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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 7, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL to Professor Lampert opportunity elaborate the great work ho Is doing every Friday throughout th Into broader realization of the fine rulillihtMl Collrge year by the mudcnt body ot vision he has for it, without resort to the Unlvernity of Kentucky. student help. The Kernel desires to news-piThe Kintucky Kernel Is the ntniclal of the student nnd alumni of the express its appreciation of the student University of Kentucky. attitude In this case nnd believes it subscription, One Dollar itnil Fifty Cents can promise them happy results In Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Five Cents the Postomce as mall matter. Yenr. Entered at I.cxInRton Editor-in-chie- second-clas- s CARRY f GERALD GRIFFIN, '22 Phone 4085-2- 1 17-- Managing Editor IRENE MCNAMARA '23 Phones 2117-- 24 Editor John A. Whitaker '25 Asst. Managing 2117-- Y Phones 2255-- EDITORS Kitty Conrov '23 Ituth HURhson '23 ASSOCIATE Amnnda Forkner '2S Mary Archer HeP '22 SPORT EDITORS EMMITT BRADLEY News Editor MAKY ROYSTKR '22 STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER BIM.Y WILLIAMS '23 ON MANAGER Burton Prewitt '22 ADVERTISING MANAGER L. B. Hall '23 CIRCULATION MANAGER William Tate 25 William W. Blanton '25 Reporters Laura Hubbard Eila Brown Elizabeth Ellis Margaret Lavin J. H. McClure Bob Lawless Arthur Hodgea Elsie Iiache Harry Petry '2 W. Hush Peal '22 DauBh W. Smith. '23 Artie Hammond '23 deorKie Lee Murphy '14 Adelino Mann '22 Marparet Gunn '34 Eugene Moore '25 Dixon Davidson '24 APRIL PROFESSOR 7, 1922. LAMPERT. The Kernel Is pleased to note the gratifying reception given to a petition. In circulation the current week, asking the students to agree to an increase of fifty cents per capita in University fees, for the purpose of aiding the various projects of the Department of Music of which Prof, Carl Lampert is head. Our information is, that this petition has been signed by virtually every student to whom it has been presented. This attitude on the part of the students reflects in a tangible way the popular student appreciation of the excellent work being done by Professor Lampert and his students. The Kernel would perhaps not be in error if it made the unqualified statement that no man upon the campus enjoys wider popularity among the students than does the gifted and of kindly head of the Department Music and perhaps none has brought about, in so short a time, so genuine interest in the work of his department. Professor Lampert always with untir ing energy, always with compelling grace, has given generously of his services and of the services of his talented family for the well being of nearly every student or faculty affair that he has been called upon so to assist, since he entered the faculty. The weather is never too inclement nor pressing duties too strenuous to make It possible for Professor Lampert and his Musicians to contribute to the enjoyment of entertainments in the University. The remarkable esprit de corps of his department owes itself to the magnetism and radiating generosi ty of the man. It is a source of regret to the Kernel that the University appropriation has not been sufficiently generous to give George T. Martin STUDENTS BARBER SHOP Halrcnt 4t Share M Turkish, Shower and Plain Baths 139 East Main St. Basement Opposite the Phoenix Hotel The sweet young things thinks that It Is a shame to talk about spending LEXINGTON, KY. all this money for a cinder path, when there are so many more walks and benches needed around Patt Hall this TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING spring. CO, The failure of the state to provide the funds for the expansion proivum of the University has been the ocPlace Your Subscription! casion for the display of pessimism upon the part of a few of tho students. and For Any Magazine There Is no occasion for such o feeling. The significance of the tight with RANSOM '05 lies not In what we gained, but In the fight we made. Never before lus the school been able to command cuch 258 W. Main Street . The Magazine Man warm and unselfish support on th3 LEXINGTON, KY. part of It alumni ami students, and Blandville, Ky. oven on the ps.'t of sonn of tho stat!'Q 3 lost tlbj first fight, l.ut tollticals. we are just beginning In the work rf Get Your Hair Cut organization. The great success that of has attended the organization W. B. MARTINS alumni clubs has done much to hold Dues and the Kernel the interest of the graduates. Tho Ex BARBER SHOP tension work, epitomized by the motto, $ $2 a Year 115 S. LIMESTONE Campus," is a con- 1 "The State-widall Former Students stant and potent force in advertising X Alumni Secretary, University of .40 Haircut the University. Add to this th work 2 Kentucky, Lexington. Shave .20 of the President and the faculty who speak to thousands each year, and It 4' t ! t ! t- ! 'I' t MH will be seen that our school is swiftly growing in influence and popularity. And after all it is not money alone that makes a school. Garfield once said that a log with a student on one end and Mark Hopkins on the other would be a University. So it is with us. We have professors who are as good as those anywhere else, not as many perhaps, hut enough to hold the University through the critical period. Those who remember the old days of the University are unanimous in re porting the wonderful change for the better. There was a time when professors taught for two or three years ."Everything the Student' without getting a penny of the scanty salary which was supposed to be paid them. Part of our present equipment is said to have been built with money borrowed on President Patterson's personal note. The darkest part of the night is gone. Come what may, the University must go on. You need Fountain Pens and Stationery you like a good Candies Tobacco Cigars and Cigarettes you sometimes need soda-founta- in drugs or drug sundries. We have then all at a Special Discount to Students STATIONERY LAFAYETTE DRUG STORE FOUNTAIN PENS t I Phone 3309 BENCKART & FOTSCH Proprietors Eagle Barber Shop South Limestone St. Work Gaaranteed Lexington, Ky. 197 at First-Clas- s t e BUSINESS Wife" was not written In an attempt to discredit the intelligence of any of tho young matrons of the author's For TEETH For Any Kind of Dental Service Call on DRS. SLATON & SLATON 127 Dentist CHEAPSIOE PHONE X D. PurceH Co. Lexington's Largest Department Store for The Kernel notes with much interest the proposal by Chief Justice Taft and others that the colleges of America take a ten year holiday from athletic contests. all intercollegiate The former President stresses the need of a return to the intellectual standards of former days, and a cessation of the spirit of rivalry now so prevalent among the institutions of higher learning. Dr. Ganfield, the former President of Centre College, and several other educators have expressed themselves to the same effect. With all due respect to the position held by the gentlemen who criticise the sports of the colleges, the Kernel cannot agree that the spirit of intellectual growth has been sacrificed to that of athletic rivalry. It is true that some of our athletes are not good students, but it is also true that many of the A are poor students. glance at the list of the great college men of the last quarter century shows that a surprising number of them were athletes. Undoubtedly some colleges have sacrificed too much to athletics, but these schools must not be reform ed at the expense of conservative in stitutions such as our own. A skilled doctor will not amputate a leg to cure an ulcer. s EDITOR1 ALETTES Gwendolyn, the play entitled, "The Man Who Married a Dumb No, ! i' ii .. f I' 'f ! I' t' ! ! p M o o iP iP Graves, Cox & Co. Incorporated Smart Spring Apparel In Suits, Hats, Shoes and Haberdashery The Newest Styles in Every Line 8M-- Y