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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1991, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I I l _ - F E A 'I' ll R E American life style against a very tradi- tinian problem and the basic driving tional adversary which doesn`t have a force behind terrorism will not really II modern life st ile in manv res nects at be laid to rest until we have reached a Admlnl"."v s*"m'" I I I on the War I' all. So thats where we get back to your solution to tlte entafada (the struggle initial question how will air power being waged by the Palestinians against A, nm. wh"' ih. n-non work in this kind ofcontext? the Israeli government in the West Is at war, It ls Important te I Geographical and environmental cir- , Bank seeking political freedom.) ||I\lllll lll'lV0$ of |ll . . . . I . . cumstances favor tt, but with one provt- I If Saddam should be killed, what rlld'l:I"l: Tl ":l""" sion, and that is of the weather. There would happen? Probably, Iraqi leader- S ly an an cu lie l _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ # , _ time-honored and humane are times of the year when ttts very dtfft- ship will cotne to power thatwtll with- Prhdplos um, ch-ratio":. cult to operate almost any kind of high draw from Kuwait and end this current university Ilte - even tech equipment, notjust airplanes, but fighting phase of the war. ll\ll$| il Il|llll ll$l$ A something as simple as a rifle, because I How did he come to power? He came EPl"Y lll "" ~ . I . _ _ . __ V _ _ I V ._ s _ _ the unlversity will make ; of the lngh wtnds and the blowing dust. ` to powet the same way his fout ptede- ovary ""_ I This dust is not really sand. It`s so fine I cessors did by shooting the guy P I that if you roll it between vour fingers I ahead of him. We`re talking vintage ui: ;::I::s:;: :2: :;r::I . . , . . . . e o a I tt s a little tnore like talcuntpowder, but I thug, here, sports. This IS not a guy members ai "IQ univenny I tt has a very abrasive quality. If tt gets I who s a friendly, kindly, old buddy. ,mnm||y .. gfgdgnfsl ge". _ blown in the bolt of your rifle, your rifle First of all, Saddam came from a ulty and stall; probably isnt going to work. It also ob- lower-middle class family. He was 2_ 1-, Prosorve me campus I scures vision, and itsjust a very diffi- brought up by an uncle who had been ag a place tor the free cult situation in which to live and oper- I jailed by the British for fighting f`or Xl| ef NMIS lll |'l\ I ate for any human beings. Iraqi independence and he came up in zrsl l""""" * d'"'' Large parts ofthe s0called empty the Baath party politics which is very u' quarter in Saudi Arabia, ifyou pick _ rough and tumble. When he seized 3- ' '*'ll'l'* *I""' up any tnap of`Saudi Arabia youll see a power, he shot 2l of his closest associ- and 'PI lu. an mmh" i big chunk ri ltt in tlte middle ofthe I 1lS He had tnaneuvered for several oi the lmlversny cunmunnyl I rv g _ . f i recognizing the sanctity ot country and there will be a label on tlte I years to gain power as tlte leader and || human nge, ",g."||, ,g I map that says empty quarter well, it he shot those 21 associates simply so no race, creed, gender, religion ought to be called the empty three- I one would challenge him. He ltas been " '"'""'l "l!l"P quarters because in about three- brought up itt a very narrow frame- 4. To gentinuo the nqungl I quarters ofthe country human beings work. He has not had extensive inter- lll||l P!'$$ ll||'Ql| really just cannot live. The demands of national travel; he hasn`t even been to ' '9I" m"9 l I' i the etivttttttttt are so i I I B ' (` ` ` D l l ' as and um scheduling * , . ( greatttat to tty I ett ut, JJIIO, ot amastus, t it ng educ-non-I and c_cu"ku'-r to live there costs more than its worth cities ofthe Arab world, let alone out to -"vl",' und, I tn let ms of human misery, aggtavatton, i the \/\est to see xx h tt s going on. He had 5. Ib NWN, NI on and .... . . . . p pp and trying to survive. Wncwzt1)avzsz.v a fairly narrow view, a revolutionary unng hu, any"., m_ Y tiiwr/ang/`//tre la/tmsmt Salma! Q/'Diplomaqy and anti-imperialist view of world poli- ||n.||y |{|.| by gh, wm- rmd lzttrtmalionril C0}72)7l{?)`(`l? and was a , tics. And that is what has driven him itself. I Navy [zi/nt during {/Il? Vietnam l/Wu: against, in effect, the I/Vest and to play a U _d h I h_ II hattd that is very anti-Western and to I LI;Xf;$,L:fgm;::,a\:'\;;;IlL;g'n I try to wrap himself in tlte flag ofthe Rgbr,EgHem8nw5y Medicalcemer I Q. Will the threat ol terrorism Palestinian issue and anti-imperialism. Chancellor pete, R Bosomworfhl and end when the war does? . . . or, Now, why do people follow him? Its Community College System Acting with Saddam Hussein's demise not clear that they do follow him per Ch'=`' Ben W C0"- I if that should happen. Explain se. In fact, by wrapping hintselfin this h b ' hl Q S dd . . l . ._ V _ . Just ours e oro t s maga- a am Hussein to us - who ns Palestinian flag, this may be the most zh. wu", I. PN"' Fandom EI he, what is he, and why do peo- people hes had behind him since he 3,,,-,, gum ,|,e|.".| . N,. I ple follow him like they do? I took power. He has a lot of sympathy satlon ot hostilities. What I from the Palestinians who would go : "'*;"" *"" *:12;* A. The threat will diminish with the I with anyone who promised a resolution ' ul"' wl" un ng . I . . ,. Is no loss Interesting to us end of the war and certatttly be re- I to their problems. He has, in effect, now ul W. ',.d ull, ln I,|,_ ` duced with Sadclams death, but the I seized upon this issue to try and keep I-;Pq|, W. hg,. yu, g.,_ I threat of l\tIiddleEastern terrorism is I himselfgoing. Although I think he's an l.II, KJ I born of the frustration over the Pales- I honest believer in it up to a point, its _| Spying 199] Kentucky .\lutnnus 7 I