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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

{ [ the very necessary, dominant linebacker Arena. The distinguished Wildcats hon- in Currys defensive system. He is Emer- ored were UK all-Americans Basil Hay- son Wells, a 6-3, 225 lb. linebacker from den and Cotton Nash, and long-time Paducah Tilghman High School. radio play-by-play announcer Caywood 1} Some recruiting experts had Wells Ledford. Hayden, who lettered in 1920, headed for Colorado or Missouri, but 21 and 22, was UKs first All-Ameri- , Coach Curry said, We felt like we had can. Nash, a UK letterman in 1962, 63 Q a good shot if we just stayed persistent and 64, was an All-American three L without being pushy. We kept staying in times. Ledford is in his 38th season as i touch and presenting our case. the popular Voice of the Wildcats. E It also helped that Wellss mother A number ofother UK basketball let- , had a favorable inclination toward the termen returned for a Legends Lun- 1 Kentucky program. cheon", a fund-raiser for the United The tight end position vacated by States Olympic Committee. UKs past , five seniors has help on the way from Olympic basketball players were afford- .1 Steve Langenkamp from Cincinnati ed special recognition. That evening 1 Moeller High School, Corey Reeves there was an Old-Timers Game preced- ( from Corbin and Donte Key from ing the UK- Alabama contest in Rupp 1 Franklin-Simpson High School. Arena (Feb. 26). The need at wide receiver will be i` met by high school all-American Leon V _ , ** y y _ l Smith from Louisville Trinity High wCI' N'I' _ AV' _ . ~ n E School,james Tucker from Arlington, if fi __,, , afi ll Texas, and Dan Hicks from Lexington Cliff Barker, a member of the Fabulous if A is ___ f i Tates Creek High School. Five basketball team which was _f - f ' =. N Kentucky Mr. Football Damon Hood, Olympic champion in 1948 and NCAA { V . . a running back from \/Varren Central champion in 1948 and 1949, is a former L ' F, High School, did not sign February 6. World War I1 prisoner. That informa- = Thus began the Damon Watch. Hood tion comes from Cats Pause columnist _; ; _ decided on UK four days later, clearly Russell Rice who reported in the Febru- "Z gi adding to the assets of this bunch. Four ary 9, 1991, issue that Barker left school ' ,`_ ` signees had not met freshmen eligibili- after his freshman year and became an C l ' ` ty requirements, but Curry was confi- engineer and a gunner on a B-17 ` _ ( _ dent they would. bomber. He was shot down and spent ' `{. U Its our policy to only recruit those the first six months of his 16-month im- n who have the ability and the desire to prisonment playing basketball. , graduate from our institution. You We could play all we wanted, he , know my position on standardized test- said. "Wed go from one camp to an- Among the leg- talks with WKY1'- }` ing that 1ve taken since 1980. Those other, playing other teams. Barker said f"d """ '*"""d Tv P"""' . . tn February were Rob Bromley. { tests are not a good predictor of suc- his treatment as a German POW de- Rupp.; Rams, one Look hr mug ( cess for rural or for inner-city youths. pended on who was w11m1ng the war. of the most papu- coverage in the il We expect all these young men to qual- When the U.S. got the upper hand, the I" *""" l" uK" AP"' |'" ' i . . , . . ,, . ., basketball ltlsto- Photo by Chuck 1 1fy. But if they don t, we will work with guards began buttermg up to the ry_ Above, P-, Pe"y_ them to receive all the financial aid prisoners, he said. Riley, farmer Los l they can qualify for including a part- "Being in the Air Force was differ- A"9' ''k" timejob to make their way through the ent," he said. 1f you were in the in- :B?::;:;:':r' , first year. fantry, they made you work. We were in a separate compound. It was kind of a code between the Air Force and the Legends Abound tttrwarrw { When Barker returned to school, he g February was a month of legends at the was the old man on the squad (26) , but i University. Before the first home game ; made honorable mention All-Ameri- ; ( of the month (Feb. 3 vs. Georgia), three can twice in 48 and 49. He current- l l more jerseys were retired in Rupp ly lives in north central Florida. i 1 Spring 1991 Ktnuuky Aluninus 5 [