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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 80, no. 3, Fall 2009

Part of Kentucky alumnus

The UK Solar Car Team made a respectable finish, taking second place in the Formula Sun Grand Prix at Motorsport is :3 g QUE Ranch in Cresson, Texas. The UK car, Gato Del Sol 111, com- U T1 c 1 ' pleted 393 laps over three days, with its fastest lap timed at at U -1 t _ ifi S ; S , Sc.iLiS_S___SS two minutes, 33 seconds. Thirteen members ofthe UK Solar . i c Car Team made the trip. A11 are students in the UK College of _ ,,_ S I z A ,;N_%aW W . 1 l S A i Engineering. S. . . S'"WE"' lim r$5.$.,2o$. gx Watch a video of a Gato Del Sol III pit stop 1 S WEDXUEI during the solar car competition at at-S S. S ._ S . SST S S K S `Q is wwwk|mi<-rt, kt->vwrd= pit Swp QQ , t S&lhS Bingham authoh PlaYYighS> POSS PhilamhSOPiSS and 1n recent months, four new deans have taken the helm in their noted feminist, will make a special guest appearance at this years tesneetive Colleges: 30th anniversary Kentucky Women Writers Conference. Nine _ David A_ Btennen is dean ofthe UK College o{Lavv, other presenters will lead sessions at the conference over two days Coming {toni the Univetsitv of G e otgia Seliool of Lavv and thttt nighm where he had been a professor since 2006 and the Associ- Scheduled for Sept. 10 - 12, the conference is the longest running ation opioiinetiean Lavv Seliools (AALS> vvliete lie vvas literary festival of women in the nation. Register for the event at eleputv eliteetoe VWLdSYSdu/WWK Mark Kornbluh is dean ofthe UK College ofArts & Sci- ences. 1-1e previously was professor and chair ofthe De- partment of History at Michigan State University and also had an appointment in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The Kentucky Small Business Development Center H' _DSn OHSif is dth httht iUK COllSgS Ofcommunh (KSBDC), at the UK Opfiee ofcoinmeteialization and Eeo_ cations and 1nformation Studies. Previously he was at the nomic Development, has o mow Web site promoting ommom Uhtttttttv ht Ohhhhhh Whttt ht ttthsht tt tt htttt ownership to current members ofthe armed forces, veterans and dmual PYSSSSSOY In tht DSPSICIHSHC OfCSmmumSStlOH their families. The site includes access to online and Was thttttht ht tht OU CSHSSI for Rlsk and Cmsls business courses in English and Spanish, a list of statewide work- MSnSgSmSm; _ _ shops and links to business-related resources. The KSBDC also MSW Johff O Half ls dttth ht tht @011SgS OfEduSS' imo o hotline (270-763-6961) for vooomm for mom information tt<>h thhhhg t<> UK hhth tht Uhtvttttty hh Okl3hOm3 about business assistaneei where she was vice provost for school and community partnerships having held other positions there, including associate dean of research and graduate studies in the OU College of Education. \ 6 Fall 2009