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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 7, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Ti in iyftin- - Tiifffiittfir 3 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ! Alumni Notes CALENDAR Birmingham, April 7, Banquet at Southern Club in honor of junior engineers on inspection trip and Kentucky alumni attending American Chemical Society meeting in Birmingham. Lexington, April 8 (Second Saturday), Phoenix Hotel 12:30 p m. Carrollton, Ky., April 11 (Second Tuesday), luncheon. Louisville, April 13, dinner, 6 p. m. at Tyler Hotel. In honor of alumni attending K. E. A. Convention in Louisville. Chicago, April 15, Banquet at Great Northern Hotel in honor of senior engineers en inspection trip. A special program will be given. There will be an address by Acting Dean W. E. Freeman A quartette composed of 1922 engineers will render several selections. Detroit, April 29 (Last Saturday). Dinner at 6 p. m., Dixieland Inn. Pittsburg, May 1, Annual meeting. New York, May 2, Annual meeting. Buffalo, May 5, Annual meeting. Philadelphia, May 6, Annual meeting. Washington, May 8, Annual known as "Big Tom," formor member of the Kentucky Legislature and form er gridiron star was unanimously elected president to succeed Leo J, Sandmann '14. R. C. Mayhull, Assistant Superln tendent Power nnd Fuel Engineer, Louisville Railway Company was and Mrs. Albert elected secretary Krelger '06 was treasurer. Alumni Association has announced the porsonel of tho Nominating Com mltteo ns follows: Harry Miller '14 chairman; Misses Teresa Buchlgnani '15 nnd Nancy Innes '17 nnd W. C. Wil son '13. This Committee will supply ballots to members of the Association within tho next two wooks with their nominations nnd nny others coming from alumni clubB or classes. Miss Kate Reddish '21 is teaching Miss Ruth Gregory '20 is the regular substitute in the Home Economics Department of the Louisville Public Schools. X X Miss Isabelle Dickey '21 is teaching A committee composed of J. T. the second grade in the school in Pride, ex-'0Robert J. Raible '21, Louisville. Don't you know that she Homer Puckett '04 and William is just as popular with her class there (Budge) Walker '21 was appointed to as she was with the campus folk dur represent the Louisville Alumni Club ing her four years nt the University? 'liiit' School, Bowling Green, Ky. "I havo been engaged during tho past nine months in the copillng of a largo scale map of Kentucky, which I hope to have completed by Juno 1. The mnp is entirely an orlglnnl compilation and will supersede all other base mnps of tho State. Approximately four hundred maps havo been used In constructing this one." W. C. Eyl '17. 407-- City Nafl. Bank Bldg., Lex- "Would you pleaso forward mo a copy of tho last Alumni Directory ns I havo misplaced mine in moving. Know there must bo come of the Kentucky State boys around here and will try to get them together. Have already met J. E. McGulIcuddy who attended the University in '12 and '13. Best regards to all the Alumni. Will write more when I get settled. This is most assuredly a busy live wire city." E. F. Schlmpeler '12 1604 Walker Avenue, Houston, Texas. 8 "As a member of tho class of '17 in mechanical engineering I would consider it a great courtesy for you to mail me all the data you havo In regard to tho fight on evolution. I havo been with tho Goodyear Tire nnd Rubber Company since 1915 and know that this will be of Interest to State men here. There will nlways bo a warm spot in my heart for dear old U. K." L. R. Hobson 1355 Goodyear Ave., Akron, Ohio. ex-1- X X Atlanta Colony Is Loyal "Our Atlanta U. K. colony has dwindled down to three, to the best of my information Ed Danforth '14, who Is still knocking them loose with his high class sport page on tho Atlanta Georgian and Sunday Ameripr '16, can; "Lengthy" O'neal, who Is with Pittsburg Plate Glass, I believe, and the undersigned. "We three got together and did some lusty cheering for tho Kentucky boys in the basket ball tournament. North Cnrolina won the admiration of everyone in Atlanta by clean sportsmanship and beautiful team work. The comment was made often that their qualities were the same as the former champions, Kentucky's boys, and many expressed the regret that these two teams could not have met. "I have changed my 'classification'. Gone over from active newspaper work Into publicity work, as Assistant Manager of the Public Relations Department of the Georgia Railway and Power Company, the local "octopus". I expect to see you all Commencement Week as I am coming up to see the 'Kid Sister' graduate." John R. Marsh '16, Atlanta, Ga. ex-'1- 5 in encouraging the support of the She was in the popularity contest Legislature for appropriations. every year during her stay nt the The announcement of the meeting University. xx was made by cards mailed to the mem"Change my address for the 'KerX X bers by Mrs. Albert Kreiger. MIbs Helen Taylor '21 is teaching nel from 3820 14th Avenue, Oakland to X X Home Economics at John Marshall, 5447 Virginia Avenue, Hollywood, John Marsh Land '21, Versailles, Portland and Salsbury Schools. California." Thos. E. Beatty '12. Mr. graduate of the College of EngineerBeatty is with the Oakland Mazda X X ing is now employed in Louisville. "Never can I refuse to do anything Lamp Division of the General Electric X X within my power for the University Company nt Oakland, Calif. Misses Mary Elizabeth Downing X X and the Kernel. One suggestion I and Mary Elizabeth James "Thomas M. Howerton class of 'OS have to offer Is that you send sample who are now attending the University copies of the Kernel to the alumni is now located In Frankfort for the of Louisville took part in the produc who are together with time being and is engaged in engineertion of four one act plays given March letters reminding them of their duty ing and contracting work in this city. 20 and 21 by the U. of L. Players as alumni. I am sure that they miss Since leaving school he has been in Miss Downing had the leading part in having the University news and would the employment of Union Develop "The Climbers" and "The Admirable readily subscribe on your suggestion." ment Co. Chatanooga, Tenn.; Knox-vill- e Crichton," while at the University of Pow Co. Headquarters at Knox-villMary Elizabeth James. 2219 Deering Kentucky. She was also voted the Court, Louisville. Until recently he was engaged most popular student at the University. in highway engineering and construcX X Misses Willette Fritchner, Ethel tion His present address is 324 West Professor C. A. Loutlermilk PITTSBURG CLUB CELEBRATE8 are in is connected with the Department of Main Street. Koope and Virginia Lynn X X Blue and White Unites Enthusiastic Louisville. "I am now practicing law here In Agriculture at Western Normal and Lewis A. Darling '100, Is reported ill In Pennsylvania X X Alumni expects to remain with them for an Frankfort and my present address is at his home near Philadelphia, 237 We had quite a meeting of the Miss Elizabeth Kraft '21 has moved other year. He married Miss Vivian 410 McClure Bldg. I am a member Roberts Avenue, Glenside, Penn. Mr. alumni last week. Invitations were from Louisville to St. Matthews, Ken Hastie in September '21. of the class of '18 and a graduate stu- Darling is connected with the Electric sent out early in the week by H. Lee tucky. dent of the class of '20 having re- Service Supplies Company in PhiladelX X X X Moore '11, for all alumni to meet at Prof. W. J. Craig '01 is the head of ceived my master's degree in that phia. Miss Louise Will '20 will return to the Chemistry Department at Western year. I am getting along nicely." his home in Ben Avon, bringing wives Perry M. Perkinson '21 was a visitor or, those lacing best girls, and I Louisville May 1 after having taught Normal, Bowling Green. Professor Morgan M. Atchison. in the Alumni Office last week, asking thought you might be interested in a in the Pine Mountain Settlement Craig played on the football team X X that his Kernel be mailed to London School for the past year. few of the details. "Please note a recent change in our Kentucky. He is with the Departwhile at the University and won his About forty were graciously enter"K". He Is a very enthusiastic boost- address from 430 May Street to 1002 ment of State Roads and Highways Mr. and Mrs. Everett Elsey are now er for athletics especially tained by Mr. and Mrs. Moore. A big for his Park Place, Hammond Indiana. We and has just been transferred from blue "K" hung on the white doorway, residing in Louisville. Mr. Elsey '20, favorite game of football. can't get along without the Kernel. So Owensboro, Daviess County to duty in gave the first thrill, the old "Blue and graduate of the College of Engineering far as we know now there are no other Laurel County. X X is employed with the Dow Wire and White." Eugene A. Willard '19 was on the J. R. Whitmer is with the U. K. folks in Hammond. We are a A wireless concert was sent to us Iron Works. Mrs. Elsey was formally Western Normal In the Department of Kentucky club of two members and campus this week, renewing old friendfrom the Westinghouse board casting Anna Jean Smith Agriculture and Federal Training. He hold meetings once a week to read ships. Mr. Lillard went with the station, beginning with an announceexpects to be at the University this the news from home as sent out by the Doherty Training School, at Bartletts-ville- , Miss Hannah Weakley is teaching summer to finish his work for a degree. Kernel. ment of the meeting and a solo, "My Oklahoma, immediately after Old Kentucky Home." Mr. Moore has Home Economics at the Eastern and "We are sincerely glad to hear of graduating; from thence to the TenxX quite a set and the message came in Western Department Schools and at J. Franklin Corn '16 is a member of the University's success at the last nessee Copper Company at Copper perfectly to us in Ben Avon. We the Hiram Roberts School. the law firm of Bell and Corn. This session of the Legislature a success Hill, Tenn. He is now with the InspiX X spent a delightful evening at cards firm was started March 1, 1922 and is certainly well deserved and we add ration Consolidated Copper Co., InspiRobert J. Raible '21 is employed at now doing a good business. and listening to many tales of how our thanks to those of other Alumni ration, Ariz. things "used to be" by the old grads the United States Foil Company. who appreciate the magnificent work X X XX There were two members of '11 class H. L. Wilson is with Wilson-Chas- e Paul Dixon '15 is a member of the of all the Universities representatives Miss Lucille Blatz '20 is teaching at firm Chaney and Dixon. and the rest of us were scattered all in the Legislature." Mrs Ruth Duck-waFurniture Company, 521 West the Ballard School, Jefferson county. Gordan '19 and Charles W. Gordon Main St, Louisville, Ky. Residence, the way down to the class of '21. Mr. J. V. Pritchett 'IS Is a member X X Resolutions of congratulations to 2614 West Main. of the law firm Jones and Pritchett '20. Miss Louise Mayer '20 is teaching Mr. Pritchett is also Superintendent xX President Emeritus Patterson were passed and plans for a meeting at the Home Economics at Monserrat School of Sunday School at the First ChrisMiss Elizabeth Farra '16 says she is time of Doctor McVey's visit to Pitts in Louisville. tian church and is making a fine record enjoying her work at Woman's Mediburgh were discussed. Blue and white cal College, Philadelphia more every there. William "Budge" Walker '21 is atyear. She Is a junior and hopes to ices reminded us again that it was a X X $ $ J 5$$Jn$ J$J tending the University of Louisville come to Kentucky this summer beKentucky meeting. Preston Cherry '20 is a member of fore beginning her hospital work. Dean Anderson talked of the Uni- school of Pharmacy. The F. D. Lawrence the law firm of Martin and Cherry in X X Mrs. Leighton Reir (nee Lois Barett versity as it is and the plans and hopes Bowling Green. '15) writes that her address is Sth Electric Co. held for its future. We had no end Avenue N. & 20th Street St. Petersof fun talking about the "monkey Fourth St. Cincinnati, Ohio Forest Bell '21 is Superintendent burg, Florida, Care of R. T. Wedding. battle" in the Legislature. F. Houston of Schools at Von Lear, Kentucky. Miss Mary King Burrier, '15. is Shaw '21, Care of Armstrong Cook & Electrical Supplies : X X teaching Home Economics at Midway. Insulating Co. Wholesale J. W. Vance is practising law nt After graduation she was home demonX X Evans Is Promoted Distributors for the General Glasglow, Kentucky. agent in Bourbon County for stration CHICAG0AN8 WILL ENTERTAIN Herndon Evans '21, former field : Electric Co. two years. Last year she was resiX Seniors will be Guests of Honor at representative of the Extension DeX WARNER P. SAVERS. Beverly Vincent is practising law dent instructor at the Practice House, Annual Dinner of Club partment nnd the Alumni Association, University of Kentucky, receiving her Sec'y, Sales Mgr. The annual meeting of the Chicago who was on leave of absence at Frank- at Brownsville, Kentucky. M. S. degree in H. E. in Juno. Club will be held Saturday April 15, fort covering the Legislative proceedX X J J 5 $$$ J $mI 5 J $ 6:30 p. m. at the Great Northern Hotel. ings for the Associated Press has been "I believe there was an Alumni club The visiting seniors and professors transferred to Louisville office whero formed here but nover knew when It will be the guests of the club at this he is Night Editor. This connection met. Am trying to get the folks tomeeting. All former Kentucky men met with the approval of University gether for a meeting some time and are urged to attend this meeting. It officials because of the great service permanent organization. As for promises to be the best the Chicago Mr. Evans was able to render the Alma what I am doing I might say that I am 750 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Club has ever held. Those who will Mater in his work there. Following still with tho Western Normal as attend are requested to notify J. R. his successful work at Frankfort ho Head of tho Department of Physics. Newark, N. Watklns, 5314 Winthrop Ave. so that was offered a post in Chicago or Louis- If I can get leave of absence I want to Boston Buffalo Chicago New York Philadelphia reservations will be made. spend next year in U. K. trying for a ville. Kentuckians Nearly a hundred Almost every student activity on the Master's Degree MANUFACTURERS OF WEATHER representing classes from '75 to '20 at- campus has felt the presenco of I am trying to' got what Information. tended the meeting last year, which Herndon Evans Ho was a member of I can and will do anything in my power was probably the most successful that Kappa Sigma fraternity and of several to make tho Alumni Association and with the help of the following Kentuckians had been held to date. honorary societies and fraternities In- the University of Kentucky. I nm a J. I. Lyle, '96 X f" X cluding Lamp and Cross and Alpha booster all tho time and frequently I J. E. Rollins. '15 E. T. Lyle, '09 PEP SHOWN IN FALLS CITY Delta Eignui; major of the battalion have n chance to say a good word for II. Worsham, '16 L. L. Lewis, '07 Club nnd Louisville Alumni It. Waterflll, '20 president, stago utanagor and tho Alma Mater and send a good stuM. S. Smith, '08 loading actor of the Strollers. for Year; U. K. Group Grows dent up there. J. II. Bailey, 20 It. L. Junes, '12 The annual election of officers was W. B. Thornton, '21 X If I can help further pleaso lot mo X It. It. Taliaferro, '13 held at the Main Public Library last G. E. Zerfoss, '21 Nominating Committee Named know." Geo. V. Page '17 Head Defamiliarly week. J. T. Pride, President Rodman Wiley of the partment of Physics. State Normal ex-'2- 3 ex-'2- 2 ex-2- 1 ex-'2- 4 xx ex-2- 2 ex-'2- xx xx ex-'1- ll A lumni Directory xx t f -- Betwixt Us i xx carrier Engineering corporation J. to make "Every day a good day" ex-'0- 4