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Image 4 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 10, June, 1939 to July, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

i be seen that there is some necessity to divide after the fruit reached sib , for placing the time of effective one-half to iive—eighths of an inch ab thinning, Naturally, we would 11ot in diameter, and that enlargement SU want to begin thinning before the from then on took place as a result P9 _ June drop. On the other l1_a11d, our of the stretching and enlarging of lll — _ studies show that no treatment or cells, rather than 811 increase in Pe combination of treatments will their number, \Vith the period ol` tll' i €ll3bl€ tll€ ll`9€ to $lZ€ UP {lll €Xf?€$· cell division over so early, it is Qt l sive Qverloagi beyond certain fairly apparent that some increase in size "‘_‘ €l€il¤1’€€ l11111lS- might be expected to follow a gill ` »‘ · Things to he Reekoiied Tvith tn reduction in the crop quite late in t - Thjnningtfwith this nineh of an the season. This point was tested qt; , t introduction then, we may consider out llllder the collllltlolls of ll€ll"}` dit , briefly some of the things to be 9`ollplllg by lellvlllg the _l*ll`t§°l: ni, . I done in the euitnrai program Whieh fruits on the tree and pulling on gr ‘ urih have a hearing upon the size the smaller ones, paying less atten. Ca_ of fi.uit_ One of the first things tion to size. It was found that. ‘ ‘ · to be reehoned with is the age of during the second growth period, it M 1 the tree- Xvouug trees are ineiined was easy to find some fruits inorc hi: . to size up niost of the fruit thieyr set than twice the lvolinne ot others ti" T. because they generally produce an Hllil llltll, by lflllllltf lllll ¥lll"lllll*lt!·‘ ni. ahundanee of vigorous leaves. of the larger fruits on the tree and Ti After. the nrst few hears, (irons, making the reductions primarily ui I _ . however, and as the tree hegins to from the smaller ones, yield was frf ‘ reaeh the larger size of the inid_ 11ot eut materially. In this way b_ year, sonie attention has to be given thinning can be niade effective 'well 1; i _ to regulating grou.th_ This hrings up toward the. final swell. llll~ to ‘ e » i. both nitrogen and pruning into kind of thinning seemed to be wi . the picture as Suppleulenting the €Sp€C]3.lly €‘i¥€Cf1\'€ Wlfll uu ij i growth stimulus coming from culti- The C,·;;{(·a[ Pp,·t0(1_-T tt t tt p e hi, ‘ Valloll- Fl'0m_tll€ m€‘3$lll`€¤l€¤t$ come to a head then at picking at · _ ? ii'? llaV€ lll3(l€t lt BPPQEYS lllal ll€l`· time in a rather critical form. and on ¥_— l UllZ€l` &PPll€all0ll$ alld Pllllllllg we have some rather difficult things we Qi § ll3V€ 3 Comparable Slllllllllls _llP0ll to reckon with which seem to point so ·‘ 5 lll€ ltmglll of gl`OWlll llldlll?€§l lll lll€ in opposite directions. For in- eh 3 wp Sh.<><>tS·_ The growth induced Stance, as mana-ity is appt-t3aeit.».i. to . 9 ‘ it by heavy llltlale *lPPll€—°lU0llS, €0lll· quality increases as long as the it .jir·· i l>l¤€€l Wliill ll€aVY Pllllllllgy l`€Sllll$ fruit hangs on the tree. On the tg ill K A ii lll 3 llllck lol) Wlllcll always other hand, the carrying ability of ° 1-0 ;‘ ·.i»- lllalllles llle flllll lal€· Wh€l€"€l` the fruit drops vary materially a~ be Q1 the Sel ls ll€aVY, llOW€V€l`» llle ripening comes on. Growers are °[_ Exllelillllellls $ll0“’ tllaii the tree (tal? tempted to take into consideration l is ti not SlZ€_l;lP all €_X0€$$l"€ load Wllillf a large number of factors at har- j_ Out llllllllllg ll»_lll Pall at l€a$l» by vest time, and hindsight, unfor- l>¤` Pllllllllg Oli lllllllllllg Ullclel llc tunately, is always better than Sl 1;;.;; conditions is it possible to size up foresight it is a temptation to D; _"t-` - 8 tlll€lllY €lll$l€l`€€l Sel- pick early while the price may be I it i number of very interesting good and tl1e carrying quality dc T l` ‘ ,. things have come out of the thin- highly satisfactory; at the same eil v_ ning investigations. For instance, time, the fruit is enlarging as long l 5 i; -_ in the growth studies of the fruit, as it hangs on the tree. And we at · ‘ I . it was found that the cells ceased must always 1·cckon with thc pos- al - .