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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I l B th KENTUCKY FOOTBALL IIECRIIITS FOR I99I in Homo Pos. Ill. Wl. High School/Hometown Proposed Major `W Andy Britt OL 6-4 240 Russellville High School Environmental Engineering il jeff Cipp LB 6-2 215 Bellport H.S., Brookhaven, NY Business/ Management hr Scott Crosley OL 6-4 250 Carmel (Ind.) High School *** j Cr Steve Hall DB 6-2 185 New Haven (Ind.) High School *** I al Dan Hicks RB 5-8 175 Tates Creek H.S., Lexington Communications L wi Damon Hood RB 6-2 205 Warren Central H.S., Bowling Green Engineering l to DAndrejenkins DB 5-11 160 Murphy H.S., Mobile, AL Engineering Barryjones OL 6-5 275 Covington Catholic, Ft. Mitchell Biology , hz Donte Key TE 6-3 210 Franklin-Simpson H.S., Franklin *** il Kt Steve Langenkamp TE 6-4 225 Moeller H.S., Cincinnati, OH *** ( Tony Miller DB 5-10 175 Coatesville (PA) High School Business , fix Matt Neuss LB 6-2 215 Bellport (NY) High School Business/ Management ., St jeremy Niece QB 6-4 200 Estill County H.S., Irvine *** M Antonio OFerral DB 5-10 180 Bellport H.S., Brookhaven, NY Accounting frt Chris Page OL 6-7 275 Roswell (GA) High School Natural Resouces Mgt. E Fr Corey Reeves TE 6-3 235 Corbin High School Physical Therapy Mike Schlegel DE 6-4 220 jesuit H.S., Harahan, LA Pre-Med/ Pre-Dent. A mt Leon Smith WR 5-10 180 Trinity High School, Louisville Marketing 1 Sn David Snardon LB 6-2 205 Male High School, Louisville Pre-Medicine l Sc james Tucker WR 6-2 195 Lamar High School, Arlington, TX *** li Te; Emerson Wells LB 6-3 225 Tilghman High School, Paducah *** Ta ||f9 H10 (freshmen) will step in and play and a 1 *.;::.1: :1:;:; A Day * Dellghlls yet there will be someone we never Hi hug, Bm ;,,,,y thought of who will step in and be an TF MN. '|'| FS Football coach Bill Curry described na- All-American. de %;:I:::;:J;':_;x tional football letter ofintent day as an Of Kentuckys recruits, half of them ad gh., , ,,,,,;,;,,9 event somewhat like Christmas morn- are from the state. There are good sig |$ * NWS 'YP ing and standing by in the delivery football players in Kentucky. We feel ty w:I:a;:::t Q room. As of press time, the Wildcats about half of the team should come de l had "delivered" 21 recruits which had from the state and be the heart of the the recruiting gurus who evaluate team with the arms and legs coming n wh such things rating this Kentucky class from out of state. Actually, we treat , gr: ( among the top 15 in the country. north to Dayton, Ohio, as ifit were in kn (Zurry said speed is the common at- state. We didnt do as well as we wanted ing tribute that all of the recruits share. to in areas like Chicago, Cleveland and tes "Everyone, even the big guys, can Detroit, but we are in the door and ex- ces , run well. You cannot play football if pect results next year. We you cannot move. I dont care if you Actually gettingaplayer helps most, l ify. j weigh 8,000 pounds. lfthe guy can run however, Curry says, because "when thc ( around you, you're not going to win that player goes back home his high thc the game. Movement, agility and speed school coach is going to check things tin come first, before size and strength. out with him and ask him ifwhat weve , firs And we needed it (speed) at every posi- said about being a family and treating tion," (Zurry said. each other with respect and stressing _ l (Zurry, who always prefers that per- championship performance in the LI lormance rather than high school stats classroom and on the field is like we " speak for a recruit, would only say that said it was. Then the coach will know. g Fel he expects some of these recruits to \/Vhile the Cats didnt sign a defensive i Un ( play as freshmen. lineman, they did get a premier player j oft l "l have found that some of them likely to fill a most critical position mc I lienturlu .\|umnus Spring [gg] Spy [