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9 > Page 9 of Possum hunters : a story of the tobacco war in Kentucky / by J.W. Slade.

CHAPTER I. "They Play the Game." Ever since the day when he had learned to know the fickle exultation from his associate's acclaim, "handsome ugly," Hughes Randall had delighted in being a social economist, a builder of schemes, a promoter of ideas, an organizer. While in common-school he had organized the "Undefeated Shinny Players," the "Base Ball Terrors," and the "Foot Ball Challengers," lead- ing each organization through a series of glorious victories and unlamented defeats until "Cap" came to supersede the less gracious nickname "pug ugly." During one vacation he had organ- ized the "Swimming-Pool Electors," one law of which required each "Elector" to devote one hour to cleaning and repairing the pool for the hour spent in the water; and the farmer on whose land the pool was located, was so pleased at having the stock pond put in repair that he presented the "Electors" with a year old pig. This acquisition gave rise to the organization of "The Perpetual Pig Club," a commercial scheme which was to reap glorious returns from the stock in control; no doubt the idea of the organizer would have been accomplished but for two more dominant factors, one being the necessary upkeep of said pig, the other being a circus which came to the city when the "Perpetuals" were short of finance. B