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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1970-13-dec8.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3 H. Report on Closed Circuit Television President Singletary requested Mr. Lawrence Forgy to report on the status of the University's efforts to provide closed circuit television broadcasts of both on-campus and off-campus basketball games. Mr. Forgy said that requests for bids had been put out by Frankfort and two had been received. The bids called for closed circuit broadcasts of all home games for students and faculty, and of off-campus games. The on- campus games would be shown without charge and the fee for the off-campus games, which would be shown in the Coliseum, would be $2. 00 for students and $4. 00 for all others. In addition, the bids called for a rental of $2, 000 per game shown in the Coliseum, One bid provided 55 per ticket to the University and the other bid provided for 52 per game. The bid providing 55 per game was accepted but because the bidder did not choose to post the required bond, the contract was finally awarded to the second bidder with the understanding that, if after the first two broadcasts the attendance did not average 4, 000 persons per game, the bidder would not be held to the contract for the season. The first off- campus game to be shown on closed circuit television would be the Indiana game on December 12. Inasmuch as the first bidder had advertised the game and sold tickets prior to his failure to post bond. the University of Kentucky understands that refunds will be sent to those who had purchased such tickets but is not itself involved in the matter. Mr. Bright commended the administration for its efforts to bring the games to the students who were unable to obtain seats in the Coliseum and said that he felt it would be exceptionally well received by the student body. I. Review of Athletics Teams Travel As requested at the November 17, 1970 meeting, Mr. Forgy and Mr. Lancaster, Athletics Director, had reviewed the athletics teams travel arrange- ments and reported to the President that there was no reason to change the carrier now used. The Federal Aviation Agency has indicated that Southern Airways has an excellent safety record of 21 years of accident free service and no changes in either management or operations has been made which would affect the company's standards. The University has increased personal life insurance coverage from $25, 000 per person to $100, 000; Southern Airways has agreed to assign pilots who are familiar with the airports at the origination and destination points; and Southern Airways has also agreed to make the University an insured party under its liability insurance policy with limits of $3, 000, 000 plus a $47, 000, 000 umbrella policy.