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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1993-03-apr6.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 6 - M. Associate Degree Program in the Community Colleje System - Southeast Community College (PR 4C) President Wethington recommended that the Board authorize for submission to the Council on Higher Education a new degree program Associate Degree in Applied Science, Radiography, for the Southeast Community College. He reported that this is not a new program but is new to Southeast Community College. Professor Sistarenik moved approval. The motion, which was seconded be Mr. Chellgren, carried. (See PR 4C at the end of the Minutes.) N. Naming of University Facility (PR SA) President Wethington said that PR 5A is a recommendation from the Lexington Campus that the Board approve the name of The Bingham-Davis House for the third building of the Gaines Center for the Humanities located at 218 East Maxwell Street. He reported that the financial support for this facility is coming primarily from two individuals though there are other donors. Margrite Davis has contributed some $425,000 to restore this project and Mary Bingham contributed a challenge grant of $200,000 to get it started. Mrs. Bingham has given an additional $104,000 for the Humanities program development. He said that the newly restored building is planned to be dedicated on April 16. Professor Bratt moved approval. Her motion was seconded by Mr. Shoop and carried. (See PR 5A at the end of the Minutes.) 0. Budget Up3ate President Wethington reported that the additional 22 budget deferral that had been discussed with the Board previously has now been levied as a budget cut for 1992-93 and amounts to approximately $5.8 million for the University. He also reported that the University administration has been informed that 2% of the base would be withheld going into the 1993-94 fiscal year. He explained that this involves making adjustments in the budget process that is currently underway for submission to the Board at the June meeting. Our sights must be adjusted by some $5.8 million to reflect the 1993-94 budget deferral. The continuing cuts in higher education are there and they are real. They are impacting the quality of the colleges and universities in the state and the situation must be turned around. Higher education must be recognized as a priority in the Commonwealth if the state is going to develop educationally and economically. He said that everyone must focus their efforts and resources on 1994 to make every effort with the Governor and the General Assembly to try to repair some of the damage that has been done to higher education. Governor Breathitt said that the Board is influential and needs to do everything within its power to let it be known to all of those who hold state support in their hands that it is essential that support be given to the state's most precious resource, the young people. He said that he hoped everyone would do their part in supporting President Wethington's efforts.