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11 > Image 11 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 80, no. 3, Fall 2009

Part of Kentucky alumnus

n W lll ` ""'Z ` * l t deve I <> p N U C Leaving Your Legacy At UK t y __ Providing support for your alma guage, visit the UK OPnce of Development Web site at _* _ rg;. :A_ _ A mater colleges and programs that wwwukyedu/ Development. in- " are important to you may be a Inform us of your bequest _ we y_ P `''' 1 z. high priority when planning your We encourage alumni to inform us if they have included the t t y V t p will. Your bequest can help the uni- university in their will. By informing us, we can: 3 i lvmi if versity continue to flourish for years Help ensure that you have structured your bequest to best M 7 ll to come. satisfy your charitable intent, and at the same time maximize E, t it With the flexibility and uniqueness your tax savings. A J 5 if M 0 of charitable bequests, there are sev- Keep you apprised of current and future UK activities in which U eral attractive ways for alumni to you may wish to participate activities where you can meet l JL" support UK. But as a general rule, other philanthropic people with similar interests. you will want to structure your chari- Thank you for your generous contribution to the University of table bequest in the way that best accomplishes your charitable Kentucky! goals while maximizing tax savings. For suggested bequest lan- Alumni And Friends Give Record Support Through 08 - 09 UK Phonathons Alumni and friends ofthe university gave record support coming more aware that their private gifts are needed to help the through the 08 09 UK phonathon program which ran from university carry on its tradition of excellence in teaching, scholar- ]uly 1 to ]une 30. More than 17,500 pledges were received ship, research and outreach. amounting to a record $1.35 million, an increase of 8.8 percent Phonathons are conducted on a year-round basis on behalf of over the previous record set during the previous Hscal year. each ofthe universitys colleges and several of its programs. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of UK alumni and Phonathon gifts assist the university by helping to provide fund- friends especially during this year of budget cuts in higher edu- ing for student scholarships, library acquisitions, faculty instruc- cation and the downturn in the economy observes Mike Richey, tion, student learning experiences beyond the classroom, and ,73 79, associate vice president for development. Alumni are be- other needs. Women And Philanthropy Network There is a new initiative underway to unite and motivate women tion, see the Women 8c Philanthropy Web site at as leaders, donors and advocates for UK. Co-chaired by UK Hrst wwwukyedu/womenandphilanthropy or contact the UK OPnce lady Patsy Todd and Nawanna Privett, the Women 8c Philan- of Development. Cl11`OPy' Network is 3 CO1'H1'I1L11'11Cy of ._. , {1 donors that will pool their resources 0 L . at and collectively select projects, pro- e . Q r.l g131HS Hfld 11'11C13.C1VS CO SLIPPOIC HC UK, . Z _ 1 V_ L " .`~ while engaging in the life of the univer- J V 4; T ia 5 7 * _,g r Yi .rV* Yi t ilir it sity fl11`OL1gl1 HH 3.I1I1L13.l Sy1'HPOS1L11'H V TJ _ ` T l T * if P IA networking with other women who _ _ . T t f ir y pg L share a passion for, and commitment g V gw L qyly 1 gylfqf j Y tqpq V gy; to, the University of Kentucky L t _i..'* P t . ` The Women 8c Philanthropy Net- <,. T ;, U ,,... no A g ` Q.} * `igl ggrg Werk is Currentl Seekin feundin - PY i . e . e A members. An arlfnual coitributiorllg of fl if 8 if W E T T Aflll $1,000 to the Women 8c Philanthropy I -?v Fund is all that is required for H1mbt The Women & Philanthropy Leadership Council is an organization with a passion in the HCWO1`l{. For 1'HO1` 1Hl"O1`1'H3. and Cgmmitment t() UK_ www.u ky.ed u/development 9 ((