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The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY N24 LEXINGTON, KY.. APRIL 4, 1924 VOL XIV SILVER CUP OFFERED III FIELD MEET OF CLASSES WEUHU., Y. UNIVERSITY of KENTUCKY GIRL'S RIFLE TEAM M. C. A. IS HOST AT BANQUET HONOR OF. IN FRI. BIBLE DISCUSSION CLASS Compete For Positions on The Varsity Squad For Three Classes With Attendance of One Hundred Per 1924 Cent HELD MUCH INTEREST, SHOWN 25 Dinner Contest track meet of The first inter-clathe season began Wednesday, when some fifty-od- d track athletes turned out on Stoll Field to determine the class championship of the University. The regular sixteen events are being held in the same manner as in a dual meet. A silver cup has been offered to the winning team by the Athletic Department. A team must win the cup four times in succession to ibecome the permanent owner. The freshmen, who won the cup last year, seem to be slight favorites this year, as sophomore class representatives. It will take three days to run the meet, as the dashes and) hurdle 'races will have to be run in heats, because of the great number of entries. The time schedule for the meet is: PADUCAH GIRL ELECTED Wednesday 4:00100 yard dash trials. high hurdle trials. 4:10 CAPTAIN OF KITTENETTES 4:30 Mile run, final. 4:45 dash trials. 4:55220 low hurdle trials. MANAGER KELLEY MAD 5:15 dash, final. 4:00 High jump finals. High School PlayWas 4:30 Shot put finals. ers for Two Years ; Thursday Collegiate Player 4:00 dash, finals. 4:15 high hurdle, finals. ss 120-ya- rd 220-ya- rd 440-ya- All-Sta- te 100-ya- 120-ya- PLAY FORWARD POSITION (Continued on page 7.) Lexington Girl, Who Was on the Squad Last Season, Honored THETA SIGMA PHI HOLDS Women Journalists Thirteen Pledged to Honorary Fraternity Theta Sigma Phi, national honorary journalistic fraternity for women, en tertained the women journalism stu stends with a tea at Patterson Hall from 4:30 to 6 Saturday afternoon. At 5 o'clock, the pledge service, which is held annually, was conducted for thirteen girls who have done outstanding work in the Department of Journalism, Those pledged were: Margaret Louise Burks, Rachellc Shack-lettFrances Kane, Mary Frances Campbell, Susan Clay, Katherine Elliott, Marvis Sternlberg, Nancy Stevenson, Mary Stallings, Mary Catherine Gormley, Amanda Gordon and Frances Lee, sophomore honor girl. Before the pledge service was held, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, alumnae adviser of Chi chapter, made a brief address, explaining the purpose and meaning of Theta Sigma Phi. To become a member, the candidate must be either a journalism major or minor, must have done three years or the equivalent of three years superior work in journalism, must have a creditable standing and have had scholastic some material published of which she was the author. Che-n'au- e, (Continued on page 4.) ORGANIZED Dr. J. Archer Gray is Principal Speaker at Annual Dashes and Hurdles Have Many Candidates Entered in ANNUAL PLEDGE SERVICE GROUPS Dorothy Kerth was elected captain of the University of Kentucky girls' and Virbasketball team for 1924-2ginia Kelley was chosen manager at girls Tuesday a meeting of the 1923-2- 4 afternoon. Dorothy Kerth was high scorer on the Kittenette team for the past season, and one of the best floor workers. She is forward on the mythical girls' team and was chosen center the last two years she attended 'high school at Paducah. Virginia Kelley was a member of squad, a steady worker, the 1923-2and a peppy basketball player. She in is a Lexington girl, outstanding campus activities. The girls awarded K's at the meeting are: Dorothy Kerth, Lucy 'Wilson, Helen Keifer, Elizabeth Helm, Leola Klopp, Mabel Hill, Bessie Boughton and Eugenia O'Hara. 4 K OFFICERS C According to the rotation of offices the following persons are to serve for next year: Virginia Kelley; President, Alpha Gamma Delta; Secretary, Virginia Shively, Alpha Xi Delta; Treasurer, Elizabeth Cromwell, Kappa Kappa Gatnma. in the Women's K LOST Phi Kappa Tau badge, with initials "W. F. H." Finder please return to Carl B. Boyd. n men were guests at a banquet given by the student Y. M. C. A., Tuesday afternoon at 5:30, at the Lexington Central Y. M. C. A. building in honor of the members of three Bible classes conducted in rooming houses of the University of Kentucky and of the Bible class of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, during the of the Maxwell Presbyterian Church, last ten weeks. Dr. J. Archer Gray, gave an adress and E. S. Melton, leader of the Washington Avenue Bible class, and Bob Hunter, leader of the Kappa Sigma class, gave short talks. A singing service was also held. The three rooming groups had 100 per cent attendance at the Bible classes which have been conducted for the past ten weeks under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. at the University. A. T. 0. FIVE WINS THE GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM HAS These are at 287 South Limestone, 356 South Upper, and 149 Washington TOURNEY GOOD RECORD FOR PAST Avenue, and were led toy J. E. Dunn, S. R. Hill and E. S. Melton, respectively. The Kappa Sigma fraternity U. OF K. Defeats Delta Chi in a Very SEMESTERJT group was led by Professor Yates, of Close Game By the. Score of the English Department of the Uni18 to 11 Shoot One Point More Than The versity and finished with a 96 per cent average. Combined Scores- - of Their bas The finals of the At the beginning 25 Bible Class Opponents kerball tournament were played Tues groups were organized in the different day evening in the old gym. After WIN 3 LOSE 4 MATCHES fraternity rooming houses of the city a hard fought game, the Alpha Tau by Bart N. Peak, secretary of the Y. Omega fraternity emerged victorious No Competitive Firing Engaged M. C. A. Two of these groups dropped over the Delta Chi five with the final in During The First score of (Continued on. page 7.) Semester The game started with the Delta Chi K quintet taking the lead by making a The girls' rifle team of the Univerfield goal in the early minutes of plaiy. sity of Kentucky was defeated in its PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY The Alpha Tau Omega five followed final match, by Cincinnati with a free goal and the first half con- University last week. The individual GIVES PLEASJNG CONCERT tinued in this manner. The half ended scores of the highest five in the with .a score qf 8 to 7 in favor of the nati-Kentucky match are as folDelta Chi team. lows: Programs Are Becoming More The Alpha Tau Omega five came Kentucky: Cincinnati: Popular With Music Lovers back strong in the second half and aft Baird 99 Kerth of Community ter overtaking the Delta Chi quintet, Peters 99 Coleman 99 99 Doty 99 Pitchel (Continued from Page 4) 98 99 Corbin Seibert The concert of the Philharmonic 99 Kelly K 98 Society at the Romany Theatre SunStrashun day afternoon was delightfully rece.v-e- d QUARTETTE WILL BROADCAST 494 495 Total by an audience that filled every Total During the 1924 season the Kentucky seat in the little play house. A quartette that will accompany the s has scored one point more The society was fortunate in securSenior Engineers on their inspection ing the services of Mr Fred Bagshaw trip, composed of R. B. Clem, C M. (Conltinued on page 7) of Lexington, who kindly offered his Spllman, J. W. McDonald and E. K time and talent and played the solo sing Over two radio will TO PARTICIPATE vilo KENTUCKY "Song 's part in broadcasting stations during the SenIN STUDENT GOVERNMENT of India,"iu a charming manner .Miss ior tour. Jeanette Lamport played a violin solo, Saturday, April 5, at 6:15 LexingAstor Hogg and Thomas BaJlentine ton time, they will sing over station hae been selected to represent the Stu- "Londonderry Air" aranged by Kreis-le- r. Three Brahms valses were favorKDKA at Pittsiburg. Tuesday, April dent Government Council at the con ites with the audience and Victor 8, at 7 p. m., Lexington time, the will vention of the Southern Confederation Herbert's "March of the Toys" was iing over station WGR at Buffalo. of Colleges to be held at Chapel Hill, especially enjoyed. Before each seNorth Carolina, April 10, 11, 12. The lection Mr. Lamport made a short tallc University of Kentucky was recently coucerning its composer and theme. invited to become a member of this NOTICEI These concerts are attracting wide organization. attention among music lovers of LexGivens Martin and Clyde Gray have ington, and Professor Lampert, direcbeen selected to repesent the council The announcement comes tor of the orchestra, is pleased with Knox-villat the Mid West Conference at from the office of the President reception. They fill 3. Kentucky their enthusiastic Tenn., May 1. that the Easter vacation begins a real need in the musical life of the has been a member of this association Thursday, April 17, at 8 a. m., community and are up to the standfor several years. and continues to Tuesday, April ard of the productions of the Music The Student Council will be elect- 22, at 8 a. m. Department, representing some of its best talent. (Continued from page 1.) Sixty-seve- PAN-HELLE- ic 1. , 495-49- Cincin- -100 Co-ed- Aimsky-Korakow- e,