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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 4, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

1 III. Artistry and Devotion in Salesmanship WHIPPLE Ily T. I!. BAILf&Y m repeat our question, why do so many salesmen of such qualities and qualifications fall short of the class? Numerous Answers All True Many answers might bc given, all true, so far as contributory truth if concerned, such as: The pitch of enthusiasm fhcing just a little too low. Tactfulncss not quite sufficient. Aggressiveness quite strong not enough. Courage or tact or both not sufficiently active when the psychological moment is discerned. Balance between dignified independpersistence not ence and persuasive affectively adjusted. Taking a little too much or not quite enough for granted. s Also, let us consider those who arc in upon relying and more than usually promises of future action. fluent in talking their goods. Let us that fails in apply ing methods of sustained dynamic ac- Why do so many salesmen fail to achieve success in their chosen vocation? In considering this subject, let us eliminate those possessing a low or even an average native capacity, and those of very meager culture, because concerning such the answer to the question is too obvious to justify discussion. Let us consider only those of real capacity; those who really have a very thorough knowledge of the products they offer for sale, and much auxiliary commercial, general, and Let us even technical information. also consider salesmen of character much albovc the average, and who industriously cover their territories and daily send in reports of the day's doings. " "top-notc- Over-creduli- tion. Too much time spent iwith favorite customers to permit of creating the most new ones. Many other minor shortcomings, the mutiplicity of which are cumulative in negative, effect, although individually hardly pronounced enough to be vividly recognizable in the field of the salesman's own consciousness, but while carrying him to the threshhold fail to carry him of high .succss across it. Be Devoted to Work Again our question, what is the cause or principle underlying this failure to carry this success of more than the usual standard to the point of very unusual achievement? If we will omit the consideration of superlative success, the result of genius itself, we may justly conclude ;hat the ft'lurc under cons. deration is not the result of intellectual limitation, but rather because of an emotional which tails to awaken the real devotional attitude from which all highly artistic prominence emulates. This element of devotion to one's life work is an instinct, an impelling force, an aesthetic taste, sus Famous Blends i a Manhattan? Remember Its toothing smoothness? that's gone but Oh Henry's equally smooth. It's the proper blending of rich butter cream, caramel, crisp nuts and milk chocolate that haa made Ob Henryl famous. Oh Henry! AFine Candy 10c Everywhere ceptible to training and concomitant to all high expression of art, for art itself is the offspring of devotional intensity. Devotion, like prayer, is rewarded more in subjective influence than by direct objective result. This dominating influence is susceptible of cultivation. Good taste, progressively cultivated, will gravitate toward it under the acion of tasks, sustained ,by the will and moulded by habit. I advise all my readers, especially young men, to read, study and practice the "Kducation of the Will," as outlined iby Jules Payot (Funk & Wagnalls, Publishers). Most salesmen fail after qualifying in all other respects, because they inadequately consider the synthesis feature in their sales talks. This feature embraces the following: Summing up of salient points. Drawing conclusions. Assisting the prospect to decide through powerful suggestion. Theatres arc packed at $1.50 to $5.00 an auditor to see and hear a great ac tor. Suppose instead of inflicting the the usual sales talk of the average salesman upon the indulgent buyer, the latter had to pay the price of $10 an interview for the privilege of of the average sales man. How many salesmen would ever get a second, interview with the How many would same prospect? merge the alpha and omega of their sales performance into one .brief experience, and among those "who survived, what a great improvement over present methods would be demanded and acquired. "Personality is modified mind stuff or original substance which constitutes the basis of individuality, acted upon and moulded into form Iby will. 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