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Image 7 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 3, No. 2, July 1946

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

}q;H.]._. to pick eurculio out from among tion regularly can do so by Send- py ul: petals; that had fallen to the jarring ing the $1.00 subscription fee to Sum, Sheer the bulletin e/o Dr. Wesley P_ lo nr} ` \Nor(l of this early emergence Juflkins, Editor, Wooster, Ohio, e ki r as syread by Jostcard, tele ihonc _ _ y iis,i].i llnld spray lettelr. Many grinvers Tlllv RIQD DELICIOUS APPLE A be tlr» applied an arsenical spray or dust HAS DEVELOPED MANY ll tllr {ll ()ll(`(` (lll llll‘ ])UI°l.ll)IlS \\'llL’l`(' _ adults were found. Others waited ml Uh and splraycnl or (§L1Stl‘(§ tl; whole M. A. BLAKE gi Q orchar_ Ur Rrjmc Succeed. The _fHm_ i ent under peach trees rn the Ma)- \__H_im\_ ig more Qcnsiuve 10 SON he M — field. `lhdtical;. ·a·nd llelndersovn :i;_i(m$_ mam Mclnajsh Or Baldwin em $€‘°‘l°"*· *"·.‘“’*. ""` "“"".¥‘l¥"" rite rnrrnge is are derrgrii Or the l.SQ1f_ , difficult to find rn the Louisville EUwp(_Hm Wd miie It is further 0* i` i$i`r`r“"i;r- lh`iit»Zr'Z—`l-`“`1`rEEmZ*£§*` rEilE`.`.§ ~~<·¤r>*i*r*·‘ *0 minical . b¤1i¤l¤S· — developing from these present ?;g?,°I_i:]‘3,11i§;dl$;ldOSu;El_§)€ ._ . worms, and if conditions are right. fi _ " ° , Rp ’ '~ll —¤> - . ,_., ]_ .. ._ 1 1. 1 _ H lnrosh. Stayman. Grimes. Rome nw ru . " Wl l°“‘¥ ?“?°‘“‘, """‘ °"“‘ and even Baldwin at New Bruns- iUll¤>l‘·1 .- dCl?~1rOF,1n llixwin I`7C,I;`tl“i(;ky_til?E1 wick. These facts indicate how ’l<*·r~ §§YEL`.$d¥r)i—r§I?$‘ (-Elie "rrél-Z EL34 *>¤dl>‘ m¤¤>‘ New ·'e`S€>‘ gm“‘€“ Lhdm i- stocked from Louisville and Lex- ibbcucl land} than Red V ington south and second-brood de- L IUOUR _ Y _ . velopment will be studied and re- I?Ol`llculmral l\€`“S· ported to growers in time for use l§%;l¥iCi${i$g1 Sé3§€t\_ 2 s - · z ·; s. ~ L rn ceeond brood rpphcitron NO\_€mb€1_‘ 1945 2 . Y V ` T 1 - UM A Mm “}r‘;§g "UBL‘C·* new senses ON www rz ami ` _ INSECT CONTROL i dll) I AO! t,encral_` interest tol most By P. Q RH-CHER llre I fruit growers is .1 next publication. peach { "Fruit Varieties and Horticultural To `Nliip thc C0€lll1'l§{ methr Plant — ·er ori ' Digest." This is a quarterly bul- apple orchards only with early adults lctin of the American Pomoloeical varieties. That`s the gist of a re- rt the _ Society and is devoted to the dis- cent article by Whitehead of the ·s at _ cussion of new and old fruit Oklahoma A & M College. Hrs nd 26 `· Varieties as they are performing figures show that of tll€'COdl1Dg nunr- in the various fruit sections of moths developing on varieties pick- rhiefly · lllO COL11ttt`}'. In other \\‘or(ls_ this ed hy August 15. less than 2 PET" i 1‘O\\'S, v_ lJllllCtlIl will serve as tr clearing cent ofthe \\`(ll`lllS ltlbC1‘IlHt€. Thk1S tes in · ll