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130 > Image 130 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-05-03

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION QUARTERLY ACTIVITY Expand & Upgrade Livestock Disease Diagnostic Lab Project Number: 2234.00 Project Description: SCOPE? $27055200 New space is needed for more than one veterinary pathologist to perform animal postmortem examinations in addition to renovation of current necropsy space. New space is also needed to add molecular biology/special procedures capabilities to the laboratory. New technology in the form of an alkaline hydrolysis digester is needed to replace an aging incinerator. The Livestock Disease Diagnostic Lab is an office and laboratory building with net asslgnable space of 3,860 square feet for ofnces and 28,100 square feet of laboratories and support space. It is proposed to add 6,300 and 1,200 square feet (net) of new laboratory and office space, respectively. An existing necropsy laboratory and support space will be renovated (2,000 square feet net). Consultant: Cll/IW, Inc. Contract # A061 100 Original Contract Amount: $648,000 Total Amendmentg to Date; 3 Cumulative Amendment Amount: $1,846,800 Describe all amendments : Revised Contract Amount: $2,494,800 Amendment # 1, 12/12/06, was approved for $90,000 to provide additional design services to accommodate a phased implementation consistent with the legislative budget action. Includes the additional design to study the new tissue digester effluent impact of the LFUCG Town Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant. Amendment # 2, 12/10/07, an increase of $131 ,000 was approved for additional schematic design services to include multiple methods of animal carcass disposal including rendering, incineration and digestion. Amendment # 3, 7/16/08, an increase of $1 ,625,800 to provide all of the architectural and engineering services required to complete Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration phases for an estimated $20,000,000 worth of construction at the existing UK Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Facility. No amendments this quarter. ` Contractor: CongletonHacl