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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 2, July 1946

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

stated that "Canned apple products Grays Red, Skelton, Carson, lZar1. to F accounted for ll percent of all ap- Mclntosh, and lennock, 'l`hey ;.ij _ pciii ples sold either canned or fresh by ripen from two to four weeks afp, shC It is too small soft and has a poor Hm Q M {*0 O .m`l *1 t`'F diff i producing center. Its rather seli- t _ _ 1;i${;nQ{P};`3;?)0{{3ii dY ee ish and nai-row to say. 1m tot. oi.; I nnnenetend tne yenety Henry iiiai)1{iiE`iZ YiL}Ti{ii kiiiii1$iliti$ii- Clay has been mentioned and plant- VOU .0uld`1ikC ,0 do W you l V-<* ed ee 3 posslble worthy apple te growing fruit. Even if you have itil A i compete with Transparent in this Cmldmh Ol. 1.c1,,U\,C< ` to {0110,,, _ dei neetef the cLmUy In South MIS' what better heritage is there to leave 1 9 _` Zi`i`XhSl`iiBFkh?$Q? iL}RZ te ei"` eennny tnen e eeee enn=ne- i iii find its ripening date almost two 8 Sdmplc Of A Job LH dom" Q mt weeks after Transparent. I clont * \` doubt but what it could be picked PLUM CURCULI0 .` PO earlier, as it has large size. We do SITUATION i in not recommend it for planting in _ our locality, as the tree makes a W~ D- ARMSTRONG `_ rather poor growth, the fruit lacks Plum curculio adults made their finish, is not of good appearance, and appearance earlier this spring anti if drops badly. There are other in greater numbers than in any vagielties ripening at that time year that we have record of. The fi; w ic are better. first adult was jarretl from a peach A very fine red apple ripening tree near Paducah by a grower on . D1 two to three weeks after Transpar- March 18. On March 20. two adults " l<" ent is Carlton. It is a New York were collected by jarring at the St introduction and described by them Spray Service Headquarters at CL as large, round-conic, with an at- Princeton. On March 24 and 20 Yi tractive red color. As we grow it adults were collected in large num- . lil at the station the tree is vigorous, bers (8 to 27 per treet, chiefly ill bears annual large crops of juicy on the two or three outside rows. bl sub-acid apples, which keep and by jarring or "bumping" trees in V lit ship well. One excellent character- some commercial peach orchards if istic is its habit of bearing young. near Paducah and Mayfield. At 2 rl Other summer varieties that that time, many petals still remain- ll have done exceedingly well at the ed on the peach blossoms, it being station are Summer Champion, a unique experience in this section ll l