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36 > Image 36 of The Kentuckian Volume XII

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

(Holtege of Arts atto &ronre FACULTY Arthur McQuiston Miller, M.A. Dean of the College of Arts and Science, Professor of Geology Columbus R. Melcher, M.A. Dean of Men, Professor of German M. Hume Bedford, Ph.D. Instructor in Physical Chemistry Ralph Emerson Bitner, B.S. Instructor in Physics Paul Prentice Boyd, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics, Head of the Department William E. Butt, M.A. Instructor in Economics George Marshall Baker, M.A. Associate Professor of Education Harry S. Cannon, M.A. Instructor in German Sarah Marshall Chorn, M.A. Instructor in German Lloyd C.-Daniels, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Lehre L. Dantzler, M.A. Professor of English Lileralure Joseph Morton Davis, M.A. Professor of Mathematics Anna Jackson Hamilton, M.A. Dean of Women, Associate Professor of English Edward F. Farquhar, M.A. Professor of English Literature Derrill W. Hart, B.A. Fellow in English Theodore T. Jones, M.A. Professor of Latin, Head of the Department Mervin Joe Kelley, B.S. Instructor in Physics ClNCINNATUS D. KlLLEBREW, M.S. Associate Professor of Physics Alexander St. Clair Mackenzie M.A., Lit.D., LL.D. Dean of the Graduale School, Professor of Philology Ralph Nelson Maxon, Ph.D. Professor of Inorganic Chemistry J. R. Mitchel, B.A. Instructor in Chemistry James Thomas Cotton Noe, M.A. Professor of Education, Head of the Department Merry Lewis Pence, M.S. Professor of Physics, Head of the Department Joseph W. Pryor, M.D. Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Head of the Department Elijah L. Rees, C.E., M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics McHenry Rhoads, M.A., Ph.M. Professor of Secondary Education Francis Jewell, B.A. Fellow in English Reuben T. Taylor, M.A. Instructor in English Glanville Terrell, Ph.D. Professor of Gree\, Head of the Department John J. Ticert, M.A. (Oxon) Professor of Philosophy, Head of the Deparlmenl James E. Tuthill, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Economy, Head of the Department Franklin E. Tuttle, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, Head of the Department William S. Webb, M.S. Professor of Physics A. H. Waitt, B.S. Instructor in Chemistry W. H. Staebner, B.A. Instructor in Chemistry Alfred C. Zembrod, M.A. Professor of Modern Languages, Head of the Department * (32)