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12 > Image 12 of Annual report. 1918

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

12 Thirty-First Ammctl Report of 11 per cent., as of January 1, 1919. Wheat prduction was increased 33 per cent. in 1918 and the promise for 1919 is a y 1 production of almost 60 per cent. over normal. The work ; Z of the agricultural colleges and experiment stations and the A ~ efforts of the farmer to meet the nations demands for food i 1 constitute one of the most effective pieces of war work and ; it is doubtful whether the nation will ever fully appreciate or g theeiort involved. The statistics of agriculture portray in terms of bushels, pounds, etc., the result of the longer hours, f the increased activity and the use of more eiicient methods by the Kentucky farmer who, with the handicaps of increased cost and decreased labor force, met all requests for increased i production. , p Additions to Herds. A select herd of purebred Hereford * catt-le has been added to the Experiment Station stock. It is expected that this will be the foundation breeding herd for Q this institution and it will be increased from time to time. A i small Shorthorn herd, also, has been started. Among the , i sires, a very Hue Berkshire boar, winner of Junior Champion- ship at Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky State Fairs and at the A National Swine Show, has been purchased. A i A Poland China boar and gilt and a small flock of Cheviot . and Hampshire sheep were purchased during the summer. _ J Some Examples of Station Work That Have Been of Interest . During the Year. An attempt to indicate interesting or important phases li `i_ of investigational work necessarily involves an arbitrary I .iA, selection. The examples cited as worthy of attention do not g_ represent all notable work of thc institution, but merely those `gj phases which appear to be of special interest at this time. Eg ` The study issued by Professor Nicholls on the organiza- tion of dairy farms is an importantionc. The most significant factors from an operating standpoint are the importance of x well-stocked farms, the necessity for good pastures and the need of large production per cow. These factors had much 7 to dowith farm profits. \Vell-stocked farms gave increased A -;; .