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NEW WORKS IN PRESS. By th Author of "'East Lynne; or, The Earl's Daughter," and "Castle Wafer." MRS. HALIBURTON'S TROUBLES. SWP This work will be published from the advance sheets. GERVASE CASTONEL. ON, TiE Six GREY POWDERS. THE RED COURT FARM. MARY GORING; OR, How I GREW TO BE AN OLD MAID. TEE DIAMOND BRACELET; oR, GOING INTO Exmn. RECOLLECTIONS OF CHARLES STRANGE. MILDRED ARKELL PARK WATER; oN, A RkcE WITE Timr. THE EARL'S SECRET; OR, THE SECOND WIrn POMEROY ABBEY; or, THE OLD KEP. CLARA LAKE'S DREAM. BLANCHE LEVEL. THE SHADOW OF AS LYDYAT. o The above Works will all be issued at an early date. BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED. THE HEIR TO ASHLEY. By MRS. HENsY WOOD, .0 50 CASTLE WAFER. By MR HENRY WOOD. 50 BARCHESTER TOWERS. By AOlIoY TROLWoP 2 vols., (25 cents each,). 50 AAST LYNNEI OB, TI EAm.'s DAUGHTER. By MaRS. HENRY WOOD, . . 50 THE WARDEN. By Ammoxy TRoLWPE, .25 THE DEAD SECRET. By WnxiE CoL0ues, author of "Wox3N i WmTs," etc., 60 HIDE AND SEEK. By Wnnxz COLLINS,. . . 60 AFTER DARK. By Wux COLLINS.. . . 60 CYRILLA. By the author of "QuTrS," THE INmAS," etc., . . 60 LADY GLENLYON; oB, T1z TIILS o0 A FLIT. By the author of "Sua HomzL," "LuxT DAworx," etc., .50 0 Copies of the above books sent to any address, free of postage, upon receipt of the price. Send CASm orders to DICK FITZGERALD, 18 A..NW SfT N1iW YORE.