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9 > Image 9 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 22, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

1 3 THK KKNTl VK Y KKKNKI,. Friday. April 22. Church ! AVir.1 Reluming Home Ee Grads Sure To See Wesley Group One Familiar Face At UK Roberfs To Install cc.s that The Wesley Foundation will have its installation banquet for new officers in the Student Union Ballroom at 6 o'clock tonight. The Rev. Bill Slider, Elizabethtown. will speak on "Christ and the Campus." The officers elected Monday right are president, Charlotte nt, Home Economics graduates at UK can oe sure of hating 'one friendly fjce to greet them when they return to school for visits. He is Robert Berryman. general handvman and caretaker for maintenance of the Home Economics Building who says the most enjoyable part of his Job is gc'tting to know the sluoenls and to be able to greet them by name when thev return to see what's going on at UK. He says he can remember the names of all the girls that have studied here for some time and has surprised many by recalling their names even after a long absence. The Rev. ,,Scotty" Cowan, local kind of Job in mind. pastor of Everybody's Church, will i peak to the group Sunday evening following the Fellowship Supper at 6:30 p.m. The Wesley Foundation's year-too"Petra." will be off' the presses Wednesday. Canterbury Holy Communion will be celebrated by the Rev. William Smith, former Episcopal Chaplain to UK ttudents. at the Canterbury House Sunday morning. Following the Fellowship Supper nt 5:30 p.m. Sunday, a talk on "What Is a Christian Scientist," will be given by Miss Marvyn Hor-tc- n, junior in Arts and Sciences. Dr. Frank Johnson, professor at the College of the Bible, will lead a 3ible study at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. inipient l!r4-.- Mater of ivit-t,ui!.- t' th n rln tr( .it out of Senior" award will rotne .t railed uuttiiik' o( ti e h.lj k( pm. M'nl. in 1.'8 of the Student Union Kobert ti lls of one incident when a ch.ur which K.tch er the ih seleet- - it one of the girls was rr finishing c.uiwht on fire. The choice of the outv.nwlimc senior, finished Job wan due soon as a el.uss requirement, pit krd fiom the il, of and the girl was extremely upset. nil college ot the UimrtMty. oji After put tins out the fire. Robert helped her to ' the basis of characfrr. servlte. .tiul cut off the damaged part and with a little sanding scholarship l.wt year the trophy was awarded to Jim I'errv. Hicmj restored the chair to recoerable condition. Robert may often be seen serving at luncheon Nu. The award and dinners that Home Economics organizations the apring will lx presented at merlins of the t'K are giving. Alumni Club, the ponortn( or "I've even been left to watch cakes and pie in Sanitation of Alma Magna Mater. the oven when the girls have been busy," he said. Alma Magna Mater is an of student whose parRobert will complete his eighteenth year with University in September. He left in 1943 for ent or grandparents att nied UK. the duty with the Armed Services, but came back to The meeting Monday Is open to all students who are eligible to the Home Economics Building in 1049. Join the club. He is married and has three children. Lambert; Tom 1'ruett; secretary. Merle Mcintosh; and treasurer, Leroy Bondurant. It is not surprising that Robert, as everyone in A Planning Retreat of the old Home Economics knows him, has acquired such an and new cabinets meeting to plan affinity for names. He is called on in many ca the program for next year will be pacities, and it is not "unusual to see several people held at Camp Daniel Boone to- at one time looking for him, each with a different rn orrow.' vice-preside- The Alma M.wn. Upsides his official duties. Robert his way to nelp with imiiMi.W probWrm up. By LOW MY MIS New Officers 'OuNtniuIin;; Senior To Hr F.lrrlnl c j k. You'll find a world of new fun at the wheel of a new Chevrolet and the exciting discoveries you make can help you win one! bee it Driving a beautiful new Chevrolet is thrill enough any time. It is more, rewarding- right now, because the thing's you find out on your drive cmi help you win a 1055 Chevrolet plus a $1,000 U. S. Savings Bond! For instance, your drive will show you what it means to sit in a luxuri- ous Fisher Body, to fee all four fenders from the driver's seat, and look ahead to get a man's-siz- e Sweep-Sigthrough a windshield. - . - Drive it BSU Approximately 40 students will attend the Baptist Student Union Spring Retreat at Cedannore from Aprir 29 to May 1. Simultaneous, revivals at the i ; local churches have postponed regulaf activities of the BSUex- -' I ceptf noonday devotions. DSF The Disciple Student Fellowship ttudy sroup 'on "History of the Disciples of Christ," will meet at 3 p.m. Monday in the "Y" Lounge. A pienfe? social, at which officers for the owning Vear will be elected, will beirjeldlMay.:13. The group will rnqet at1 the Student Union " at 5 p.m Westminster A class from i Louisville Presbyterian Seminary will Join members cf in Westminster Fellowship in a discussion"-- ' period from 5:30-- 8 ht WIN-I-T! You'll - learn- - that Chevrolet- - puts New Glide-Rid- e new comfort in jnn! front suspension and Outrigger rear springs. New ease to guiding Steering. A the car with B.ill-K.K- e to all stops with Braking Control. A llow of outside air from t!u new High-Lce- l entiltion system. You'll discoNer new fun whether s you drive Chevrolet's new l2-ho- i V8" or one of power "Turbo-Fir- e the two new '.. (All with the oi.Iy system in their field.) You can learn about the smoothness of three great transmissions -- automatic Powergrlide, new Overdrive (extra-cooptioua) and Synchro-Mesh- . Come in soon. Pick up your entry blank and t fret the complete detail on Chevrolet's big Miracle Mile Con-te-- you'll It's -- easy to enter-an- d enjoy yourself. So drop in while there's still plenty of time left to w in ! new smoothness Anti-Piv- e cot.-sta- nt -- 12-vo- lt st st " ' tonight. - Thf Westminster Fellowship will host to high school seniors from. Paris. Georgetown, Versailles, Winchester, Richmond, Midway, and ' Lexington at 4:30 p.m. Sunday. ewman Club Father Robert Ryan will speak on "How Do I Pray?" to the Newman Club at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Student Union. The Newman Club will hold a picnic in Lancaster on May 1 with a, the Newman Clubs of Eastern. and Centre. The group will leave from the rear of the Student Union at 1 p.m.. with Bernie Adams and Ann Mohler in charge cf the committee. te 4 Be-re- Music Seniors Schedule Recital 2 II jC:.7..K. The Music Department will preterit ' Suzanne Melton, and James E. Moore, pian-i- t, joint senior recital at 8 p.m. in. Tuesday, in the Laboratory Theatre of the Fine Arts Building. mezzo-sopran- , , ri W. I 102 New Chevrolets plus $1,000 U. S. Savings Bonds Given Away It's easy! It's fun! A demonstration drive can give you clues to help you be a winner! There's no cost nothing to buy. Come in for entry blank and complete details. 1 ot&iil iS'J V4 7J&-ufcttyU?':'!,- E. B. Moore of Halevville, Ala. He is a member of Delta Tau Delta, totial fraternity, and was director if the fraternity's glee club in the Sing. recent He is also a member of Phi Mu Alpha, honorary and professional music fraternity. Lances. Junior men's honorary fraternity. Lamp mens honorary, and Cress, and the University Choristers. He has also appeared in two tummer opera productions. "Marriage of Figaro" and "Song of Norway." bj4 cne. Guignol play, 'Skin ftfijir Teeth' M . Ml o, Miss Melton, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs, P. A. Melton of Hen- derson, was graduated from Christian College, Columbia, Mo., where Fhe was the student of Geneva Youngs. Miss Melton's activities at the University include Kappa Delta, tccial sorority, Phi Beta, profes-Mon- al music and drama fraternity, University Choristers, and Music Educators National Conference. She is studying voice with lis Jenness at the University. She will be accompanied by Clarissa Delano of Berea. Moore is the son of Mr. and Mrs. All-Camp- us 111,1 COMPLETE and OFFICIAL 2& ''XV,1 KXi'i figures show that again In 1954 tm h Tr ," , i . -T i1 t."jr for the 19th straight year MORE PEOPLE BOUGHT CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! See Your Chevrolet Dealer . J k . . t . ,. i .. tt r