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viii INTRODUCTION. of my positions have been newly taken, and I have teeuied it wise that the proper evidences accompany them in each case restively. In my reference to time records, I have used the tables which have been prepared for the Stock Journals, three of them in number, and as they do not altogether agree, I wish it understootd that allowance must be made therein for any imperfections or errors of records. It is proper that I should state that in the pursuit of the studies which have resulted in this work, and in the preparation of the treatise itself, I have made free use of all the current hooks, journals and other literature of the day bearing on the subject under consideration. The Stud Boo ks and volumes of the 7'rvtiuq Reyisbr, of course, have been my constant books of reference in the study of pedigrees. and the various turf and other journials have fumrnished me niuch information. I wish to sav that while I frequently refer to the over- turning of pedigrees in the Troifibq, Rr!,ixt.r, it is with no spirit of fault finding. The very careful and laboriouis editor makes his pedi- grees from the best infonnation at hand, and I ani happy to say, that I believe he is always ready to overturn one when he has found a better one, or one supported by better evidence. His work posses great value from this fact. I acknowledge myself indebted to hini alil his lalinrs, antd while I often refer to him and d1o) not always assent to his views, it is at all times with feelings of a high appreciation for his valuable labor-A. I desire to express my acknowledgment for inuch valuable assistance and aid at various stages of miy work rendered by .1. H. Sanders, Editor of the AV,/tilLh,, -irn-81-k .Jlr,,"rn. The extracts from that journal included in the first chapter of this work are nuainly froum his pen and cover the points so nearly as I would have ex1)ressed then, that it would have lthsked like taking them withlut duie credit to the author had I done otherwise than as I have. I need hardily say they embody much careful reflection well expressed. To the many gentlemen in all parts of this (-country who have at ali times furnished me information and afforded me many opportuni- ties for investigation, T return my sincere and grateful acknowledg- ments. Although the work here presented may contain some errors and many imperfectionis, I am consoled with the hopjs that it may still suggest some ideas of value, and lead others to pursue with mmmore satisfactorv and valuable results the train of studies which have given me so much gratification.