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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 10, 1928

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PACE TWO 1 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL o-- The Kentucky Kernel SUMMER -- LITERARY SECTION EDITION (After the Chinese) THE CLOUDS ARE PAGODAS Melvina Heavenridge The 'clouds today Are Chinese pagodas. One is a mandarin On a golden throne; One is warrior With a sword of flame; One is a lady In a gown of blue, And another crowns The summit of Fuji. Ellen Minihan REPORTERS Martin R. Glenn Margaret Conlon BUSINESS MANAGER FOREMAN Fred Conn Assts.: Martin Wilson Stella Spiceri Don Grote Double Bill is old; Confucius Time is old; The earth is old; The stars are old, But the moon is young The moon is a goddess I saw her on Fuji; I saw her lift The silken draperies "t Of morning. The morning star Is her spirit. I saw him on Fuji. He fled at the first Flush of dawn. Confucius is old; Time is old; The earth is old; The stars are old. But the morning star And the moon goddess Are young on Fuji. A college professor made the remark to ftne of his classes in the summer school at Ohio State University the other day that he notices a marked deterioration in the mental capacity of young people of college-studeage since he first began to come in contact with them He said they seem unable to concentrate their some 25 years ago. minds as they used to. What they seem to learn new, he said, they In short, they do not think, says an exchange. acquire parrot-likWe asked a high school teacher of long and. successful experience if this is true. She said it undoubtedly is. Both she and the college professor attribute the unpromising status of boys and girls to too There are too many different things much scattering of interest. for them to do, their attention is constantly being diverted from one thing to another and the result is that they cannot" fix their minds on. anything and consequently do nothing well Not only do they have a wide diversity of amusements, but the school curriculum itself is given over in large measure to a wide varistudies which by the fartherest stretch of the imaginaety of tion cannot be considered vital or fundamental A return to simpler courses in school and to simpler living outside is needed, in the view of our college professor and our high school teacher. MY LOVE IS AN EAGLE AN EDUCATED MAN My love is an eagle. He soars in the clouds; He rides on the winds; He walks over oceans e. Benjamin F. Bledsoe, of California, says that any man who can answer "yes" to every one of the following questions without doing violence to his conscience, is entitled to be considered an educated man, whether he has ever seen the inside of a college or not; and we are Here are the questions look them over. inclined to agree with him. Has your education made you public spirited? Has it made you a brother of the weak? Have you learned how to make friends and keep them? Do you know what it is to be a friend yourself? Can you look an honest man or a pure woman in the eye ? Do you see anything to love in a little child? r Will a lonely dog follow you on the street? Are you good for anything yourself? Can you be happy alone? Can you look out on the world and see anything but dollars and cents? Can you look into a mud puddle by the way and see a clear sky ? Can you see anything in the puddle but mud? Can you look into the sky at night and see beyond the stars ? There you are. Can you answer "yes" to all of them or to any of them? Education Class Finds Study Of Superstitions Interesting Among the interesting subjects tions of the character of the people being studied at the University this 'from the localities in which they are summer there is one of especial inter-- . prevalent. Perhaps it will be of interest to the est being conducted in the College of Education by Dr. Jesse E. Adams, rest of the student body to glance professor of education, in which the over the following list and see how students are investigating current many of them are common in their superstitions. part of the state. The list includes While there are hundreds of super- 31 superstitions which are not so as some, gleaned from stitions common to all peoples, all by members of climes, and all nations, the class has 200 or more submitted found that many of them are identi- Dr. Adams class. Cut your nails on Sunday and the cal and many vary with climate, location, civilization, and the degree of devil will get you. A wish made on a load of hay will culture. Some can be traced to remote times, some that are current come true. merely modernized versions now are Sleep with your head toward the of old forms, a large number are gen- north and catch cold. erally known, while others are peculiar Turn over a chair and you won't to certain sections of the country marry that year. and particular localities in different Singing before breakfast brings states. bad luck. In tracing and studying these many Dreams told before breakfast will and varied forms of superstitions the come true. class has found them not only interCarrying a potato on your person esting in themselves but as indica- n With giant strides. My love is an eagle; He light on the peaks Of pagodas; He flies to the sun Of mornings; He strides to the west Of evenings. My love is an eagle; He flies to my window Sometimes. Virgil Leon Sturgill. will cure rheumatism. Any garment worn inside out will bring good luck. Blood on green corn fed to chickens will remove warts. If a piece of land dedicated to church purposes, reverts to its original owner, it will not produce any more. It is bad luck to rock a chair you are not occupying. A bride will be happy if the sun shines on her. Get up laughing; go to bed crying. Kill a frog and your cow will give bloody milk. Steal a dish rag and have good luck. Good luck to fall upstairs. Rub the bone of a horse on your wart, throw it over left shoulder, shut eyes, walk backward and count nine The wart will go away. To make butter come, put silver money in bottom of the churn. Remove the yellow from a hard boiled egg, fill it with salt, eat it and go to bed. You will dream of your future husband. Sleeping in the moonlight will give one moon madness. If one sees a caterpillar he must spit over his left shoulder in order to avoid taking the fever. Mole on the neck, money by the EMBRY and CO. 4TH FLOOR EAST MAIN 1ST SEPTEMBER We are giving our Reconditioning Steam Vapor PerOur New manent Waves for $10.00, formerly $12.50. Frigidine $15.00. Cool System. All Beauty treatments given by experienced operators who understand the texture of skin and hair. Free advice in all beauty problems given by a Graduate Beautician. PHONE 7225 RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION -- "Where Friends Meet" Fountain Drinks Candies VISIT OUR ROSE GARDEN Where you can eat and drink in the cool of the out of doors. Come and enjoy our "Radio" program CURB SERVICE L. E. GRIFFING, Prop. ALL MAKES TYPEWRITERS Rental Rates to Students r,rr i ftrrx inn typewriter , EXCHANGE Opp Courthouse WEST SHORT ST. Phone Africa No Longer the Dark Contiiieiic "Africa is no longer the dark con of its area and its tinent; people have been partitioned among the European powers. Its plains and valleys aft threaded by 35,000 miles of railways and many more miles of highways. The forces of civilization are everywhere on hand for the weal on woe of Africa and Africans. The world now looks upon a great conti 'nent of misunderstandings, perplexi nine-tent- Special 172 o Thoughts of prominent men the world over on problems which con cern us all. African Life in Chaos "The Bantu people are struggling The old religious in a whirlpool. ideas are crumbling, social ties have been severed, economic arrangements have been broken down. The people find the rock of Christian teaching difficult to grip, European social sanctions difficult to observe, and no definite place fixed for them in the new economic system. Is it any wonder they sink back in despair? If ever a people needed a message of hope, leaders they could trust, and a sight of the Promised Land, the Ban tu need these today." R. V. Selope Thelma and J. D. Rheinallt Jones in "Thinking With Africa." ROSE STREET CONFECTIONERY Luncheonette ties and anxieties. We shall know Africa gradually as the continent of opportunities, until finally it sTall be revealed to us as the continent of Thomas Jesse' responsibilities." Jones in "Thinking "With Africa." Turks Adopt Modern Clothes "We will be shod with shoes and boots; we will wear trousers, shirt, waistcoat, collar, tie, jackets; we will put on a peaked or brimmed headgear, or to speak more clearly a hat. We will wear a frock coat, a tail coat, a dinner coat, a dress coat; and if there are those who hesitate, I will say to them that they are stupid and ignorant." Mustapha Kernel, president of Turkey. I audience and held them spellbound throughout. Above nil the cast, there stnnds out one of the most Wonderful portrayals of n woninn crushed under the whip lash of n brutal nnd menacing husband the performance of Belle Bennettshe of "Stelln Dnllns" fame who ns "Amelin Gnre" crentes another screen chnraclerizntlon thnt will raise this wonderful actress to great- er heights than heretofore. In the cast with Belle Bennett are such well known screen players as Anita Stewnrt, Russell Simpson, Eve Southern, Donald Keith, Jnson Wesley Bnrry, Rein Rne, Evelyn Selbie. The story was adapted for the screen by A. P. Younger. "Wild Geese," d picture once seen, will never be forgotten. severtly. He must in a picture especially make rapid transitions, not only in makeup but in thought. Thus, in the roles of the twin brothers in "The Wheel of Chance," his newest starring picture for First National, which comes to the Kentucky Theater next Sunday, Richard Barthelness had a difficult and exacting task. His consummate artistry and his technical skill enabled hint to meet the demands with great success, according to those who have seen this picture. One brother, d and trim, a young attorney, is a contrast to the scarred and dissolute twin. Only the size and general contours are alike. In habits of thought. in mannerisms, each differs materially from the other. Psychologically and in all other ways, Barthelmess is said to have made a real record in this film version of Fannie Hurst's short story, "Roulette." The picture is an Alfred Santell ChrU-tense- n, Ken-yo- black-haire- JII UlJUl. 111)11. Kentucky ning and directed by Benjamin director of Lon Chaney's "Mockery." It deals with the feud of two underworld chiefs. Sills plays one gang leader while Montagu Love plays the other. Love completed "The Tender recently n Hour" for First National. Miss plays the girl, a night club dancer. Mitchell Lewis appears as Sills' pal while George Kotsonaros is the cafe Lewis is one of the "bouncer." screen's most famous "heavies" aBd Kotsonaros is a noted wrestler aad contender for the heavyweight title who recently trunder his muscular talents to the screen. Chinese characn Sojin, ter actor, has an important role while Frances Hamilton and Yola d'Avril, two very charming young ladies un der contract to First National, play the roles of tourists caught in a gang well-know- ' , . ! Sill hi srrext i.,r rf nn:,v fnr a strone. vitro. r"L,.Z Friday and Saturday Milton Sills in 'The Hawk's N'esk" ROOF REPAIRING Sills has an exceptionally. We repair slate, tile, tin and strong cast supporting him in his We aba composition roofs. latest First National starring produc-- l erect and repair gHtter and which will tion "The Hawk's Nest," spouting. AH work guaranteed. open nt the Kentucky Theater next WISE FURNACE REPAIRING Friday. "The Hawk's Nest was preceded by All Kinds Furnaces "Burning Daylight" and "The Valley BROS. of the Giants," both of which starred "A Thief in the Dark" Sills and in which Doris Kenyon was Phone 273a 105 W. High Cor. Near Higk and Line "A Thief in the Dark," Fox Films also his leading woman. The story was written by Wid Gun- mystery circus drama, which also is coming to the Ben Ali Theater Thurs day, is said to offer something new in comedy thrillers. According to pre Confectionery New view critics this is an unusually fine PHOENIX HOTEL OPPOSITE US entertainment with many new angles including an expose of how fake me Luncheonettes, Fountain Drinks and Sandwiches diums and spiritualists dupe their Open Day and Night Please Give Us a Trial credulous victims. The picture is based on an original story by Albert Ray, the director of the production, and Kenneth Hawks, the scenarist. Thirty trick sets for the materialism of ghosts were es GO TO pecially designed by a former asso ciate of Houdini. The cast includes George Meeker, in the leading masculine role, Doris Hill, Gwen Lee: Marjorie Beebe, Noah Young and other screen favorites Class Shoe Milton MILLER Belmont Restaurant and J. D. Strand Today and Saturday Tim McCoy in "Riders of the Dark' Tim McCoy, whose face is known wherever motion pictures are shown has been upon the screen less than two years, though he has been starred in a dozen big Western and his torical film dramas. star of The "Riders of the Dark," the production now being shown at the Strand Thea ter, was starred in the first picture he ever appeared in "War Paint." He never bucked the extra list, never played characters nor bits and was never on the stage. He was selected as a western star because he is a real westerner a rancher in Wyoming and an adopted member of the Ara- paho Indian tribe. McCoy is a daring horseman, knows the plains and mountains and is per sonally acquainted with more than twenty thousand Indians, including many aged warriors of the Sioux and Blackfeet campaigns. His "Riders of the Dark" is a thril ling picture of California pioneer days and is replete with stirring action and adventure. Dorothy Dwan has the leading feminine role, while the supporting cast includes: Roy Bert Roach, Frank Currier, Rex Lease, Dick Sutherland and others. The film was directed by Nick Changing Lige and Thought in Latin America "Latin America is open as never before to the currents of the world's thought. Its present unrest is a part of the general world revolt against absolutism in any sphere of life, applied to government. It is being enormously magnified by the development of popular education to which governments have Grinde. of late begun to give themselves more Strand Sunday to Wednesday seriously." Othoniel Motta of Brazil, in "As Latin America Sees It." Jean Hersholt in "Jazz Mad" Jean Hersholt, noted European character actor now starring in Universal Pictures, will be seen in the greatest portrayal of his career in "Jazz Mad," the dramatic triumph opening at the Strand Theater Sun day. Marian Nixon and George Lew- enact featured supporting roles. The Hollywood Bowl Symphany Orchestra and the conductor, Alfred Hertz, with the Hollywood Bowl as background, take a prominent part in the picture. F. Harmon Weight directed from the story by Svend Gade. Included in the campany are Torben Meyer, Roscoe Karns, Andrew Charles Clary, Clarissa and Patricia Caron. Kentucky MORRIS For High Repairing. Best Sewed Half Soles, $1.25 Goodyear and O'Sullivan Rubber Heels, 50c Lexington, Kentucky 209 E. Main Street FRESH POP CORN And a COOL ORANGE DRINK For a Hot Summer Day Dandee Candy Shop MAIN AND LIME Smart Summer Dresses Hundreds to Select From New Arrivals Daily Values That Defy Comparison B. B. Smith & Co. Latin-Americ- peck. The Crisis in China Babies can be cured of rash by hav "In the crisis of her fight for freeing a girl who never saw her father, dom and democracy, China stands in blow in their mouths. greater need of friendship, sympathy Count the stars and drop dead. than If you burn wood from a tree that and understandingpowers ever before. seem interhas been struck by lightning your But ncne of the ested." L. T. Chen of Shanghai in oldest child will have tits. Interpreter." "China Her Own Bad luck to kill spiders. Red flannel underwear prevents The Aim of the Chinese Revolution colds. Get your hair cut in March and "Its objective can be summed up in have a headache for rest of the one sentence: the liberation of China month. and her people from militaristic and A horse hair in water will turn to foreien domination." L. T. Chen in a snake. "China Her Own Interpreter." Blue yarn around your finger will stop bleeding. What Gandhi Accomplished in India A mourning dove means a death in "India, under the Mahatma's lead , the family. ership, went through the purifying fire and can never be what she was -o before the cleansing; she has come out radiating confidence and devotion Nell Osborne Beauty Shop "Wild Geese" "Wild Geese," a picturization of the world famous novel of the same name by Martha Ostenso, and produced by Tiffany-StaProductions will be shown here for the first time Thurs-ila- v at the Ben Ali Theater. It is one of the most gripping and telling screen stories ever flashed before an CONFUCIUS IS OLD Forgetting how to think Thursday to Saturday Ben Ali THREE POEMS EDITORS R. S. Betterton Local Shows o- - (BETSY WORTH, Editor) Entered at the Lexington postoffice as second class mail matter. Editor Previews of the o The Kentucky Kernel is the official newspaper of the students and alumni Published every Friday throughout of the University of Kentucky. the college year by the student body of the University. Byron H. Pumphrey Society o "THE HOUSE OF SPECIALIZED MOE 2S" 264 EAST MAIN STREET imilliiinmmii iMiiiiiiiitiiimiiim.M.milM.mill111MllillllUintTr While in Lexington READ GOOD BOOKS We sell and rent them Colony Book Shop Opp. Kentucky Theatre Sunday to Thursday Richard Barthelmess in "The Wheel of Chance" When an actor is called upon to to humanity." John Jesudason CorCLEANING, nelius in "An Indian Approach to play a dual role wherein the two characters are utterly dissimilar in India." ALTERATIONS character and with only certain physThe Spirit of Internationalism Is ical resemblances, his art is taxed Growing in Japan OUR WATCH WO R D "SER VICE" "We share in the growing hatred of the method of war, in the world wide eagerness to apply tine method of i reason and conciliation to the differ ences and friction points that arise Phone 2259 175 E. High St. from time to time between nations." J. S. Motoda of Tokyo in "Japan j8iiiiiiiiiiii!!iiii;iiiii!iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiini;u Speaks for Herself." MESSING and Sally's Sallies Is the Dav of Missions Over? Do the Chinese Want Missionaries? A Chinese Christian says: "The re ligion of Jesus Christ is international and the Christian movement in any na tion is this Christian internationalism at work. For this reason we not only welcome your missionaries to come to help us, but also expect to send missionaries to' your lands before long." P. C. Hsu in "China Her Own In terpreter." UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA THREE MEALS Served on the campus every school day SERVING HOURS: Breakfast Lillian Christine Rasch, A. B. 1925, is teaching in the public schools in Covington, Ky., where her address is 19 West Eleventh street. Miss Pauline P. Park, B. S. H. E 1924, is teaching home economics at Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Her address is 811 East State street. THE CLOTHES SHOP 6:45 5:30 BASEMENT Though manicurists never eek charity f)re fllway getting hand-ou- t, Courtesy C. P. A 8:15 11:3012:45 Lunch Dinner Administration Building 6:15