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2 > Image 2 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 10, June, 1939 to July, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

i 1 puted for each farm. This pay- Many orchardmen prefer to ter- me ment is available to produce1s in race hillsides before setting out Sm, adition to the amonnt earned fol- their trees. 0110 unit 02111 he earned ,,6,, planting wjtiliu their Special Crop for each 200 linear feet of standard {Ou allotments In establishing the te1race with proper outlets con- we _ maximum soil-building payment. Stl`td hm _ seventy cents is allowed for eaeh Fruit growers find green lll2llllllt suc, , acre of cropland on the farm in crops ve1y helpful in building fer- pm excess of the acreage allotments gf tility rapidly. One unit is earned mt, ` commercial wheat, tobacco, and fo1 each acre on which a good stand tm-, _ other special crops, Added to this of soybeans or cowpeas is plowed 8 it I amount is $2.00 for each acre of or disked under. Strawberry grow- mm ` 1 Commercial orchards on the farm ers especially have found this pra- fm on January 1, 1939. A small allow- tice helpful. O1'Cll{ll(1 incn follow {Ou ~ ance is also added for farms with as a good practice a tcniporary jug ; considerable non-crop open pas- mulch secured by leaving a good yo]- . ture. The number of dollars in the stand and a good growth of soy- It-M maximum soil-building payment is beans, cowpeas, wheat or sweet I A divided by $1.50 to determine the clove1 on the land. One u11it credit me soil-building goal. The goal is is earned for each acre so han- _ Ng] l' expressed in units which it will be dled in a bearing or nonbearing pm necessary to carry out before orchard. fm . October 31; 1939. _l 0I`di` to 681*1 A special soil-building practit the; _ the full Sombulldlug Pa.YmHt has been added to the schedule for sea; 1_ Many soil-building practices 1939 especially for orchardists was . which may be carried out on the This practice earns one unit for Thi farm fOr credit under the program the application of 1lOt less than the . p are especially suitable for fruit two tons, air-dry weight, of straw oth ;, growers. or equivalent material per acre in for Certainly a fruit grower would 1`ChaYdS abt ii be interested in the provision Of course, there are many other . YUM T E which offers him 47% triple super- practices which earn credit under HW _ ~ phosphate furnished as a grant of the program, such as the seeding of toll gg aid. This fertilizer can be made grasses and legumes. reseeding l _' available to the producer if h_e will depleted pasture. and the use of Wea _ Call at the county ohice and indi- ground limestone. tin; , cate his intention of using the _..__ ... l>