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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Marshall County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

A K 3 I I H I 2 ` I E HMERICQN RED CROSS, PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT, MLRSHLLL COUNTY`(Lmerican g National Red Cross), Lovett Building, Main Street, Benton. Founded g . _ rj l940. Chairman, Mrs John G. Lovett, Benton, Telephone 2551. Secre- .7 g tary, Mrs. Rollie Creason, Benton, Terms indefinite, E Nembership: l25. Qualifications, willing to help in cutting and i' "*"""""'*" _~ p sewing garments, also knitting. QY Committees: Production, Hrs. John G. Lovett, Benton. ` i g Purpose; To make clothing from material furnished by the Red Cross. . Q Knit sweaters, gloves, etc. Q Normal Civic Activities: Auxiliary to Marshall County Chapter, American I gi Red Cross. Qt Defense activities; Engaged in Red Cross Assistance. Interested in - 3 Sewins and Pre aration of Sur ical Dressins. , L) J _ ~ I? Local Publications: None. _ I BLPTIST TRLINING UNION, BENTON BnPTIST CHURCH (Southern Baptist _.~ . Convention), Benton Baptist Church, Benton. Founded IQQI. President, `II Wayne Powell, Benton, Telephone 4024. Secretary, John R. Brandon, Benton. Terms expire October, 1942, _ Membership: 56. Qualifications, open to church members. A " Committees; None reported. f Purpose: Training in religious education. _ ,Q Normal Civic Activities; None. ` `lii: Defense Activities; Interested in Red Cross Assistance, First nid, .`V,"if Local Publications; None. '" BAPTIST TRAINING UNION, FIRST MISSIONQRY BLPTIST CHURCH (Southern , ; Baptist Convention), First Missionary Baptist Church, Denton. Founded ` M`-4* l94l. Director, W, S. Castleberry, Benton, Term expires October, f 1942. Secretary, Woodrow holland, Benton, Telephone 3l52. Term It yl; LI expires October, l942. Executive Secretary, Rev. L. C. Qakin, Benton, " Telephone 5481, Term indefinite. I Y I I I,, Iz II. I1 I I