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18 > Image 18 of Tip-Off: Featuring Kentucky Wildcats, 1974-1975

Part of Tip-Off

1974-75 WILDCAT PREVIEW A quick look back at the performance of the Kentucky Wildcats last year uncovers an at ical year for the Big Blue, a season that could) be described as mediocre at best. But that was last year. This season the Cats are back on the prowl, _ hungrier than ever, and heavily stocked with tallented personnel. All-American Kevin Grevey returns at forward where he has been a pillar of strength for two years. Bob Guyette, Merion Haskins, and freshman Jack Givens are hammering for the starting nod at the other forward none of which has the job nailed down at this point. In the back . court Jimmy Dan Conner will be a steadying force at one guard while the race between Mike Flynn and Larry Johnson to see who starts opposite Conner is so close that Joe Hall may have to toss i the coin. The most encouraging news is at center f where either Mike Phillips or Rick Robey will fill the vacuum. Both these brawny lads are ? freshman, but Hall feels they represent immediate advancement to title contention. Others who will V likely play key roles as substitutes are G. J. Smith, Jerry Hale, James Lee, Ernie VVhitus, and ; Joey Holland. From the incoming freshman class the Cats will ; receive a more effective center, plus a substantially bettered quality of the reserve platoon. Kentucky will be a stonger rebounding team than last years squad and will have _ significantly more offensive fire power. Just how , well the Cats do may depend upon how rapidly the key freshmen develop into S.E.C. quality players. _ g With the abundance of tallent at hand, the Cats E could return to their familiar position atop the l s.E.c. GO Bio BLUE! * p .