will win in the greatest game ever played In the South and lose to. Tennessee in the last game of the season." "Gin" Nevlns, Just another preacher's daughter gone wrong: "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Continued from Page Five) Stoll, chairman board of trustees since 1898, halfback captain, 1895, Kappa Alpha; Arthur Bryson, Ashland, lawyer baseball, '07, '08, Delta Chi; Wallace Mulr, Lexington, attorney, halfback, Kappa Alpha; B. & L. Pribble, freshman coach here, fullback, A T O; George C. Down204-- 7 GHaranty Bank Bailding ing, Tackle 1897; Beckham RobinPhone 3616 son; A. T. Rice, coach, Frankfort Hi, S A E; Gip Downing, Fayette county, guard '14, Sigma Chi; Wil-8 05 liam Gess, Lexington,' lawyer, track Aj 27; '28, '29, Kappa Sigma; Walter Ferguson, Covington, PI Kappa AlA Bottle of pha; James Server, '15, '20, 21 (captain), Lexington, S. A. E; Bruce Fuller, Lexington, lawyer, fullback, Sigma Nu; Bob Creech, cheerleader, Is a Bottle of 24, --25, "28, pinevuie, Sigma Nu: Earl Grobfelder, Louisville, halfback 14, '15, '18, Kentucky's fastest star; Tom Dewharst, Lexington, track Kappa Alpha; Mil ward Elliot, Lexington, back, '00, '01,. Kappa Alpha; Paul Jenkins, coach, Ashland HI, DIXIE-BEL- L quarterback, A T O; Paul Adklns, basketball center 21, only time Ken tucky won Conference Champion- Incorporated snip, b a e; Leonard Treacy, Lexington, halfback, '24, "25, Sigma Chi; James Pence, Lexington, center "24, 315 North Limestone '25, Sigma Nu; J. Walker (Boarz) Phones 575 - 2135 Rodes, Jr., Lexington, tackle 15, '16, Sigma Chi; Denver DeHaven, coach Sturgls Hi, tackle "28, '27, 28, Delta Sii Tau Delta. i DENTISTS Drs. Slaton Slaton I You'll find here the largest stock of men's shoes in $10 Hutchinson's Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS Baynham Shoe Co. Main and Deweese Streets Phones: Ashland 210 - G10 East Main Near Lime "4 4 Re-pa- in IN W. HIGH MILLER BROS. PHONE A8HLAND 27M vST. After Alabama's Beaten Come Around And Give Us the Job of Clipping Those Whiskers Student's Barber Shop LIME and Maxwell BASSETT'S CPICNDLV JgjT" Modified Munson last for Military and Dress wear FIVE Friendly Five Shoes, priced at $5, are made of the finest genuine calfskin and in the smartest and most popular styles. Try on a pair today here. modestly Brogue Brown Calf Wing-ti- p A real service shoe HEALTH DAIRY Russian Calf Scotch Grain plain toe for all purposes S. Bassett & Sons 140 West Main Street WIN Kentucky WIN enjoy the game and our city, too OUR STORE IS AT YOUR SERVICE WINTER'S COMING the time te have year fariMtee efcanei ana repaired. far Wise and aM ether makes ef t rnaees. Slate anal tin work. New la MILK We want you to 'A Phones Ash. 2386 - 9190 WILCATS! TURN BACK THAT TIDE! Campus Leaders Give Opinion iBlKV The Get ready for the big plorshcifTI game Saturday. JJjq We Deliver Enjoy ICE CREAM There's A Dixie Dealer Near You