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35 > Image 35 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

F ill Y Plat W`th T Bl S ` TUE IIE &V]1IgS. Kent lf 9 i _ 4)_ V. < " ... "[` ` i C. , .;, T ;' I , Y i { ` t; `? ' I ` ' The state has reduced the price on the "blue plate special"the special vehicle license plate that carries the University of Kentuckys colorful insignia. If you would like to show the world youre true blue, you can now buy a University ` of Kentucky official license plate, good for five years, for a one-time fee of $30five dollars of which is donated directly to UKs scholarship fund. (Car owners still pay their regular $14 car registration fee each year.) . To order a "blue plate special," send a check for $30, made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer, to the address below. Car owners will be notified by mail when their plates are ready to be picked up at their local county clerks office. So come on, show your true colors by ordering a "blue plate special" and supporting UK scholarships. . I APPLICATION FOR UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LICENSE PLATE I I I Name of Owner/Lessee/Employee I I Address I I City KY Zip code I V I County of Registration I I I This plate is fO1 the This application should be accompanied by a cashiers check, certified check or I I l registration year beginning ttilong; order payaliittio tl1l2Kei1tuiky'IState Treasztrer Flgise rrtail tt: I j E OITUTIOIIWEB O El'] UC y I`8l'lSpOI' 3 lOI`l 8 IHC , Epaf ITIEII i I ianuary il ig of Vehicle Regulation, Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing, Frankfort, I ; L Ky., 40622. J