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Image 7 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 10, June, 1939 to July, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

1 apples, best plate of apples, best of 1938, several Kentucky growers ,, plate of grapes, best plate of pears, reported very satisfactory results S and best plate of peaches. Each of hand type rotary dusters in con- , package or entry of fruit in any trolling this disease in small é class will also be eligible for the orchards. With agood duster, itis d sweepstakes award in that class. surprising how the dust can be ,_ A part of the grape exhibit has foggcd nl) through the trccs and . S been discontinued. This portion also how fast ono can rnovc down a · , included the time mage display rw Good results with thls type o ,3 crates of twelve containers each. st dnatcr have been rcportcd by {_ Also, the twenty variety collec- Mr- Fritz Beyer, Paducah; ,0 tions. Because of their lack of MnJohnFcgcnbn$l¤»Bnccnc1§and - ,c commercial importance, the follow- Mr- L- A- Taplb Harrodsbnrg ‘ H ing varieties have been discon- The material for use on brown Y tinued in plate competition: Dia- rot of peaches and plums is sulfur ig mond, Duchess, Pocklington, Lind- dust. i_ ley·,l\\'oo<§t1§/utfi \Vyor{1i1&g, Blarliiy, —- Her vert, 'i ter ant amp e ’s , L; Early. This reduction still leaves LATE SEASON SPRAYS Q'; considerable money in the grape By the time this issue of Ken- _ [d premiums. With this fruit, Ken- tut-ky Fruit Notes reaches you, tucky still offers more premiums in many apple growers will have com- j _`_ proportion to the total amount of ph-rad their early season Sprays ‘ i premium money for all fruits than and wil] have stopped spraying for _ ,,_ is onnrcd ln any stliqr ncar·b}' the season. Many good fruit grow- . U state. In the peach exhibit, South (sys {york on the p]aii Of doing a ; {5 Haven has been removed because very thorough jab Of the early , V QQ sf its sarlmsss sud "bsst p1¤t€"$>f season sprays and controlling the . TV filly Oill€l` V3I`lCl}` 1S bélllg Zlddéd IT] first brood Of codling moth Wgrms VS its place. with these sprays and then do not i g ,,1 The four quart climax basket spray. any for the second brood. , ,f_ classes of Hales and Elbertas have lf tl11s can be done,_1t 1S fine. It . lit been eliminated and one class of is not always possible, however. Q nt best four quart climax basket of Then too, there 1S danger from 9,- any variety has been substituted. bitter rot in the late summer and i {S The premiums on pears and mis- from brown rot on the ripening lr éd cellaneous fruits have been un- peaches. ,0 changed with the exception of the The Second broad eodling moth Q td, “'nlnira“`al of rlninccs- adults usually start appearing in S Q at j.—.- the southern part of thehstate agoijit f. - - T f the middle of June. T ese w` e i' gf BROWN ROT CONTROL on quite numerous if the first brood ai PEACHES WITH HAND was mt controlled and are the dues iid DUSTERS that cause the wormy fruit late in im The effectiveness of dust applica- the summer. Oriental fruit moths nn tions in controlling many fruit dis- usually start infesting the peach _;·; ise eases is generally recognized. For fruits a bit before harvest also. large Orchards, expensive duSt€1‘S The Insectaries of the Spray m_ 3.I`€ Off€l1 `l1S€d to gfiii OVGF tht? SG1-yjge will bg in 0p€1·g_tjgD {0 a orchard more Quickly than can bs study and report this late summer he donc with a $PraYcr· insect and disease activity to the of During the bad brown rot season fruit growers.