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35 > Image 35 of The Kentuckian Volume XII

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

DEAN MILLER of Arts atrft COME with me and I will take you through the halls where men love art for art's sake, and science for its own sake. We are they who ponder. We love to sit in our high, lonely towers, where we may "unsphere the spirit of Plato." No thought of gold corrupts our eager brains. "Why cram your heads with something which you cannot sell?" they taunt; "ransack your brain and you cannot find one thing that you can commercialize." Be it so, for we submit; our doom is fair. But we would rather let you have the gold if you will leave us our arts and sciences; if you will promise never to harass us more with taunts and stones of the poor cricket who, hungry and cold, went to ihe house of an ant for succor. (31) 1916