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373 > Page 373 of Possum hunters : a story of the tobacco war in Kentucky / by J.W. Slade.

THE POSSUM HUNTERS cess. Gladly he would exchange all of the per- sonal gain, the esteem of those he had led to vic- tory, the acclaim which was given for success, all, he would exchange it gladly, could he but establish the condition of his desire in the loss -his home. But what were those conditions of his desire His conscience asked as mentor. What individual characters did his brain flash on the screen of truth when his pictured "home" was drawn from fancy Whose face smiled up to him in the lead- ing role Was it Caroline's No. Truthfully he answered. Then who He was a just man, an honorable man; so he accepted this reverse as a just and honorable re- ward of fate. He had paid the price; he would not complain. He had not heeded the warning, the warning given by Beatrice Herron. He could remember her very words, "within one year"; yet for that very forecast he had ordered her from him: "within one year." God, how swift is justice. What of the future Would he find ways to make amends for his blind ruling Would the years yet to come bring opportunity to pray for- giveness Yes. By the Eternal God of light and life; yes. He would search for that one, he would go to her about whom his dreams were built, he would find her, and with a life long gladness win the heart, and hand, and brain, and soul of He heard a noise, a movement of someone in the doorway leading to his father's room, he re- membered that his father had asked him to leave the door open, he had wondered why at the mo- ment though had quickly forgotten it; could his father have heard all he said to Caroline He turned, he startled, he was surprised, though 873