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COMMON COLDS OFTEN UNIVERSITY OF MEXICO Pig lUtilding. There will be at least' 2,000 chicks scut to the brooders from these incubators. CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS OPEN TO UJJTUDENTS A new 4,000 egg incubator has re cently been installed in (he cellar at The the Experiment Station Poultry Farm. Students are Urged to Care For Americans Are Invited to Fourth Summer Session in All Disorders Mexico City Early " is "common-cold- " The perhaps the cause of more sick absenteeism in the worlds of school business and industry than any other known disease. It strikes quickly and often temporarily disables thoroughly. The essential thing is to deal with it early; to realize that the group of symptoms may he the introductory presage of more severe diseases. With a modem "hot house existence" in a rapidly changing climate, sinus involve-irtteis an increasing complication. Students arc urged to keep these items in mind and to reports as soon as symptoms develop. Early treatment may save days or weeks or disability. Do not harbor the idea that you should be hesitant about a minor affair; the great creed in medical circles is to prevent as far as possible. Early attention to the common cold is medical common sense even if immediate cure is not always effected. The second item is immediate care infections such as small of minor boils (too many are like Topsy they "just growed") and infected scratches Surgical experience has confirmed the danger of allowing these to go unhindered until more tissues have been destroyed or extension has taken place. In industry, permanent disabil resulted by workmen ities have paying no attention to trival injuries Students are urged to keep these items in mind and to report as soon as symptoms develop -- K- TKNTATIVE DATES FOR EXAMS AND COMMENCEMENT CHOSEN The following tentative dates have been announced for the commence- 'ment exercises and final examinations: Friday, May 30, final examinations begin; Saturday afternoon, May 31, Class Day; Saturday evening, May 31, Alumni Banquet; Sunday, June 1, Baccalaureate Sermon; Monday, June 2, Commencement Exermises. Examinations will 'be resumed on Tuesday, June 3, and will continue through Saturday, June 7. These dates will go to the Senate Wednesday at the fifth hour, subject to changes, thence to the Student Council Friday for approval, making them permanent. At this latter meeting, a plan will be devised for the senior examinations. ( VARSITY TRACK April 12 Dual meet Tennessee at Knoxville. with April 19 Dual meet Vanderbilt at Nashville. "American students and teachers are invited to enjoy the privileges of study at the National University of Mexico," writes Douglas L. Parker, representative of the American Friends Service Committee in Mexico. "The revolution is over, and people arc returning to normal activities," says Mr. Parker. "Mexico wants, and needs our friendship, and the summer school of the Mexican National University Ls one of the most potent agencies for the fostering of international friendship and understanding ibetween Americans and Mexicans. "The rates are reasonable, the climate is delightful and the opportunities arc unusual for American students to study American life and civilization. "A knowledge of the .Spanish language is not a prerequisite." The fourth summer session of the National University of Mexico will be held in Mexico City from July 9 to August 22, 1924. Beginning, intermediate and advanced students of Spanish will find here most favorable opportunities for studying that lang uage. Facilities for research in history and archaeology arc exceptional It is hoped that the cordial relations established 'by the three hundred American professors and students of the 1923 summer session will he for titled by new contracts this summer. K ZE TA TAU ALPHA GRANT S CAL GROUP Dual meet May 3 State Intercollegiate meet at Danville. May 10 Conference meet at Montgomery. Pi Alpha Theta Local Organized By National Pi Alpha Theta, local sorority on the University of Kentucky campus, has ben granted a charter by Zeta ipha Tan, National sorority. Pi Alpha Theta was organized in April, 1922, and its membership is composed of some of the most outstanding girls on the campus. Zeta Tau Alpha has forty chapters in the largest universities and colleges in the United States, the closest chap ter to the new group being at the Uni versity of Tennessee, Knoxville The new chapter is composed1 of fourteen girls: Misses Daisy Allen Taylor, Lexington; Bernice Booth, Carlisle; Pauline Ashcraft, Mt. Vernon, Ohio; Lucile Arnold, Owensboro; Louise Smathers, Mt. Sterling; Hazel Sullivan, Mt. Sterling; Genevieve Dunavent, Eminence; Adalaine Carlisle; Glcnnie Fisher, Carlisle; Ivatherine Evans, Owensboro; Mary Riley, Morehead; Mary Page Milton and Marvis Sternberg, Lexington. The resident alumnae are: Mrs. W. E. Davis, Mrs. Marvin Wade March 4 and Miss Anne Riddle. KK NOTES ENGINEERING "Pray, jester what is a Knight of the Garter?" Fred W. Luker, class of 1921, Mr. "A royal supporter, my lord." recently visited the College of Engi neering. Mr. Luker, 'who has been employed hy the A. S. Spark Plug Co., of Flint, Mich., in the research depart ment, has changed his location to De troit, Mich. In his new location he will be 'with the Ford Motor Com pany, and will continue his work as research engineer. RENT A NEW CAR and Drive It Yourself OVERLANDS -- ALL CARS EQUIPPED WITH SPARE TIRES FREE ROAD SERVICE OPERATED BY COLLEGE MEN FOR COLLEGE MEN CALL US WE APPRECIATE The Story YOUR BUSINESS. LAFAYETTE-PHOENI- Phone 6120 Co, Rent-a-For- d X GARAGE THE NAME TELLS THE STORY M t MM H. Cecil and H. S. Jackson, in the College of Engineering, re cently went to Middletown, Ohio, C. where they spent two days making plans for their graduation theses that will ibe prepared with the assistance of the engineers of the American Roll ing Mill iCompany at Middletown. Messrs. Cecil and Jackson are Metal lurgical Engineers and will be em ployed in the plant of the American Rolling Mill Company at Ashland, Ky., after their .graduation. Mr. Howard Ingles, a member of the class of 1904, arrived in Lexington March 31, to spend several days with his father's family and will be present April 4, at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University, of which he is a member. EDMUND HALLEY 2 Son of a London soap-boil- er who became Astronomer-Roya- l. At the age of 20 headed an expedition to chart the stars of the Southern hemisphere. The comet came back printing of Newton's immortal The great comet that was seen by William of Normandy returned to our skies in 1910 on its eleventh visit since the Conquest Astronomers knew when it would appear, and the exact spot in the sky where it Financed and handled the Principia. Mr. N. A. Newton, who was grad' uated from the College of Engineer ing with the class of 1894, was a visi tor at the University the latter part of last week. At presen he is general di rector of sales of the National Transit Company, located at Oil City, Pa., at which place he has been for 25 years K would first be visible. Edmund Halley's mathematical calculavition of the great orbit of this ar comets are sitorhis scientific proof that part of our solar system was a brilliant application of the then unpublished Prin76-ye- K- A room on .the first floor of the Agricultural (building has ibeen fitted The Board of Trustees of the Uni up for use as a club room for the Ag versity of Kentucky will meet this riculture and Home Economics stu (Friday) morning at 11:30 in the of- dents. fice of President McVey. E. M. Prewitt, of the Dairy De Ezra L. Gillis is attending the con- partment, is in Mason County this? vention of the American Association week working with Dick Green, Coun Registrars at Chicago, ty Agent, working along dairy im of College April 2, 3 and 4. Mr. Gillis is on the provement lines. program for several addresses. An Prof. J. O. Barkman, of the Dairy account of the convention will be Manufacturing Department, has been given next week. extended an invitation iby his Alma Mater, Ohio State, to judge dairy AWFUL! in the incubator cellar of the Animal Mary had a little steamboat, The advanced course students in Steamboat had ci bell, Poultry, have lighted the incubators Mary died and went to heaven in the incubator celalr of the Animal Steamboat went to to toot. House, formerly known as the Guinea Tech Owl. J San-for- AGRICULTURAL NOTES -- McGurk and O'BRIEN CHART with April 26 Open. to be scheduled. The Best Sandwiches and Sodas in Town cipia of his friend Sir Isaac Newton. CAMPUS NOTES as a As spectacular comet has been the world's electrical development. By continuous scientific research the General Electric Company has accelerated this development and has become a leader in the industry. The laws of motion that Newton and Halley proved to govern the movements of a comet are used by scientists in the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company to determine the orbit of electrons in vacuum tubes. GENERAL ELECTRIC :: ;