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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1993-03-apr6.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 4 - Center, and a waiver of Governing Regulations part X.A. and the appointment effective June 26, 1993 of Dr. Peter Bosomworth as Acting Chancellor for a period not to exceed one year or until a successor can be appointed, whichever comes first. President Wethington noted that Dr. Bosomworth's son and daughter-in-law have been accepted through a national matching program for residency programs at the University of Kentucky in Pediatrics and Family Practice. Although they will be in a modified student status, they will be considered employees of the University, receiving a modest salary for residency training. In the best interest of the University, President Wethington recommended that PR ZA be approved to allow for sufficient time to conduct a thorough search nationwide. Dr. Meriwether moved approval and added that it is a reflection of Dr. Bosomworth's integrity to step down when clearly that was not the intent of the nepotism rule. He agreed that the residency program is merely a modified student status. He said that Dr. Bosomworth has led the Medical Center in an exemplary fashion, noting UK is in the top ten in primary care and number three in Pharmacy as President Wethington reported earlier. Mr. Rose praised Dr. Bosomworth for the way he has run the Medical Center and for all the great things that he has done, particularly in East Kentucky. He seconded the motion that PR 2A be approved. Governor Breathitt expressed his appreciation for the time Dr. Bosomworth has given to the new board members, including himself, in bringing them up-to-date on the very complex and outstanding Medical Center. He said that Dr. Bosomworth is an outstanding administrator and has left a great monument to himself and to the Medical Center through its development. He called for a vote and the motion was unanimously approved. H. University Research Professshijs (PR 3A) President Wethington stated that PR 3A is a recommendation that the Board approve the naming of Professor Dwight Billings, Department of Sociology; Moshe Elitzur, Department of Physics and Astronomy; and Joseph A. Kuc, Department of Plant Pathology, as University Research Professors for 1993-94. He provided background information, noting that the professorships were established in 1976 and are awarded annually. He said that the University Research Professor is a prestigious position and recommended approval. Mrs. Sims moved approval and her motion, seconded by Mrs. Weinberg, carried. (See PR 3A at the end of the Minutes.) President Wethington congratulated Professors Billings and Elitzur, who were in attendance, and asked them to stand and be recognized, following which they received a round of applause. President Wethington mentioned that Professor Kuc was out-of-state and unable to attend the meeting.