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365 > Image 365 of Annual report. 1918

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

4 Treatment of Seed Wheat zeith F0rmaZin 25 , A . in yields of sound wheat, these yields being often in favor of _ cheek lots. A { Thus, the yield of sound wheat from different lots of treated i I I seeds ranges from 135 to 433 heads, the variation being greater . than that of untreated seeds, which ranged from 205 to 390 1 heads. The average yield of sound heads from treated seeds lj , was lower, being only 257 heads as against 274 heads for the un- i treated seeds. . 5 - - A comparison of results _fron1 dipt seeds with those from . l , sprinkled seeds shows that both mediods are edective, but that sprinkled seeds give somewhat better resulta. . A ` The average yield of heads from dipt seeds was only 223 K heads to 335 heads from sprinkled seeds. In three out of four I tests of sprinkled seeds the yields were greater than the` average _ of the check lots. In the matter of the prevention of smut, again, there is a slight advantage in favor of the sprinkled seeds, the latter averaging only 0.75 head to a lot,while tl1c dipt seeds ` averaged 1 head. I A repetition of the tests will be required before one will , A I be justified in considering the resultconclusive as to the superior ~ . value of this particular treatment, but attention 1nay properly V be directed to No. 25, where sprinkling with one pint of formalin ` it e in 40 gallons of water gave a germination of 90 per cent., which __ v is 5 per cent. lower than the average of the checks, yet the grain produced decidedly more sound wheat than any other lot, treated .-_ g I or untreated, together with a complete absence of bunt in the ii; I crop. . _; V ' ` ,Thc weak solutions of formalin (ly; pint in 20 and 30 gal- y lens) gave as good results as the stronger solutions and, since . l they are less likely to reduce the germination of the seed, are to be preferred. I a s < Using the tests here reported as a basis, it may be concluded that sprinkling seed wheat with T5, pint of formalin in 30 gal- Y! s 22211 - g1 ; .,.