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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Rent a New Car Drive it Yourself Social and Personal Friday evening at the Lafayette Hotel. Hosts for the affair were: A. H. Stephenson, R. J. Hunter, Jr., Thomas Duncan, James R. Davidson, Howard King, J. T. Qurscnberry, Robert Cole, H. S. Polsgrove, C. J. Yager, Thomas Adams, W. M. Morris, James Dale, D. C. Hunter, Hansel Wiley, J. C. Covington, H. R. Scrivncr, Rankin Kinlbrough, A. H. Terrell, Charles Thomas, Sneed Yager, R. L. Kirk, Floyd Day, Douglas Vest, R. L. Mays, Bill Massic, H. C. Bcsuden, L. B. Duncan, Sam S. Pope, Thomas Hendricks, E. M. Van Meter, Coleman Arnold, W. F. Thompson, F. W. Thompson and J. A. Brittain. Representatives from various districts where chapter of Kappa Sigma are located, were gues'ts at the delightful affair. ' Approximately two hundred and fifty guests wore present. The Kentuckian Orchestra furnished the music. Peacock Dance A Peacock Dance was held Satur- day evening, at the Phoenix Hotel for which the members of Kappa Kappa were hostesses. Gamma fraternity This was one of the most beautiful and elaborate affairs of the University's social season. The color scheme was carried out in the fraternity colors, pale and dark blue. Paper ribbon fringes in the two colors was draped from the ceiling to farm a leafy canopy. Large peacock feathers were arranged on the panels between the windows and figures of peafowls were on each side of the orOpposite the enchestra balcony. trance a curtain of pale blue and a white latttce formed a beautiful background. A huge peacock, gorgeous in color, and with small electric globes in each feather, was the central figure qf the decorative scheme. Favors for the girls were peacock feather fans and for the men new small gold knives. The Blue and White Orchestra furnished the music. The hostesses for the delightful afMisses Mary Matilda fair were: Beard, Laura Isafoe'lle Bennett, Curtis' Beuhler, Rowena Coates, Frances Coleman, Frances Cregor, Elizabeth Cromwell, Grace Davis, Virginia Mary Helburn, Elizabeth Helm, Herrington, Emily Hollo-waEugenia Jane Earle Middleton, Patsy McCord, Maria McElroy, Katherine McMurty, Janet McVey, Mary Peterson, Minnie Peterson, Mafry Snell Ruby, Eleanor Smith, Frances Smith, Lucy Sharpe, Margaret Turley, Helen VanDerveer, Mary Anne Young, Mairy May, Margaret Arnold, Rebecca Carolyn Bascom, Virginia Boyd. Nclle Bush, Lena Martine Coates, t, Sarah Cole, Nannie Gay, Esther Katherine Goodsight, Mattie Ellis Gregory, Pearl McCormick, Elizabeth McDonald, Margaret Owens, Virginia Owsley, Elizabeth Cromwell and Eleanor Tapp. Pledges: Margaret Hunter, Bush Allen, Woody Talbee, Beatrice Gant and Carolyn Bosworth. Chaperons: Dr. and Mrs. F. L. McVey, Dean and Mrs. P. P. Boyd, Sarah Blanding, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Smith, Miss Mary Sweeney and Miss Maybelle Connell. Several hundred of men from the University of Kentucky, Centre and Transylvania Colleges were present. President's Reception The reception with which President and Mrs .Frank L. McVey entertained the members of the faculty and staff of the University and their wives Monday evening at Maxwell Place, was a most brilliant and beautiful affair. The house was decorated with lovely spring flowers and plants which were placed about the spacious rooms. Many candles added to the beauty of the scene. Tables were arranged with coffee service in the dining room and on the enclosed porch, Mrs. Alfred Zemibrod and Mrs. Joseph Tarrence presided. Delicious dishes were served with bon bons of pastel shade's. About three hundred guests were present. g, y, Boston Hahn g, Gil-be- Personals Chi and Lambda Alpha chapters of Chi Omega sorority will celebrate their Founders' Day with a banquet Saturday night, April 5, at the Phoenix Hotel. Miss Lillian Rasch spent last weekend with her parents at Covington. Misses Louise Stewart and Irene Evans visited at the .Kappa Kappa Gamma House last week-end- 1 and at- - Kappa Sigma Dance The memlbers of Beta Nu Chapter MM "Phone 4779 Adjoininf Phoenix Hotel Free Road Service Fords and Standard Such as Reference etc. Gear Shift Cars tended the dance given at the Phoenix Hotel Saturday night. Hd Gregg, class of '22, was avisitor at the University last week-enMiss Lula Blaklcy, clas sof '22, was a visitor at the Alpha Xi Delta House Miss Blakley is teachlast week-ening at Paris, Ky. Misses Gertrude Collins, Ethel Barnard, and' Virginia Duff spent the week-en- d a tthcir homes in Mt. Ster-inMisses Lelia Stroker, Lydia Frend, Catherine Hanley and Elizabeth spent last Saturday at their homes in Louisville. Albert Kirwan, a sophomore in the College of Engineering, was selected at a meeting of the sophomore class, Tuesday afternoon to represent the University at the annual dinner-danc- e given by the at the Waldorf-AstoriAlumni Association. Heretofore have been selected, but it was decided to have a student as representative who would be in the University several more years. K Lexington, The stage crew is working almost every day and night in t he Stroller room on the scenery and expects to have it ready for use this week when rehearsals with scenery will begin. Mr. Sax met with the cast on Mon day night and offered valuable criti cisms on the production of certain acts Mr. Sax will frequently meet with the cast at rehearsals and will offer such suggestions and criticisms as he thinks are needed. The first performance will be fol lowed with performances in Lexing ton on April 24 and 25; in Richmond May 7; in Harlan, May 8, and in Pineville, May 9. The advertising committee began work this weak and will do extensive advertising of "Seventeen" during the next two weeks. K. "Why I MMM MM MMMM Elbert Hubbard said, if you have anything good, tell the T people. L,an at my omce ana let me ten you about Chiroprac- ut uic milieu w a y iu iiinJ-- . XX. X Donald R. Murphy Phone 2886-MM x CHIROPRACTOR. Third Floor McClelland Bldg. MM M M MMM M MMMMMM $2.10 $2.25 STOP IN AND REGISTER FOR ONE FOR YOUR SIZE Advertise" Heintz Jeweler Eait Main St., oppo. Tht Photalx Lexington, Ky. X CLEAN YOUR TEETH; SHAVE YOUR FACE OR WASH YOUR HANDS, ASK WEBB OR CAP FOR THE NECES- WE HAVE EVERYTHING AT SARY ARTICLES. I UNIVERSITY CONFECTIONERY f WEBB AND OPPIE KIDD, Prop 216 South Lime Just ABOVE High "THE COLLEGE HANGOUT" MM m tOMOMO'MW PARRISH DRY (AMAMSMM aVflMOMAMA M-- OJ & BROMLEY CLEANING AND PRESSING 152 S. Limestone St. Phone QUALITY AND SERVICE 1550-Y- - MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM The cast for "Seventeen," the Stroller offering for 1924, is hard at work and will foe ready for the first performance to be April 21, at Cynthiana. Silverplate Goldplated MM GER, EAT YOUR DAILY APPLE, SHINE YOUR SHOES; 4 LET THE "SHOP OF FRIENDLY SERVICE" TAKE CARE OF BUCKLES 169 E. High Street YOUR THIRST; SATISFY YOUR HUN- QUENCH Stage Crew Finishing the Scenery for Rehearsals SILVER AND GOLD PLATED Prompt and Efficient Service WANT TO a, Kentucky Belts The Viadudt Pharmacy YOU OO Hef-fcrm- We Deliver Let us Fill Your Drug Needs Collision Insurance No Red Tape STROLLER CAST HARD AT WORK ON PLAY "SEVENTEEN" The marriage of Miss Mary Elizabeth Boston, of Millersburg, and Mr. Thomas Marshall Hahn, of Lawrence-burwhich took place on March 18, at the Nicholasville Christian Church has just been announced. Mrs. Hahn is a Sophomore and Mr. Hahn graduated with honors last semester and is working for his master degree in Physics. They plan to continue their work this semester before going to Lawrenceburg, to make their home. Av-eri- ll, For Business For Pleasure Drive It Yourself Co. of Kappa Sigma fraternity entertained with an informal conclave dance Social Calendar Friday, April 4 Alpha Zcta formal dance at the Phoenix Hotel, from 9 to 1 o'clock. Saturday, April 5 Cadet hop, Lafayette Hotel, 3 to 6 o'clock. Saturday, April 5 Sigma Chi formal dance at the Phoenix Hotel. Ptfft Thra YOUR MUSICAL IWANTS. The Music Shop Next to Kentucky Theatre Phone 5215 MMMMMMMMMM 4- -f Unusual Opportunities For Professional Education in Dentistry Fine Arts Medicine Law Commerce & Engineering Architecture Finance Washington University, because of its urban location, offers unusual opportunities for specialized education along certain professional lines. In addition to splendid laboratories and physical equipment, libraries containing more than a quarter of a million volumes, and capable and experienced Faculties, the student has at his disposal all the facilities of a large city for the practical application of the theories taught in the class room. School of Medicine School of Architecture Two years College Preparatory work required. Special College Preparatory Work not required School of Dentistry One year College Preparatory Work Required. For Catalog and Full Information, address Q. W. Lamke, Registrar HINGTON M31 MrvERsrry Louis Saint H92 Read The Ads, It Will Pay You